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Fantasies with my neighbors (I)


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on: June 27, 2019, 01:31:56 PM
Erotic Fantasies with my Neighbors ( I )

Mention of the Neighbors and my Erotic Queen


I am an 18 year old male and like most men my age I am addicted to masturbation, only that I accompany them with delicious fantasies in which all the neighbors of the building in which I live participate, I usually masturbate two or three times a day independently that I have sex regularly with my girlfriend, who also lives in the same building, but I love chaquetearme dreaming of enjoying the body of my tasty neighbors.

I live in a building of four floors and in each one there are two apartments, and in all of them there is at least one tasty tail that makes me very hot and from all of them I have some of her exciting underwear that I have stolen from the clotheslines, except from my girlfriend and her sisters since from them I don't steal them, I take them dirty just by entering her bathroom and looking for them in the laundry basket.

On the first floor is the 101 apartment where a family lives and among its members is Gabriela, is about 25 years old, is an air hostess of Mexicana de Aviación and this riquisima, she wears some very exciting little thong pants and of which I have in my possession three of them and a bra size 34-b that is to say that has tasty their chichitas, what strikes me a lot about her, besides her tasty body is that she always wears a garter, when she washes her lingerie there are always three or four suspenders, I haven't stolen any of them because I consider that it would be very evident her disappearance. In the apartment opposite, 102, lives Adriana with her family, who is Gabriela's cousin, their respective mothers are sisters, however this girl wears pants nothing sexy, bikini type with some lace that are not very exciting, even so I have two pants of her, also this tasty as to give a good fuck, I can see her in her bedroom from my bathroom window and on multiple occasions I have seen her nodding and masturbating.

On the second floor is apartment number 202, where Silvia lives a lady of about 45 years very ham, this great and her daughter Claudia of about 27 years, who recently married a man who easily doubles his age, both I have very delicious panties as both wear very provocative lingerie.

On the third floor is apartment 301 where Georgina del Carmen lives. She is a rich 27 year old tail, she has a spectacular cicada is size 36-D brassiere, I have four sensual thongs of her and a brassiere. In 302 lives Isabel, is a lady of about 35 years, is single and has a lover somewhat older than she of course does not live there only comes every day for sure to give him some good catches, you can say that it is the most beautiful and good of all and and in its time I will describe in detail, wear a lingerie of the most exciting and also wears suspenders, I have three panties and a bra.

My girlfriend lives in the last floor at 401, her name is Rosa Aida, I will tell her about the delicious fucks I give her in her own house, she is a little older than me, she is 20 years old and the truth is great and she is extremely horny, just like her sisters, Alma of 24 years old and María de Lourdes (Lulú) of 16 years old, I have seen this one infinity of times only in transparent panties and brassiere and only a few times, the three cachondonas hermanitas are used to walk in their house in intimate clothes or encueraditas. In apartment 402, lives Patricia, is a young lady of about 30 years old who lives with her husband, a man much older than her, always wears miniskirts that only cover the tasty nalgotas she has, countless times I have seen her panties when she arrives in his car or climbs the stairs, also wears very exciting lingerie of which I have four panties and a bra size 32-B.

For the end I left the 201 apartment where I live with my family and there is the main source of inspiration for my sexual fantasies, is called Roxana, is 23 years old, is light brown, measures approximately 1.65 meters. And it has an excellent body, has a riquisimas chichotas without being like those of Georgina of the 301, but it is size 34-C of brassiere, has a few adorable buttocks and what more catches my attention is his great super hairy panocha, my girlfriend and her sisters also have a lot of pubic hair but nothing similar to that of Roxana, I have never known any woman who has as much hair as she, when she puts on pants, who is always very tight, you see a large lump of his Mount of Venus and his vaginal lips are sensationally drawn, is extremely horny and I'm addicted to see her naked when she bathes or is in her bedroom, I see her bathe at least four days a week and daily dedicate at least one masturbation rubbing my penis with the panties just removed.

