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Fantasies with my neighbors (II)


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on: June 27, 2019, 02:41:12 PM
Erotic Fantasies with my Neighbors II

The first sexual encounter with my sister ROXANA


As previously established, my tasty older sister, Roxana, maintains erotic correspondence via cybernetics, using a pseudonym, with men and some women as horny as her and whose email address and password I happened to find and who after several attempts, I contacted her via the same email system as her virtual friend to share our concerns, experiences, desires and sexual fantasies.

In this exciting epistolary relationship I confirmed the ardent temperament of my succulent sister and learned of her sexual tastes and desires to be fulfilled, her fantasies in project to become reality and what she considers unachievable. Faced with the impossibility, so far, to have incestuous relationships with Roxana my beloved little sister and enjoy her delicious body as others do, I am inspired by a multitude of erotic fantasies that obsessively desire to perform with her, so...

During the time that I have had correspondence with my hot sister Roxi, so we say affectionately, I have tried to make her feel full support in everything she tells me she does to satisfy herself sexually and wants to do for a greater enjoyment of her sexuality, until I earn her trust. At one point I suggested that we meet personally to talk more intimately and that if some kind of sexual chemistry arose between us we could help each other to increase our carnal enjoyment, after a few days, with many doubts and postponements of a pretended appointment finally accepted, which filled me with joy and excitement.

We met in a bar near our house and it would serve as mutual identification to carry a white carnation in our hand, I first left the house to buy the flower and I did some time meditating that I would tell him when we met, it was time for the appointment and I did not arrive at any plan, I launched myself into Mexican courage thinking that I would simply make the appearance and have her as she reacted to my presence.

I arrived at the bar and immediately I saw her, there was Roxi, my tasty sister, I had spied on her before leaving home, I already knew how she was dressed in a suit tailored in blaizer style and navy blue skirt that fit her body highlighting her beautiful buttocks and in front of her bulky and furry Monte de Venus, the skirt was not very short, just about 10 centimeters above the knee, she wore blue sky blouse and black shoes with very high heels, her underwear was as usual super sensual, consisted of a coordinated bra, thong and suspender belt type pants light gray with lace at the front and full transparency in the back, complemented with light brown socks, Roxana was sitting right in front of the front door showing much of her rich thighs to have the leg crossed even you could see where he reached the stocking and one of the brooches of the suspender belt.

I pretended to look for "someone" and I was surprised to find her there, I knew who I was looking for she had the carnation in the bag of my jacket, she didn't have the flower in sight, perhaps thinking that if she didn't like the guy with whom she had been quoted she would simply deny anything. I approached her asking what was going on there, anticipating her answer I told her that I had met with a girl in that place but not yet arrived, she replied that just as I had met with someone who had not yet arrived, I asked her if there would be no problem sitting with her while our "appointments" arrived, She accepted and I ordered the waiter a drink to accompany her with the drink she was having, a certain nervousness prevailed in both but we tried to appear calm talking about inconsequential things, some time passed and we asked for one more drink.

Roxi looked at hers and said that she too, I told her that it was a pity that I had been left standing since the appointment was supposed to be very daring and "organic relief", without letting her change the subject I described the girl as she is described by mail, both physically and in her hot temperament, praising her qualities and repeating to every moment that a girl like that I would love to know and flatly told her that the password to meet us was the white carnation and I took out of my pocket the flower, my hot sister's eyes were opened enormous with surprise and gave a big drink to her glass finishing it completely, I asked her if she wanted another one that anyway we had been left standing, she accepted and served it, then she returned to equanimity and it was noticeable that she wanted to tell me something.

Then Roxi began to ask me about my sexual tastes a little uninhibited by the drinks and surely excited knowing that it was me, her own brother who wanted to fuck her, to all my answers she was amazed or pretended to do it, wondering if I was really able to do everything I told her and that I versed in that I like oral sex, do it and I do it, run my tongue all over my partner's body including the ass, that the girls have abundant pubic hair, as well as anal sex and many other poses and erotic games, and trying to throw me "with everything" I told her that if she wanted I could prove it, she only smiled with coquetry without responding directly to the suggestion, it seemed that my insinuations had an effect on her that she got up to take off the blaizer, I could not hide how I devoured her with the look running her very desirable body from head to toe.

