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on: August 26, 2019, 01:59:04 PM

As I see them curious, and as I know that they want to cultivate themselves in this topic, today I will explain to them, following in the diving of the history, some curiosities that will surprise them. Just as we will also make a journey into the sexual future.

And because culture moves people.

And because their neurons are ready to receive information at this point.

And because they're really wise already..

I'll tell you what:

Sexual gadgets have been a source of inspiration throughout history. The Japanese had whale bone phalluses and French condoms are famous, as well as chastity belts and anti-rape vaginal harpoons... These products existed for centuries.

For example, wooden or leather phalluses were in great demand in Greece 500 B.C. Imagine! and we thought that the Greeks only thought .

During the Middle Ages the artificial penises used for sexual practices had curious names such as "passatempos, dilettos or godemiches". Evidently these artifacts were for use and consumption by wealthy women and were greatly perfected by putting beads such as hot water chambers or some with counterweights pendulums and spheres. Others were embellished by inserts of silver, ivory and other cheaper metals.

But then came the industrial revolution as you know, because they are very educated and, at the same time that the iron was invented, and the washing machine, the first electric vibrator was invented. Although, as was to be expected, the uses dedicated to this vibrator were not for the intimate enjoyment of the ladies, the publicity did not say so, but as a tool to combat the "Hysteria", that terrible disease that gave as symptoms: anxiety, insomnia, nervousness, vaginal lubrication and erotic fantasies. Do you understand?

To combat this disease, advice was given such as, rocking, or galloping violently on a horse. There was even a medical treatise that explained that the doctor would give a vigorous massage on the genitals with the aforementioned vibrator, and the reason they explained was, "to make the doctor work less and not get tired", ironic conclusion!

There was also, in the middle of the 19th century in the United States, then much later came to us, a crusade against "masturbation" in which it was insisted that it caused blindness, deafness and even madness.

To this end, a sexual armor was invented, consisting of a metallic underwear that could be locked with a padlock, leaving only a small grid for urination.

But ... More was reached by organizing the relatives to spy on the "masturbators," who would later be castrated and publicly humiliated. Paradoxically all these gadgets that were invented at this time, and that were used in torture, were later recycled by those who used sadomasochistic methods. History teaches us much, but much...

Today, something similar has occurred in the treatment of "male impotence. After many years of giving injections directly into the cavernous sinuses of the penis, those that when swollen produce an "erection", look at Viagra by chance, because in reality it was invented for something else, and it turns out that it is used, not for sick people but for healthy people, becoming a "magic potion" of super male men.

Pornography appeared at the end of the 18th century, and its term was due to writings about prostitutes. but they were only for privileged classes and until 1500 books of sexual content do not begin to circulate.

The Marquis of Sade had the theory that the variants of intercourse were infinite and that the repetition of the same led to boredom, Very intelligent Marquis! Therefore took his exploration to unsuspected limits, most often ending in dismemberment of the body.

The technological revolution brought about by the media made sexuality become satisfied desires, from cinema, video, CD-ROM and the Internet, which is where we are now.

But the future holds new sensations where the Teledildonics technology will be developed, which consists of simulating sexual acts by means of electrodes, to simulate sensations, even if the "partenaire" is completely virtual, does not exist, or exists thousands of kilometers away.

For the first time in history, humans, that is to say we will enjoy sex in a different way than animals. At last we will mark distances ...!

I'm sorry, but everything will be virtual reality.

That's how the "transmission of passion" suits will be created. and, as sex sells, I'm sure these suits will have a lot of outlet.

This arose since NASA invented the way that a doctor from the ground, could operate a patient or a damaged component in a space station, so both the operator there in the space station, and the surgeon on the ground could use sensors, transmit the movements used by the surgeon who would be up there. all this completed by a video camera.

From this mother idea, and, as "fuck has no amendment", it occurred to them that this procedure was so realistic, that they said, and why do we not apply it to sex?

So they took the best designers, possibly Italian, and made a suit to measure, so fine that the electrical sensors that has incorporated, that suit put in yourself and in the possible "partenaire", transmit sensations and even orgasms, without geographical limits.

And it turns out that now feelings, both emotional and physical, will be communicated electronically, albeit "at a price." The money... the money!

Those marvelous moments dyed with alcohol, smoke, sweat, will be replaced by cables, helmets, and electrodes.

And it turns out that our bodies are dressed, but not virtually, because we are covered in a very fine suit from the neck to the ankles, with strange gloves and a helmet on top, and if that were not enough, we would be connected from an umbilical cord to a computer.

Because of all this, the scholars and brains of the subject reflect, it will be possible to make sex without limitation age, as much the old, as the sick or the shy, and their sexual fantasies no matter how hard they are, will be made reality without danger of physical injuries.

Women will become dolls on a screen, although they will never have a suggestive look.

Your erotic dreams, regardless of age, religion or social condition will only be a step away... at the click of your computer mouse.

And you won't have normal orgasms but assisted voltaic orgasms.

. Or you can monitor your own orgasm, no less with a male stimulation device, electric suction offering the possibility of reaching an orgasm without a companion.

Or a traditional compact-disk, which brings an hour of erotic sessions in three-dimensional sound of fellations, cunillingus and so on. So you can get used to it!

And I say...

....We still have the sensations received in our interior and kept in our memory of how our orgasms were, but what about our children's children?

I really don't know where we're going.

....A disaster!

Although always, we could leave a little message like this.

"For my cybermans contact video camera, voice conversation, virtual dating requests, that when I want real sex I already have my boyfriend who takes care of it perfectly and fucks marvelously.


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