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When they can't feel an orgasm


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on: September 23, 2019, 12:47:09 PM

When you, a woman of deserving age, feel blocked, feel that it is impossible to reach orgasm, even if you get excited normally, or if you get excited, you are an anorgasmic woman.

Anorgasmia comes from joining "an" with "orgasm", not "an" with orgasm... watch out!

"An" comes from the Greek and means negation or deprivation, while "orgasm" from the Greek "orgasm" means "culmination of pleasure".

That doesn't mean you don't have a sex drive. No!!!!

Your response to this excitement is blocked.

It's not that they are women who feel anesthetized before any erotic stimulus, what's that either!!, but yes, they get stuck in the plateau phase or very close to it (see female orgasm).

Thus, even if you stimulate the clitoris you have trouble reaching the climax, (this one is written with x), or orgasm.

You have to take into account that according to the statistics there are between: 

The 6 and 11% of women who have never felt it, don't even know what it is!

Between 7 and 22% of women do not reach orgasm through intercourse, although they do, by other means.

Between 10 and 22% have coital orgasms but irregularly.

As you are reading... "not everything is gold that shines".     

But as in everything, there are different types

Let's explain;

Pay close attention, my most excellent students..

There are women who have never felt an orgasm in all their lives. How do they hear it!

There are women who cannot feel an orgasm during intercourse, but with masturbation or through stimulation, whether oral or manual, provoked by "their partner". 

The partner; 

There are times that she does not put them, she is "precocious ejaculator" (I will write about that), so she does not have time to arrive.

To how they make you feel, To the procedures you use.

But there are other species...

There are those who can stimulate themselves, and do not feel stimulated by their partner.

He because of things,

This may be due to a multitude of factors, either because they have had a history of negative sexual indoctrination considering sex as a repulsion, or because they suffer anxiety, or for fear of being abandoned by their partner.

Don't be frustrated because you don't stimulate her properly.

I know you're entertaining yourself and you know how to do it!!!!

Think that female psychology is very complex and most of the time the reason why a woman cannot feel orgasm is because of psychological causes.

What causes are they?

There are feelings of guilt, fear of commitment or perhaps feeling abandoned. Fears of losing control of their behavior, control of their feelings, control of their emotions, guilt linked to incestuous touching during childhood,

a painful or traumatic first sexual act, unsatisfactory repetitive acts.

Lack of interest of the couple or a certain boredom. And an unspeakable number of etceteras...

...And sometimes the causes are not found... What also happens!

But... Quiet and quiet!

That can be treated and cured.

They just have to deal with a therapist and collaborate with him or her.

Some advice 

Eliminate their negative attitudes towards sex and their prejudices, we have already spoken here of many issues with absolute normality.

Improve your relationship with your partner, increase your communication.

Learn with your therapist a series of specific exercises,

Pay attention to the sensations prior to orgasm and develop this natural response of your body.

Decrease your anxiety, if you desperately seek to "orgasm" you will not be able to have it, relax, let your body feel, enjoy it with harmony.

Don't think that you are going to fail in the attempt, those negative thoughts will make you stop the orgasm because you will modify those thoughts of obsession and anguish that won't benefit you.

Clear your mind and be prepared to feel pleasure.

Once you yourself feel pleasure, you will have to walk towards intercourse, feel pleasure with penetration and reach total orgasm.

Never fake an orgasm that condemns you to not feeling pleasure, as you are more aware of the scene you have to interpret than of your own surrender to orgasmic pleasure.

To start feeling orgasm you have to leave behind acting and pretending.

You know that.

Don't fake me an orgasm anymore.

All right, my favorite actresses. Kisses


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