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Deflecting Doris (2)


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on: June 27, 2019, 02:35:15 PM
Hello friends, I resumed the second part of my previous story about how I managed to seduce Doris, the first virgin woman I've ever been with in my life. 

After the car incident, in the following days I met Doris very rarely, as he constantly asked for permission to see his brother, and on these occasions he gave me a formal and rather laconic greeting. About 2 weeks later, around dismissal time and when there was no one else in the office, I suddenly noticed that it was approaching my desk. He greeted me with a serious gesture and a little nervously asked me if we could talk for a while. It was the moment he had been waiting for those two long weeks and I immediately suggested to him that it would be better to talk outside, better to have a cup of coffee to decrease the tension.

She accepted and we left almost without talking until a coffee nearby. She wore a somewhat short, tight skirt that highlighted her wide hips and gave a glimpse of parts of her well-formed thighs and turned legs. A thousand lustful thoughts scourged my mind, but I held back until we sat at the table. Immediately I apologized for what happened, to which she replied that she was also sorry and that although she had doubted much when she found the money in her wallet, she had no choice but to use it because her brother had required some treatments that otherwise could not afford, and that happily her condition was improving.

She hastened to say that she didn't want anyone to know, not even her parents, and that she would do the impossible to give it back to me and wait for her for a few months. At that moment I saw my expected opportunity and taking advantage of the fact that she was already compromised, I couldn't stand it anymore and taking one hand with mine, I passed the other one under the table rubbing gently at the beginning and then with circular movements caress her thighs, at the same time I told her that no refund was necessary, that if necessary I could give her all the extra money she needed, and that nobody, even less her parents, would find out, now if she wasn't friendly I couldn't assure her this last thing; at the same time that my caresses became more audacious sliding my hand under the skirt towards the inner part of her thighs almost touching and lifting the edge her truza and feeling her fine pubic hairs, as well as the shivering of her skin, which made me very excited and already sustained a strong erection. Already, at this moment he offered no resistance and only managed to say:

 - Please, Jorge, don't do this to me that makes me feel terrible, besides you know I'm a virgin and...

I was not willing to release the prey, and I reprimanded her once again that she would not accept a refusal to my requirements, to which she replied nothing and letting a few tears flow through her eyes," she said:

 - All right, but please no one knew, I couldn't stand it...

I could already feel the owner of the situation and I told her she was fine, don't get so sad that I wanted her too much and that the last thing I would do would be to harm her and that it was better to retire to another place to end this situation once and for all. She nodded almost silently and walked me to the car.

I drove the car, to a hotel a bit away from the city center, spent most of the road in silence and took a room to which he let himself lead, thoughtfully but resolutely. Once there, she sat in a comfortable chair in front of the TV and remained still. I knew that I was in front of an impressive girl, in a situation forced by my crazy desire to possess her and I couldn't do things in a hurry, I was willing to use all the necessary resources to make this conquest the most pleasant for both of us and not spoil it any more; so I asked for 1 bottle of Champagne to room service, to loosen the tension.

I approached her delicately on the couch and caressing her hands I offered her a drink that received me and I drink quickly, I took mine and I offered her a second drink which I take a little more slowly to my request to relax. Leaving the cups aside, I approached even closer and my hands began to run her legs and thighs underneath the tight skirt, while she lay down and stretched on the couch a little tense. His thighs and legs were soft and firm, his skin was a little scarapelaba but gave way to the effect of champagne, becoming more receptive, which takes advantage to bring my face to his neck smelling its delicate but exciting perfume, I could feel his breath and breath that became choppy, and do not wait any longer and I began to kiss first with short kisses and then with deep kisses his neck, ears, cheeks until I approached his red and fleshy lips, semi-closed at the beginning but which opened to the exploratory attacks of my tongue. She let herself be done, but she still had her eyes closed and her head to one side as if she didn't want to face me.

At the same time that the resistance of his lips was overcoming, my hands had managed to slide under his truza and caressed his hairy mount of venus, occasionally digging his clitoris and his vaginal lips that were still dry, causing small protrusions of his body in the armchair.

After fooling around for a while, I always slid my hand underneath her truza to her big, firm buttocks by rubbing and grasping them firmly.  My excitement was at maximum and my erection equally demanded greater skin-to-skin contact so I stripped her of her truza to what she collaborated almost complacently while I lowered my pants and underwear and intertwined my legs with hers making my penis feel its most intimate parts.  In this movement my lips slipped towards her breasts, while I got rid of her polo and bra, being liberated both so desired fruits, which so firmly with my mouth one by one feeling her heat and licking and then sucking her nipples that responded by standing up. At this rate I no longer felt it tense, but rather complacent to my actions with slow spasmodic movements of its body to my caresses and shortness of breath.

Already completely naked I took her by the hand and without stopping to kiss her I led her to the bed, where I laid her down softly and while caressing her breasts circularly, I lowered my mouth by her belly, towards her pubis and towards her conchita, which lucia pearly pink surrounded by big hairs and it was noticed something humid, to which I contributed with skillful movements of my tongue along her lips and semi-introducing them into her crack, then massaging her clitoris sustainably between caresses and suction alternating for almost 10 minutes. The latter totally overcame his resistance and could feel his body convulsing as he grasped his buttocks firmly with my hands and moistened completely. His groans were now evident and he responded with spontaneous caresses to my torso, neck and took me by the hair softly and firmly to the rhythm of his spasmodic waist movements. Suddenly his movements became more frenetic and after a series of jolts with his pussy on my face and a sustained moan he relaxed totally letting his intimate juices flow in great quantity, he had achieved his orgasm, which I took advantage of to kneel between his legs, separating them and elevating them on my shoulders to achieve the best angle of penetration.

I directed my hard and erect penis towards her vagina and pushed firmly, noticing a slight defense of her body to the onslaught, which however I did not stop until I overcame her resistance to what she emitted a muffled cry of pain and when I felt that all my penis was inside her I began to make soft movements of entry and exit alternated with circular movements that allowed me to enjoy to the maximum her virginal and although well lubricated, always narrow vagina.

She followed me in these rhythmic movements, emitting short moans, and reaching a new orgasm after a few minutes almost at the same time as the climax sensation reached me and ejaculated a large amount of hot sperm into her pussy. After finishing, without leaving her I leaned over her to kiss her deeply to what I accept myself and we joined in a long game of tongues while achieving complete relaxation.  I withdrew delicately, and I could see a small thread of blood interspersed with semen slipping down his thighs, staining the bed, as well as smearing my penis, giving me an additional sense of pleasure and consummate pride. I lay next to her and hugged her, staying still until a few hours later, when I took her home.

After this adventure, in spite of feeling that she had also enjoyed our meeting, I felt guilty for having premeditated the whole situation, I apologized to her, I helped her financially a few months more but I got away from her, for fear of hurting her more, and after she finished her internship, I never heard from her again, but it was perhaps the best sexual experience I have ever had in my life.



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