I have a collection of her provocative pubic hairs that I collect from the ones she leaves in her tanguitas or in her bed, she usually takes a bath at 6 o'clock in the morning to go to university, at that time no one has gotten up yet and I take advantage of it to spy on her, since to enter the bathroom it is necessary to climb a step, so peeking under the door I have an excellent angle to see her in a row, I've seen her masturbating while she bathes and caresses her appetizing body with a lot of fun squinting her eyes surely thinking that someone else is bathing her, she dedicates the panochota to her clitoris and her delicious little ass, I've even seen her get into a big "dildo" that has latex rubber in the shape of a penis that measures 9 inches and has the texture of a real cock, the same thing I've seen when she's in her bedroom, there I look through the door plate and her bed is right in front of the door so I have a perfect view of "everything she does" in her bed.

She is used to dress very fashionably with tiny miniskirts almost as short as Paty's 402 and very tight trousers, always marked by her tiny panties that are full of lace and transparencies, she sleeps in very sensual transparent baby-doll and all her lingerie is super provocative, I have dedicated thousands of masturbations to her accompanied by fantasies where I enjoy her tasty little body picking her up in the most varied and tasty forms.

Probably already detected that Roxana is ... my hot older sister! whom I want sexually with all my soul. I am not ashamed to have such dirty desires with my own sister, nor do I sneeze at the conscience of everything I do with her and her belongings because my dear sister is cachondisima and I'm sure that with all her boyfriends to "loosened" their succulent nalgotas.

Very often, through the window of my bedroom overlooking the street, I could see how the joke in the cars of the many boyfriends she has had, almost naked, they take off her panties and brassiere and manosean completely dedeandole all his riches, suck the beautiful lollipops and she sucks their cock, If she does that there at the door of the house and I imagine what she will do when they take her to some hotel to catch, I know that she attends hotels because one day by chance I saw that she was in the car of her boyfriend in turn and as they entered a motel that is near the house, anyone can imagine the sexual richness that they went to do.

Another thing that makes me not regret the immoral but tasty desire to enjoy his exquisite body is that one day I entered his bedroom looking for his exciting tanguitas and by chance I found a small address book which was annotated with an email address and password, of course not in his name but with a pseudonym, in addition to the one that has all his data and receives correspondence of another nature. I entered that address applying the password and I realized that my horny little sister has hot correspondence with many men and some women in which she tells them about their tastes and sexual experiences, they send her pictures of huge cocks that she is grateful for and as she says excite her, some of the women have also sent naked photos although covering her face, she promises to send photos where this nun but as far as I know she has not sent anything because she says she does not have them at the moment.

It occurred to me to write to him with my email account with the pseudonym I have telling him that a "friend" had given me his address and wanted to be his cyber friend, I gave him all my false data to prevent him from detecting me and after three or four messages where I begged him to be my friend he answered me and now we have hot correspondence for about eight months and where I can find out about his delicious cunt.

I have been able to verify that she is accustomed to tell the truth, at least in most of what she expresses because I have almost all the facts that she narrates, we have even chatted a few times and when I asked her how this dress tells me the total truth of both her outer garment and the exciting lingerie she wears at that time and I have been able to verify that exactly, the same when she describes her face and her tasty body including saying of her abundant hair that covers her provocative pussy and in the personal her hair makes me crazy with lust. Until now I have avoided touching the subject of incest for fear that I could detect myself and lose what so far makes me enjoy it.

Through this system I have been able to find out that she loves to suck the cock of her boyfriends and has done it with all of them, as I said myself I have seen her do, she says she likes to feel the semen in her mouth and swallow it, she practices anal sex and enjoys it greatly from a very young age, that her most recurrent desires are to practice double and triple penetration, as well as being the protagonist of a porn video where they enjoy her body infinity of subjects and some others that I will tell you.

Because of all this and many things that I will narrate later is that I have no conscience to want the succulent body of my horny sister and that I can say that Roxi is the erotic queen of my sexual fantasies.

As you can understand, although this story is supposed to contain only erotic fantasies, all this I have told you is strictly attached to the truth in order to situate the reality that I live and where the infinity of fantasies that I have at every moment arise, especially when I masturbate and as I said I do several times a day.

Obviously to make this story very long and boring I promise you that in a few days will appear the following if it contains the fantasies that fill me with lust and of course I will start with a main character whose main character will be my erotic queen, Roxana, my horny and tasty sister.

I'll see you soon.



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