He sat down again and with a somewhat perverse smile he told me "There is no doubt you like me", I laughed nervously and could only say "of course, who doesn't", he left me cold when he said, "But especially you, or why do you see me naked every day when I bathe", incredulously I said "How?", without letting me take a breath, he continued saying, "Little do you think I hadn't noticed that you spy on me every day, do you get excited when you see my naked body? It makes me hot for you to see me, that's why I'm exhibiting with you in a premeditated way. Now the one with the eyes exorbitant of surprise was me and without letting me say anything opened his bag and showed me the white carnation telling me, "Too bad you're my brother", I gave a long drink to my glass and I replied willing to play my only chance to enjoy the magnificent body of my succulent sister, as by magic of my brain flowed infinity of concepts all tending to make her understand that being brothers did not have to limit us in our sexual enjoyment if we both wanted it, that we should not think about our relationship and just give us carnal pleasure, Roxi continued to refuse but more and more lukewarmly, even I think it was more like a flirt on his part and he was embarrassed to say yes openly.

I told her that it would be better if we went to another place to continue the conversation without the fear of being heard by the people around us, she accepted and we left the place, Roxana walked in front of me going to the car she had brought since I had arrived in a taxi, he was ecstatic seeing her succulent buttocks, I could see how he was marked under her skirt the panties and suspenders of the suspender belt which excited me even more and when I got to the car opened the right door and opened slowly and generously his thighs so that I could see him up to the panties and the exciting hair that the tanguita could not cover, immediately gave me the keys telling me to drive, I boarded and went to the motel where I once saw her enter with her boyfriend, Roxana had not made up her skirt when she boarded the car and she was seen more than half a thigh, up to the point where her stockings reached her and the brooches of the suspender belt could be seen, every time she could she turned to see her legs with all boldness before her complacency, at the same time she turned to see the bulge that made my dick erect under the pants, in a burst of lust I passed my hand through her legs caressing them and in an unexpected reaction for me, Roxi told me "Wait to arrive someone can see us, do not be desperate look like these", putting her hand on the bulge of my dick and withdrawing it almost immediately.

Finally we arrived and we settled in one of the rooms, I approached Roxi hugging her by the waist and she put her hands on my shoulders, took the opportunity to stick my cock in her belly without encountering opposition from my hot sister, I lowered one of my hands to those exquisite buttocks that so many masturbations had inspired me, Roxana coquette said to me without trying to avoid my caresses in her buttocks, "We only come to talk", without stopping my caresses that now were with both hands I said to her "We can also enjoy the talk, don't you think?"In my rubbing I was gradually raising the skirt until I made contact with the upper part of her rich thighs above where the socks ended and soon she was rubbing her beautiful buttocks that ate the tiny panties, my sister's breathing was shaken a little showing signs of excitement, Roxana with a provocative smile told me "Well, take it off you", I lowered the skirt and ran the closure dropping it to the floor, she had unbuttoned her blouse and proceeded to take it off, remaining before me only in intimate clothing.

I retired a couple of steps to admire my so desired sister in all her fullness, she looked stupendous, her delicious chiches protruded from the brassiere of half a cup threatening to come out of the bra, below her tiny thongs exposed most of her abundant and sensual pubic hair and her thighs looked splendid adorned with such provocative intimate garment as the suspender belt and stockings, kept the high heels with which her superb silhouette was highlighted in their appetizing forms, I asked her to turn and in doing so I felt that I could come at any time to enjoy her exquisite nalgotas devouring the microscopic panties, Roxi took out her hip as much as she could making her beautiful and turned buttocks look even more delicious, neither of us could talk, me for enjoying such a lustful spectacle and her for exhibiting her portentous body before my morbid gaze, so we lasted a few minutes.

When I was able to articulate a word I asked her to undress completely so that I could admire her naked, but she surprised me when she said "You've seen me naked daily and I've never seen you naked, so you undress first, later in telling me that I was alone in the bikini type underwear that I wore and that at that time I could not cover my cock that was in its maximum erection leaving my sister's head and about three or four centimeters of his trunk, Roxana approached me telling me to unbutton the bra, I proceeded to loosen the hook on the front of the bra releasing her tasty chichotas whose nipple was totally hardened, with one hand she caressed one of her breasts and the other automatically placed herself in her delicious nalgotas looking for the separation of these to touch her ass and her sexual crack over the tanguitas, her lips were touching mine and I tried to kiss her on the mouth, but Roxi just pulled out her tongue letting her suck it and she sucked mine without our lips melting into the traditional passionate kiss, which seemed the most erotic to me, so we were sucking our tongues for several minutes.

