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After so long...


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on: June 26, 2019, 02:40:18 PM
When I saw you, it seemed like a lie, to have you in front of me again, after 11 years, but a couple of words were enough to fade away the time, and to feel like the teenagers we were when we met.

I always liked you: your curly and black hair, like your eyes; and your mouth... the perfect frame for ivory teeth. After telling us our stories, and bringing back our memories, I felt the touch of your hand on mine, and then all my fantasies appeared again in front of me, and I got lost...

We met for that night, we both knew how it was going to end, I was with butterflies in my stomach; anxious and at the same time scared.  I put on my best lace clothes, the best perfume, I took a deep breath and went to meet you. You were incredible, as always, beyond everything, like a Greek god.

We had dinner, everything was perfect, I always thought you were a gentleman, and you didn't let me down. After the drink and the walk, we finish where it belongs: in your apartment.

You realized that I was nervous, and after having a drink of the wine you served, you took the glass out of my hand and put it aside; without any words you took me to the sofa, you made me sit down, which was lucky, because my legs no longer responded. It was then when in the middle of a million stars I felt the softness of your mouth, first on my cheek, and then going down towards my neck, my shoulder, while gently sliding the strap of my dress, I was dying, I took your face, and staring at you I brought my mouth closer to yours to pay off a debt that was already 11 years old.

It was the most beautiful thing that has happened to me since then, when you took my face with your hands and holding it against yours, with your hands in my hair, we merged with each other.

Slowly you took my clothes off, and I unbuttoned your shirt with my mouth, finding myself at every step with that tangle of beauty that covered your torso. Until I reached your trousers, I lifted my head and I saw tea, with my eyes on me, waiting, like a beast waiting for the right moment to give the paw, unbuckle your belt and finish undressing you, without stopping looking at you.

I felt your mouth on my nipples, licking, kissing, biting, sucking like a child, while I didn't finish thanking for this moment. Then I felt your hand sliding down, but down, towards my ankles, and there it began to climb up my legs, up to my knees, then my thighs, and began to play with my crotch, finally you slipped through the moisture of my sex, and your fingers between games slowly crept into me. You felt my moaning in your ear, which got wet when you sucked it and kissed me again while you introduced your hand, with a slow but sure rhythm, and accelerating at every step.

I didn't give more, and I didn't want to finish so fast, so I pushed you back and took my turn, sliding my tongue across your chest, until I got to your belly. I felt your hands in my hair, which seemed to keep pushing down, and at the same time refused to do so, until I reached your erect limb and began to play with my tongue, as I watched as your eyes closed and your lips bit.

I started with the glans, and I went down until I put everything I could in my mouth, then I began to suck it as if it were the vital element that it really was, over and over again. Evidently you wanted to reward me, and you managed to accommodate me in such a way that your hands reached my vagina again, and then the pace of your penetration was faster.  Between sucking and sucking I had to stop to moan for the pleasure I was feeling, until finally you turned me gently on the carpet, and opening my legs you got into me, letting me touch the sky with my hands: I felt you again and again, in the middle of the dream, I felt as I kept getting wet, and lubricating myself, more and more, until I felt the tremor in my body, which accompanied with a scream of pleasure that made my whole body contract, and turning my head back I began to whisper.

-Yeah, yeah, yeah, that's it!

Then you increased your pace, and I saw you again as your semen poured into me, and you too shouted.   

Ahhh, yeah!

You turned on me and I hugged you with my legs, we were like this for a while, then you got up and took me by the hand, and you took me to bed, when you lay down next to me, I hugged you and I curled up not knowing if I was dreaming.

I woke up the next day, with the hair of your chest between my fingers that caressed you.


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