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on: June 29, 2019, 01:21:03 PM
You want me to tell you one of my fantasies?

Well, I'm lying face down in a bed with a body I don't know. He starts licking my cufflinks and slowly climbs up to my buttocks.

When I get there, it nibbles at them while it scratches my back, that makes me very hot and I start to give moans of satisfaction. He turns me around and gives me shy kisses on the knees.

It ascends and opens my legs to reach my clitoris. Lick him by taking little bites on my lips. Then she inserts her tongue into my vagina making it move with circular movements inside me which causes my nipples to become hard as if they were about to burst.

He sticks out his tongue and begins to lick my navel, something that puts me at a thousand an hour since it is next to my neck one of my erogenous zones.

Then it sits at the height of my breasts and bites my nipples so intensely that I feel like they bleed but instead of causing me pain it makes me moan of pleasure.

Now, the body inserts a finger into my vagina, reaches my G-spot and plays with it, which causes me to cling to the pillow to try to drown my moans in it.

I see how his penis is inserted into my vagina very carefully so as not to feel pain but I find myself so wet that it enters easily and I squeeze it against my hips so that the penetration is as deep as possible. The rhythm is increasing and I have one orgasm after another.

He screams, bites my neck and starts whispering my name in my ear, making my pulse speed up more and more.

We reached climax so we explode with pleasure and spills his semen on my chest. Lick there where he deposited his seed and sleeps using my belly as a pillow...


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