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When the dick doesn't rise


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on: September 24, 2019, 01:35:39 PM

In a world of alleged "sexual triumphants", where there is a culture of "phallus and penetration" as a symbol of power.

When the figure of the "stallion" as a fabulously endowed male with an unshakable erectile capacity is something like honor.

In a society where you are obliged to have erections in any place or circumstance.

Under this model and under that paradigm of a powerful man with a big penis who is able to keep the penis stiff for many hours and reach as many orgasms as they want, and on top of that they must do it every day, outside and inside the marriage....

In this idea that also requires the male to erect immediately and fully, and never fails under any extenuating...

Before this kind of "semi-sexual god" that seems to be that you must be . There is only one answer :Ha!


If you are a man of deserving age and active sexual life, and are unable to achieve or maintain your penis erect and rigid enough to have a satisfying sexual relationship, you suffer from impotence. And to suffer this with the antecedents described above is as a minimum to be "the ghost of the opera" or even to be the "hunchback of Notre Dame".

But as this word usually has a negative action in all of you we will call "erectile dysfunction" to the impotence that remains very fine and even elegant.

From now on, if you ask him : .

-Hey, uncle, and you... what's wrong with you?

Well, man, I've got erectile dysfunction.

And the other one almost feels like having such a fine and aristocratic thing.

But I want him to know one thing and make it clear to him:

That doesn't mean he's any less virile.

It's not that there are now more cases of impotence, what happens is that they know more.

You are not a failure... No!

You are not at all a devitalized being.

You're strong enough to face what society is supposed to prove, that it's bullshit, of course.

It doesn't bend you up, it bends you down.

Not all 

"five without taking it out."

"they don't fuck every day."

So don't worry, 10% of the adult population suffers from it, that's just a few! if you don't count..

And then ... it may also lose strength in terms of age.

Don't feel humiliated

This is not an embarrassing consultation. Not by a long shot!

Nor is it a defeat.

Everything in this life is questionable.

There are some of you who may not get an erection on certain occasions or at certain times during intercourse.

Another may be that they achieve it, but then "lose gas" when they are going to attack a vagina or even when they are already inside the dwelling.

And there are also what you have never achieved an erection in your life, but this only happens on very rare occasions and is always linked to physical or psychological problems. This is not your case.

Attend to me attentively ;

There are some of you, who tend to be the majority, who after an exhausting day of work, a trip or in times of great stress, that "does not get up even to three", that does not mean that you are impotent, is that you are tired, you are not always in good faculties to face the sexual act, and have been made to believe since small that they have to react to any stimulus, which is their obligation, because of that "na de na".

"adrenaline is the number one enemy against sex"

Although it is also true, that it can be cause of divorce if you suffer, it is not a matter of deceiving them either, and as you know I love dead languages, serious:   

The impotence generandis in which you can not have children   

Coevundi impotence, which makes it impossible to lie with a woman, I understand by lying, penetration, not lying next to each other to sleep.

This is only because of her "sexual culture". who already have a lot at this point.

I'm going to tell you a little secret, a little confidence...

....When you sleep soundly, you have an erection every 90 minutes, but this one is useless, the one that serves is the one that is produced by caresses, by yourself, or by your dearest relative. If, when she stimulates you, you feel the desire, but that does not rise, it is when you should consult a specialist.

But to have a clear thing, to have a sexual relation it is not necessary and indispensable to have a penetration, since the woman, as you know, because they are very studious and have read all my stories...  It has many erogenous zones outside the vagina, so therefore, they can make it enjoy even if there is no "mete -saca".

Why does it happen?

Let's tell a few truths. Talking about sexual performance in general is at least a mistake,   

If you are an adult with "one to two powders per week" you may feel satisfied, but if many more are required you may fail. 

If you pass the 40's barrier and pretend to fuck like you did when you were 18 you may feel frustrated. 

And it's very possible that after 50 or not "handle" you will not get "stiff". 

With this I want to say that with the passage of age you will need more stimuli to erect, longer and more vigorously. So don't think that you are impotent, just that you need to be more stimulated.

Fear of failure may be one of the causes, but as we have already explained it is not a question of "getting a medal", they are not dead but very "alive and kicking". Never better said, they are just tanned from many battles and are waiting for more certain occasions.

If you are obsessed with the idea that your whole life will be a stallion, it is possible that you click, we are sure that you click .

And possibly the prophecy will be fulfilled;

"I'm afraid it will happen to me later.

I'm sure it'll happen to me and finally

I knew it would happen to me."

If you are an insecure, competitive, obsessive, demanding and perfectionist male, you may fail more often than others.

Don't turn a mistake into a drama

That's what Greek tragicomedies are for.

Don't overdo it.

There can exist, of course, other causes such as certain medications, some chronic diseases, fear of certain diseases, in some life situations such as divorces, etc.. But it is also true that any of these impotences.. Or "erectile dysfunction". have a very intimate emotional relationship.

Let go of so much social pressure

And enjoy. And if you can't "throw in two, then do one and that's it." 

What should he do?

In the event that this happens to you, I have always said that you should consult a good specialist.

Although I will give you some free advice as always.

That there are already many and here one doesn't even charge for printer paper...see if they complain and pay me something ..

"There's no better way not to get an erection than to insist on it."

So if you don't get up: 

Don't insist, if you start to get pale, your hands are sweaty and cold, feel anxious you'll start secreting adrenaline... and you know what?

"Adrenaline and sex don't go together at all."   

Relax, take a bath, do petting, you already know and if you don't read the story, watch a pornographic film.   

Distract yourself with a fantasy, walk with your gaze the naked body of this wonderful woman in front of you or in your imagination.

And remember this axiom 

"The more I seek it, the less I achieve it, and the less I hope it appears"

It's like hares...although rabbits also serve..

And if not that phrase that said famous painter Picasso 

"I don't search, I find"

And another day we'll talk about Viagra, okay?



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