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The fear of being penetrated


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on: September 28, 2019, 01:06:08 PM

You may be afraid of a horror movie.

Fear of facing a situation.

Fear of fear.

Or...fear of being penetrated!

And besides, you can't do anything to avoid it and "it fucks you up".

Because you think you're not normal, and you feel guilty about it.

Don't worry, my dear friend.

That's it. There is a solution, what happens is that you don't know it yet, but when you finish reading this story you will know, you will understand, that everything is possible.

And you, my dear reader of erotic readings, may be that it happens to your partner, your lover or just read it for the sake of "knowing"... that it is already important....   

Fear paralyzes, when you feel fear you get huddled, you can't make any movement, when you feel fear for someone, that hides your feelings, and you're blind.

And you can't do any more

Even if I want

Even if you want it with all your might.   

In the penetration, something similar happens, and it is what the connoisseurs in sex call "vaginism", and as you are almost it, it is good that you know it and speak with propriety.   

Vaginismus is nothing more than an involuntary contraction of the muscles of the vagina, and is the result of an unconscious desire of you to avoid being penetrated.

What do I say, that if it were voluntary, the rapes would end, because when someone wanted to rape another person, she could close, plof ... the vagina, so that the rapist would be left with the desire....

But that... unfortunately it doesn't happen because we want to, it's something that comes from the subconscious.

It is therefore a learned response, due to many factors, some known as "incentive touching in childhood," "fear of pain from other relationships," "a scare. And for other reasons that are not even known. Because our coconut "is complicated of noses" " 

It is the defense of the vagina against a danger, it is put on guard, and says:

-This cylinder doesn't even enter for God, for then it hurts!

That doesn't mean that you, woman, who suffers from this, can't feel pleasure, that you feel it when he stimulates your clitoris, and you can orgasm yourself as well.

It is only at the moment of penetration

Let them know and make it clear!!

And you can't spend your whole life refusing, because I'm not going to let you do it, because even if you don't believe it, even if it's impossible for you to understand, it's something you don't want to do, but it's done.

The vagina closes, and the penis doesn't go in, and there's not your aunt who opens it!

And you, a woman of "deserving age," get a fright, and an anxiety that you can not even put a vibrator on low power, not a finger, even if it is yours, not a tampon, even if on TV they tell you that it can be wonderful if you wear it, because it does not fit you, not even the mini, and they stay at home in summer when you have your period because it is not a matter of putting on a compress with wings, to bathe...

Do you see it?

All this conditions him, and he's carrying too heavy a load... You have to free yourself.!! He can't live with his back to sexual pleasure and be thinking that he's a "frigid shit".

That's over now!!

You, who are reading this right now, and have vaginismus, can and are surely a "wonderful lover", feel like getting fucked, and you can feel "fantastic orgasms", as long as for now, and until that "little problem is solved, don't include penetration in your sex games.

Who said that sex play was just a "mete-saca" action?

Who came up with the idea of limiting sex like that? Who said such bullshit?

Why does it happen?

As you have been able to see in the time we have been talking about the subject, the causes are almost always psychological, also the lack of information... These psychological causes lead to fear, traumatic experiences, sexual abuse, fear of pregnancy, fear of contracting diseases of a sexual nature...

And sometimes the cause is not known, we don't have to know everything either!

Rarely are the causes as physical as the presence of the hymen very rigid, would you like us to talk about the hymen . There are curious things.

Why can it be solved?

For an obvious reason, in the same way that we learn wrong things and throughout life, we sometimes rectify, in the same way, we can unlearn through a program of exercises to dilate our vagina, and exercises to know how to put tension and remove it. A good therapist ... and if good better .

"Vaginism does not depend on the will and is not regulated consciously.

And there are other things that are also done unconsciously, but listen to this: in the sexual act there have to be many conclusive circumstances for it to be wonderful. A few examples .

One of the two can appear to be sick... the typical "my head hurts".

He may have difficulty in erection and she may suffer vaginismus... That's bad luck!

She may feel a phobia of being penetrated and being a premature ejaculator who ejaculates before penetrating.

Both can have an inhibited sexual desire or not have it.

Their disorders can be alternating in time and concomitant. A very common thing.

When she wants to, he doesn't get an erection.

When she gets an erection, she has a contraction of the vagina.

If she manages to overcome her contraction of the vagina, he ejaculates right in the door of the same.

You may both be afraid

Come on, let's go!

As you can see all these situations could happen and as Sartre says

"They're both semi victims and semi accomplices."

You're also my accomplices! Let me know!

But as I told you, everything has a solution, now you have the information, you can recognize the case, then ... you can remedy;

The final question is;

I want to have sex... of course!

I want to treat myself of course!

I realize that this thing that happens to me is not normal.

Sometimes I'm afraid

I know I make them think a little bit, but. Maybe it's the only way. Jolin!! today I've really put myself in "teacher" mode.


A phrase, a thought for this weekend, my dear poets;

"If you don't find me at the beginning don't be discouraged, if I'm not in one part look for me in another, somewhere I'll wait for you. !



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