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on: June 29, 2019, 02:10:09 PM
Hello I am a 29 year old woman, married for 5 years and with two children, I consider myself beautiful, my husband is the same age (18 days younger), we live in a comfortable economic position in a town in northern Mexico located between Monterrey and the U.S. border.

The end of the year for the children we could not go out, we celebrated it in couple with a romantic dinner at home accompanied by cognac and amareto, my husband had bought in a sex shop a board game related to sex, where you have to spin a pirinola and depending on what you get a punishment, which made us spend a night of sex quite lustful, after several punishments, in my husband's turn as punishment touches him to say one of his fantasies, and he says he would like to make love to me along with another girl. (Before I continue I have always been heterosexual, but I have always considered the woman's body beautiful and I like to admire it, as well as it makes me very sexy to see two girls caressing each other).

We continue the game and by chance my husband comes out of punishment to say a fantasy, and he responds that he would like to see me making love with another woman, intrigued by his fantasies I ask him because those fantasies and he responds that he believes that I could enjoy it very much, because I love to caress, kiss and suck his breasts and when we see erotic movies is what excites me more, (which is true), we continue playing and after a while we set out to sleep. My husband immediately fell asleep, I for my part I was thinking of my husband's fantasies and what I had never thought, I began to imagine myself making love with a woman, my hands caressed my entire body had the most intense orgasm of my life.

From time to time, when my husband falls asleep before me, my husband's fantasies come to mind and I end up caressing my body, masturbating frantically until I achieve very intense orgasms, I have to say that only in those moments and in the games prior to the sexual act do those thoughts come to my head which really excites me too much and improves our sexual life. But after that fever, I think that's immoral and I feel a rejection of it.

At the end of February it is my husband's birthday, I didn't know what to give him so a week earlier at night I asked him what he would like me to buy him as a gift, he replied that anything would be fine for him, that nothing in particular he wanted. I (I don't know if it was silly or because my subconscious betrayed me) really without thinking about his fantasies, I was very sexy and letting him see part of my charms I asked him if there was really nothing he would like to give him or what he wanted, he just told me that he would like to see fulfilled one of the fantasies that in new year he had told me, what caught me by surprise and in an annoying way I told him that I did not mean that.

Seeing my reaction the very calm one apologized, alleging that if it was not for that, because then the sexy and flirtatious way of asking him, provoking that he misinterpreted my offer, adding that whatever I gave him for him would be fine, he immediately went to sleep.

I stayed awake thinking about what my husband said and the truth was right, I unconsciously I was the one who provoked the petition, thinking about that I imagined myself making love with another girl and I got excited, caressing my body, when I feel other hands and caresses that added to mine, I see that it is my husband who is caressing me, he asks me to continue caressing me and reached orgasm, he continues with the caresses, kisses me, sucks me, sucks my juices all babies, covers my eyes with a cheek and asks me to caress him now I'm excited tells me to caress him thinking that he is a woman, to tell him things, sexy, rude, I tell him that I love his breasts I want to eat them all, I want to suck his conch,  I want to drink all his juices to think about it and say I have another orgasm, he turns me around puts me in four and mete me, he delights me while in the mete saca me asks me if I would like to have a woman I answer him yes, that the day of his birthday that will be his gift.


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