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The other kamasutra


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on: August 15, 2019, 02:11:16 PM

Unless they are tightrope walkers, they belong to the world of contortionism, they are elite athletes, hurdle jumpers or perhaps high jumpers.

If you belong to this world of show business, you do not need to read this story. Furthermore, to understand it you have to make a mental effort.

If, on the other hand, they are famous architects, social security doctors, famous lawyers, splendid housewives, management secretaries of some multinational... Let's go, little women, you must know that ;

There are postures that you will never be able to perform

They don't believe false hopes.

Do not form high expectations.

That's the way things are and we don't have to give it any more thought. Point and ball!

Kamasutra is for "chosen." And you, who always chooses well and who also boasts about it, are interested in knowing a few fundamental things so that your spine and your innermost ligaments do not suffer. Or your partner's.

So stop being so arrogant and have more common sense.

The feet on the ground and the pussy in its place .and to the bread bread and wine wine

As it should be.! You're not opting to enter the Guinness. Because something else would be if I opted...

The human body, that is yours, can adopt various postures:

Standing: Or standing.

Sitting : O seating .

Face Up Stretch: Supine Decubitus

Prone position; Prone position

The sides, right or left

The oblique ones, the trendelemburg, the head higher than the feet, the feet higher than the head...

After these basic postures, you can add variations (to four legs, knees ...) that I will explain and can apply easily and without unnecessary injury.

But as we always talk about two, in this case, and for you to imagine how you can make this sandwich, sandwich, or for the more squeamish the "rondo", I do not know if the Venetian but if the shape and structure ...

There go the explainers ; . 

Standing or standing; 

The woman is the only female in the animal kingdom that is presented to the male face, offering the mouth, tits and pussy.

Just like that.

It's as simple as that.

In this posture, and counting that the body is not a static mass, but is subdivided into parts, and there are moving parts, such as hands, feet and how to "fuck" it is difficult if both are standing. Yes, make variations, more than anything by the law of gravity and because Newton is not angry.

This is the proper posture for relaxation, although in this case, do not forget the males who: The ears of them, are not the handlebars of a bicycle, and that the throat has a stop so no matter how tight they squeeze the mouth is limited. .

To perform the cunnillingus, he will have to bend down a little or put on the pussy as if it were a harmonica.

Try kneeling is less tiring.

This, if we do both heads, but as we have already said that they can be like coins, that is to say heads and tails, then new possibilities open up.

She's in front of him behind,

With what they can grasp the breasts, and at the same time do vaginal or anal penetration, it is only necessary that she crouches a little, or get on all fours.

I don't know why they must be ancestral memories, they love this posture. Keep it in mind!

There may also be a possibility that :

she's in the back and he's in the front, 

Although in this case she may not be her but he, which can also happen. Watch out!

There is a variation, only for "heavy weight" and "featherweight" guys, of lifting it in their arms and thus make the penetration.

In the movies, it's a joke. That guy doing an anatomy lesson of all his muscles in tension and that girl hung, with her legs intertwined on her back and hung from her neck and so on in balanceale! alright.

Prove it!

You'll tell me.

Considering that the penis is in the lower third of the body, and the holes or concavities, mouth, pussy and anus idem, you can also try, make the pine her, but keep in mind, that at the time of orgasm, the muscles are relaxed and may give a morrocotudo head.

Don't risk having a leave of absence, difficult to justify, that the job is fucked!

Seated or seated 

This is a comfortable posture for offices, for fast powders, toilets, airplane cabins, hospitals... 

He's sitting on it.

Either face or back.

Very comfortable for both in the ride, as the mouths and breasts are at the same height, and can be accompanied by kisses and magreo, in this order.

The genital organs can be easily attached both in the "mete -saca" and in the "top-down".

This posture with the variations has a lot of morbidity.

Let's see...

He's sitting, she's squatting or kneeling with her face;

Ideal for felacion, and more subtly used in restaurants, under the tablecloth. This excites even the waiters.

She's sitting, he's crouching, 

Special for cunnillingus. Underneath her skirt.. As Sabina said

Her legs may be resting on the floor, clinging to her waist or surrounding her neck, equally pleasant but not very recommended in public places.

The stretched posture is the "star" since the beds were invented.

I pass on to explain the missionary, who in the end is going to perish that I have a commission.

and... not at all! 

He's on top, she's on bottom,

But if we turn it around, it becomes a 69, curious magic number that makes you smile accomplice even if it comes out in the lottery.

This posture is very grateful to both, whether it is static or in motion. You know, around and around, and usually practiced on the beach, on the ground, in the mountains, but that would be places that we will tell another day.

Let's get on with the stances.

She's up, he's down. 

Wonderful for penetrations, and so that you can stimulate the clitoris by friction, thus marking the rhythm of your orgasms.

Him on her back,

Hugging it from behind. This is useful for difficult penetrations, although by now, your vagina will be sufficiently lubricated,

Well, you can always give this a chance.

In this posture you have to be clever, very clever and place with your little hands the penis inside your vagina, there are very clumsy in this posture and do not find the hole. 

If it's the other way around, he's in front of her behind.

It can be for other reasons, one, that it is a posture of coupling to sleep or two that it is another him, but that... Over there, everyone!

Bearing in mind that two straight lines for them to join and cross, hence the metaphor, and bearing in mind that these lines have enves.

The way you have a point of contact, are more or less these that I have explained to you, the other variations are left to your imagination, which is a lot!

It is not to detract from the Kamasutra, but the women and men in "age to deserve" are human, normal, although there are exceptions that there are,!

If in fact, it is one of those chosen in those postures indicated by the Kamasutra. Congratulations! and please give me the mobile.



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