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When they run in a -plis plas-


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on: September 23, 2019, 01:06:11 PM

If you are one of those who run just to get the tip, you run in the sexual games and you are not a teenager: "you are a precocious ejaculator". I like it better this way, because "precocious ejaculator" seems like a malignant premotion, like a stigma and...not at all!

You don't know why it happens to you, it happens to you, even when you are undressing and you usually rehearse strategies such as :

When it comes to me I squeeze the muscles tightly

I'll think of unpleasant things.

You, my dearest reader, are mistaken.

You are making a serious mistake.

To control "premature ejaculation" you have to be calm, relaxed and without tension. You have to enjoy the loving encounter and the pleasant sensations, and the moment you have the need to ejaculate you have to decrease the level of excitement...

Possibly, you masturbate compulsively, fast, with anxiety, one of the things you must learn is to masturbate calmly, enjoying the fact of doing so.

You can control your penis!

Your head can do more than your gizmo! Think about it!

For your peace of mind, I will tell you that it is one of the most repetitive questions in all the forums, consultations etc. and that there is more than 30% of the male population that suffers from it.

Seven out of every ten consultations made to the sexologist is for this reason.

You are not alone!

What happens to you is not so rare!

...Not so bad!

The issue, the key to the issue is to control when you want to ejaculate. Don't confuse me

There are many males who say they ejaculate after ten minutes of penetrating.

They would be the ones that would ejaculate before twenty swings, mete-saca, in the lady's vagina. It's not a question of you counting and the twenty-one ejaculate, it's not that either!

They would be "precocious ejaculators", those who come within two minutes of penetrating. In a "plis- plas"

But what should guide us the most is: "you must be able to decide".

Now! And don't let him catch you off guard

Is it already?

Between "the now I want", and the "Ya esta, jolines "esta el "quid" de la cuestión.

It is very likely that along your sexual path, you will suffer this disorder in some occasion, that should not worry you, but if you are a teenager, that in this case "you run just watching". It is a problem of learning and control.

You would have to worry if this happens every time you fuck, or if it always has been. Then you would have to consult an expert.

It should not be confused with "impotence", we will also talk about this, which is the lack of erection, or the failure to maintain the erection the time necessary to carry out a sexual relationship.

As Grabriel García Márquez says: "Everything that happens, happens for some reason".

And as it is not a question of contradicting such an illustrious character, the "precocious ejaculation" always has motives and almost invariably, are negative motives, to counteract these motives, I will advise you positively:

You, my dearest reader, are a good lover, you have to believe that from the beginning.

You do not show anxiety, even if you do.

And you don't have to feel guilty for not complying.  Because you always try to do well even if it doesn't work out for you.

These are the three premises that will make you not be a precocious ejaculator, because if you negative it will become a frustration and you are no longer old enough to be frustrated. Miss Plus!

No critical comment from his partner even if it is not malicious should affect him in that "mete- saca" that he does with so much enthusiasm.


The products that advertise you in the marvellous effects sex shop have not normally been evaluated, so remember.

"Your head and your mind are more powerful than your gizmo."


Some of the resources you should not use 

(This has nothing to do with you consulting a good expert who is not a matter of taking anyone's bread or chickpeas...)

Based on this incongruence, we are sure that some enlightened one occurred to him in a night of drinks ...

"A "well-placed man" is one who in all circumstances quickly penetrates his companion. And therefore he also ends up quickly..."

Don't think about these things, when you have this immense desire to come:

On the farm.

In business.

Perform mathematical calculations.

Saying the alphabet backwards.

Remember that football match.

Watching TV when you're in a hurry.

Ask her not to touch her private parts.

Because : 

She'll get more nervous and the only thing they'll do is finish more quickly. Come on, not even nineteen" get in - get out."!

Thinking about these situations will make your head get out of control and your reflexes will act quickly.

Once the orgasm is "discharged, or the ejaculation is no longer there, not even God can stop it," That goes on and on.

Likewise, discourage the anesthetic ointments that will only make him sleep the "bird. And that attempts dangerously against the action of reacting to stop it. So don't put him to sleep.

Never perform the "coitus interruptus", apart from being an antique, ejaculating outside the vagina leaves a total uneasiness.  Use condoms that were invented for that. Also, since there is no control of ejaculation, by the time you realize it, you have already left "your seed" for posterity.

If you are a teenager, don't worry, even if you run in a "plis - plas" you have enough power to erect twenty times more.

Normally you "precocious ejaculators" are more concerned with "duty than pleasure". They are impatient to finish, and are super-busy people with very full agendas, who rush time in everything... Even in this!, moving that rush to bed.

Do not masturbate either before fucking, this is another resource that is useless for anything, the only thing you get, unless you are teenagers is to delay the "recovery period", or throw "the second, or third", and increase the time "is a truth like the glass of a pine", that if you throw the second or third, the latter will come with more difficulty, if you are men "age to deserve. If you have used masturbation before sexual intercourse, your erection will take longer to become positive.

With that same impatience and anxiety will be the "Cúreme rápido", the main motto of these men. But as everything takes time, so does this.

A good sex therapy would be best, read articles like this, as he knows how to calm down, and there are also self-help books.

But as always think positive I will tell you that premature ejaculation has a good prognosis, as long as you don't think it will heal on its own with time or will pass. Think that it is an easy dysfunction to treat and with 10 or 12 sessions you will be cured. You know even if you are precocious... I still love you the same




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