I was kissing on her cheeks, neck, shoulders and reached one of her excellent breasts to kiss, lick and suck her nipple, Roxi only gasped pleased when I felt that one of her hands under my underwear and grabbed my cock rubbing it, without stopping to suck his tasty chichota with both hands I began to lower the tiny trousers to half a thigh palpando to pleasure their charming nalgotas and putting my hands between them to touch directly their tasty ass and their fleshy vaginal lips where I introduced one of my fingers wetting it with the crystalline nectar that sprouted and trying to use it as lubricant to put it in its tight ring that surrounded by abundant hair resisted to receive the daring visitor,  Roxi suddenly split up asking me to take off her panties completely.

I knelt before her and with both hands I lowered her underwear until I took it off, her exciting hairy pussy was touching my face, it was my dream to rub my face against that dense and exciting bush of fine pubic hair,  I had to help myself with my hand because her thick coat prevented me from finding her crack only with my tongue, while sucking on her clitoris I constantly repeated to her that I adored hairy women like her, Between pacifier and pacifier I begged him not to do it, that a hairy woman was very exciting for men, at least for me, he explained to me that he would go to the beach and the thong he had bought was so small that he had to shave so that the disturbing hairs of his pussy would not be seen, however he put me to the test saying "Show me how much my hairs excite you and maybe I'll leave them".

He sat down on the edge of the bed and completely opened his turned thighs, lifting them as far as he could, leaning his back on the bed, inviting me with his attitude to suck his innermost corners full of those abundant little hairs that so filled me with lust, following of knees I put my head between his pretty legs rubbing my face in his hairiness and sucking him the sexual crack whose lips protruded with his pink color between the blackness of his pelambre as well as his diminutive ass surrounded by hair a little more fine and short than the one of his tasty muffin, his hair covered the internal part of the division of his divine nalgotas, minutes after his first orgasm was not made wait and came expelling in my mouth great quantity of the exquisite liquor of his same vagina that I swallowed pleased up to the last drop without stopping to suck his cleft of pleasure.

Roxi asked me to get up, she got up sitting on the bed and her sensual lips incarnated and delineated as if she had injected collagen, they were touching my cock erect, without touching it with her hands began to lick the head of my penis and giving him sonorous kisses,  then pacifiers and finally the blowjob was generalized with intense sucks and in each one I put a little more of my cock in his mouth until devouring it all deposited in his throat from where it entered and came out as if I was taking it by the mouth, minutes later after several threats to "come to me" in his mouth my sister got up turning around and stepping on the bed said to me, "Cógeme, take advantage of this unique occasion and Mèteme la verga", before the imposing majesty of his excellent nalgotas I could not less than bend down and kiss again his ass to then bring my cock to his sexual crack and start that penetration so desired by me, Roxana moved her hips with great experience while my dick was entering slowly until my belly collided with his appetizing buttocks, the movement to get in and out was taking speed before the moans of pleasure of my hot sister who asked me more cock expressing with different phrases the pleasure I was feeling, I put one of my hands on the top of her vulva to rub her clitoris without stopping pumping my penis into her vagina, moments later my little sister told me that she was coming and I could comeborate it by feeling how my cock was bathed in its vaginal flow, she was about to come to me when she herself avoided it by saying "Now I want to feel it in my ass, take me by the anus".

Extending one of her arms she reached her purse and taking out a small bottle of cream she extracted a little and she herself applied it to her divine ass, I took my cock out of its sexual fissure and I pointed it to that tiny hole that surrounded by fine hair invited me to penetrate in its entrails, I put my cock on it and applied a little pressure, my horny little sister's ass gave way with some difficulties giving way to the tip of my erection, amid repressed cries of pleasure and perhaps pain Roxana encouraged me to complete the penetration of her tiny temple of Sodom by telling me, "Catch my ass, Mèteme all your cock, enjoy my little boy" and phrases like that, soon his tasty nalgotas were again crashing into my belly producing a small rumble at each onslaught, indicating that my entire cock is inside the rich ass of my sister who adjusted me like a glove exerting a delicious pressure throughout the penis, my cock went in and out of that succulent little needle countless times.

