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on: June 27, 2019, 01:52:57 PM
How is my name Octavian? I write these letters because of the immense need I have to receive comments so that my wife and I can read them together.

I am 34 years old and she 31, we live well in the company of our children, we have 11 years of marriage, I will tell only the part that motivates me to do it, although our lives have been with a good degree of eroticism and experiences worthy of being told, but that is always between the two of us. And that's precisely what leads me to write now.

It turns out that during the different stages of sex games in these eleven years of marriage a few months ago we began to imagine one more, that another man would be pleased to be the second to penetrate my wife because until now I have been the only one and therefore the only VERGA that she knows. (live clear because through movies and the Internet already has a stretch traveled.)

When I asked her if she would like to see another one or other VERGAS she answered me very sincerely (something I am very grateful for), affirmatively, from then on we started the game imagining that another man was participating with us sexually, we have always agreed that the day this happens I will be participating.

I have always told her that when this happens we are lucky enough to do it with another one that has a dick a little longer and thicker than me to make it worthwhile, she tells me that of the VERGAS what most calls her attention is their thickness and big heads, we've talked a lot about how we would do it and she says she would love to suck them one at a time and put both of them in her mouth at the same time, touch them from top to bottom and cross them from their base to the tip with her rich tongue, as well as suck the balls and stick them one at a time in her mouth.

On my part I imagine to see how they rub her puchita with the only head and heat it to the maximum, introducing for moments only the head making mete and saca so that she feels the edges of this one.

The purpose of this story is for them to write to us and suggest how to bring this trio to ecstasy.

I have visited swingers pages but the truth does not call our attention because I think there is not much seriousness and we perceive that there are quite a few vivants.

My wife wants it but this a little insecure, I think it is especially fear of indiscretion by third parties, 3 weeks ago we had the opportunity for relatives to take care of our children by having to fulfill social commitments, knowing in advance of these days caused us an extraordinary excitement but when the date came back to invade that fear of indiscretion or fall into the hands of a vival, we were even about to hire a masseur to carry out our fantasy, but I repeat in the end everything was left in intention.

We hope you write to us either to tell us how you would collaborate in joining our fantasy or to recommend us how it would be easier to take it to the real.

We would also appreciate the comments of ladies in the same circumstances that have already made this fantasy and what was the best way to make it a reality and what result they had after carrying it out both personally and as a couple.

We hope you are honest and sincere.

Thank you from Mexico.


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