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Deflecting Doris (1)


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on: June 27, 2019, 02:27:23 PM
My name is Jorge, I am a professional of 40 years of good economic position, married for 12 years and had never had sex with a virgin girl. For this reason I have always been obsessed with having sex with a virgin, a situation that had not presented until recently and this experience is the basis of this story.

I met Doris about a year ago; she is a young practitioner in my workplace, 19 years old, with a brownish complexion, an angelic face, 1.65, a well-formed body, something thick but with big and beautiful breasts, a thin waist and wide hips, attributes that stood out even more with the jeans and tight polos she usually wears and that awaken lustful feelings when observing her.

A few months ago, she was assigned to my area, where except occasional greetings and casual encounters we had no further exchange of words, however she did not mean sweet smiles not maliciously intended surely, but which left me very disturbed and excited with the sole idea of having her attention and someday being able to possess her.

This situation obsessed me more and more and I managed to find out everything I could about it in the most discreet way possible, since in spite of my fantasies I would never allow myself to ruin my marriage. Thus, I knew that she was of modest socioeconomic condition, the support of her parents and a younger brother, and that eventually they were going through severe financial difficulties due to a serious illness of her brother, which is why she constantly asked for leave and was absent from work for hours, and that she was not known to be in love with anyone, and indirectly I sensed that she could be a virgin, since some of her colleagues told me that she always argued that she was against premarital relations.

So it occurred to me that without sentimentally compromising myself, or creating false expectations, I could take advantage of this situation in my favor.  A week ago, when I was accompanying her to the bus stop and she lost the bus, I offered to take her home in my car as if I didn't want the thing.

I noticed a certain discomfort in accepting the offer but he finally accepted, a situation that disturbed me greatly because of what was expected of the circumstance and because just that day she was wearing and wearing a skirt not very high but close to her excellent anatomy and a polo shirt low enough to let you glimpse her delicious breasts.   She got into the car, and during the journey we talked about banal things; while inside I hesitated to take the step so planned so far, until I decided and mentioned that I had learned of her difficult economic situation, which she confirmed and with discouragement told me that this was becoming increasingly unsustainable and that this concern was consuming her.

I let her speak, while I noticed the sadness and feeling of helplessness that plagued her, just as I had mentally imagined many times and took advantage of it to take her hand, to which she reacted instinctively trying to withdraw it, but I held her firmly at the same time that I offered her my emotional support and if she needed it financially. But in confidence, I began to massage his hand whose skin was really warm and soft which excited me a lot but I managed to hide. She replied that she didn't think they could support her financially and that she didn't see it well because of our casual relationship.

I told her that it was not a problem given my solvency and after hesitating for a moment, I insinuated that she could give me back the help with a kind treatment, then I noticed that she was nervous and between surprised and annoyed by the insinuation I withdrew her hand from mine. Before she could tell me anything, I took the opportunity to take out of my wallet a large sum of money, approximately five times the salary she earned and I offered it to her, arguing that I was very sorry for the last insinuation. She remained silent for a few minutes, without looking at me, at what we arrived near her home, asking me to stop and she was about to go down without receiving what was offered. Not willing to miss the opportunity take advantage of an oversight of her to put the money in your wallet. She quickly got out of the vehicle and with a grim gesture went to her home on the sidewalk of the front without saying goodbye.

I had taken the great step of my plan, and although I had not obtained an immediate result, not everything was lost and what happened days later will be the reason for the next part of this story...



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