Maybe tired of the pose Roxi told me that she wanted to lie down, I pulled her dick out of her tail and she threw herself back on the edge of the bed opened her legs and lifted them like when I sucked her sex, the view she gave me was exquisite, all her intimacy surrounded by the abundant hair of my sister exhibiting only for me, only now she said to me "Put your richness back into my ass", I brought my dick to its delicious hole and with one blow I put it completely, the lubrication and relaxation of his anal muscle allowed it without extreme pain, the exciting phrases that encouraged me to continue to fuck her by her rich ass put me on the verge of ejaculation, we did not last long, my hot sister was the first to tell me almost screaming that was coming and asked me to come but not inside her, which gave me the opportunity to see something I always wanted, her exciting hair full of my semen, so without further delay I felt that I was coming, I pulled my cock out of its divine little hole and began to ejaculate my sperm in all its abundant pubic hair, on her vaginal lips and on her adorable little ass.

We rested for a while on the bed without talking, she went into the bathroom to wash and when she came out wearing only the slippers she put on the blouse telling me to leave, then she put on the skirt while I dressed and then the blaizer, panties, brassiere and stockings gave me to keep in the bag of my jacket, now understood why so many times I saw that she was leaving home fully dressed and when she returned she was only wearing outer clothing.

On the way home we didn't speak a word, when I got home while I kept the car in the pension we rented, she entered the apartment to pretend that we didn't come together, when I arrived and asked for her my parents told me that Roxana had gone into her room saying she would be studying, so the rest of the evening passed.

We were all in our respective bedrooms ready to sleep, I thought Roxana was sorry for what we had done and surely would not repeat, but about 22:30 hours, it was heard that they were knocking lightly in the door of my bedroom, without being sure that they were actually knocking, I said "Pass", what a surprise, it was Roxana, my horny sister, impressively sensual, wearing a transparent plastic unheeled sandals with platform and high heel, covered only with a white robe, long up to his ankles of tulle totally transparent and only with applications of lace in the sleeves that only covered his shoulders, he adjusted with a brooch in the neck, under the robe my sweet sister totally incueradita shining his appetizing body, who looked more succulent lined in the transparency of the sensual robe making her tremendous and exciting hair, her beautiful nalotas and her adorable breasts stand out even more, squandering coquetry she approached me slowly, letting herself be seen in all angles, exhibiting her voluptuous body to me, when she was sure that I had admired every centimeter of her horny little body and that my dick would be, as it was, in all her possible erection, she sat on the edge of my bed smiling provocatively.

She said to me "I come to give me what was missing this afternoon to give me, my underwear and the syrup of your candy", I incredulously took her lingerie from under my blankets because I was rubbing with her remembering the beautiful moments I had lived hours before with my hot sister, and for the second I lowered the sheets leaving my dick in his sight in all his erection, Roxana without saying anything took it between her hands rubbing it and without more she bent down giving kisses to the head of my penis, soon and sucked it and generalized the blowjob, her experience was manifested in each pacifier and in less than 5 minutes and had me at the edge of ejaculation, I wanted to take advantage of this magnificent opportunity to enjoy his gorgeous hairy ass again, I separated his mouth from my dick and I proposed to visit my penis with my entrails for his adorable ass.

Roxana gladly accepted and standing she put the robe to one side and leaning, with both hands she separated her appetizing nalgotas, do not miss the opportunity to kiss and lick her wonderful little hole pulling the hair of the inner wall of her sensational buttocks with my lips, I got up and reached the cream jar muddying its tail and placed the head of my virile organ at the entrance of its Sodom temple by slowly pushing until my limb was fully installed inside its tight anus and straight initiating the back-and-forth movement in which my phallus went in and out of his adorable ass before the pleasure of my sister who moved her hip in a circular way and she manifested it with expressions of cachonderia asking me not to stop putting her dick in her whim and reminding me that when she was going to ejaculate I should do it in her mouth, One of my hands was installed on her Mount of Venus caressing her abundant hair and clitoris and the other on her portentous chiches massaging them, a few minutes later Roxi came with abundant discharge of vaginal liquid that soaked my hand, moments later I informed her that she was about to come to me, She opened her mouth, showing me all my sperm on her tongue and palate, and with a single drink she ate it completely. She continued sucking the residues of milk from the internal ducts of my phallus until she took out the last drop. She stood up and gave me her tongue to suck completely pleased and with a flirtatious smile she turned around and with voluptuous movements she retired sporting her succulent body under the transparency of her sensual robe.

I do not lose hope that this story and some others of Roxana that I will tell you, become a reality.


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