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on: June 27, 2019, 01:19:42 PM
We'll meet in your city. I arrive by train and you come to pick me up at the station. You are dressed as I said: a light dress, sandals and you do not wear a bra ... your tits sway as you walk and men look at you, your nipples are hard but you go to the appointment quickly. You're excited.  You're wearing black lace panties and black enamel on your hands and feet. You feel sexy, a bit of a gutter. You have an exciting look that makes you feel a special sensation. You arrive at the station and you see me in the cafeteria.

We sat down together and started talking. As we talk you notice how I look at you with desire and you still like it more ... I feel next to you and you notice my hand on your thigh that proves that you are perfectly depilated, not a single hair exists below your neck, except a triangle of pubic hair on your sex. I put my hand in the bar and that makes you hornier, your nipples are transparent in the fabric of the dress. I put my hand under your skirt and check your panties I whisper in your ear that you are making me horny and I grab your hand and put it on my package. Notes like my cock beats under my pants and that tickles your sex. I secretly grab your ass and caress your buttocks. You're so excited.

We go out and we go to a department store. We pick out a couple of dresses for you and get into a dressing room. Once inside you kneel and rub your face over your pants noticing the bulge of my dick underneath.  I caress your cheeks and I lift you up, I lean you forward and I lower your panties from behind. You lean against the wall while I start licking your sex from behind. You bite your lips not to make noise, I clitoris clench you with your teeth and it hurts, but at the same time makes you horny, you want to run but I do not leave you, moan ... I turn you and I take out my cock, this all hard and rub you by the cheeks and neck. A drop sprouts from the tip and stains you, but excites you, you feel dirty and you like ... you try to catch the cock with the tongue to put it in your mouth, you love that piece of hot meat, you want to feel it in your mouth, but I move it away each time and do not let you catch it with your hands ... these all wet and looking in the mirror you surprise yourself with your legs stretched out, open, panties at the ankles and face bright, you look like a slut and you like it.

We get out of the dressing room and go to a hotel. In the taxi I force you to take off your panties and I smell them, they are wet. I raise your skirt and you sit with your naked ass on the seat, the juices slide from your pussy and wet your thighs ...

We go into the hotel room and I throw myself at you, we start to take off our clothes like crazy, naked we lie on the bed and we caress each other and we kiss, you grab my cock and the pageboy slowly while I bite your nipples and grab your buttocks. We turned around and you lie on me, we started a bestial 69 in which you swallow my cock up to the base, you've been wanting to do it all along. They give you arcades but you're crazy about my cock, you get to the throat, notes the mouth and throat full of hot meat, a cylinder that fills you and chokes you, but you endure everything you can, including my hips, notes as if you fucked your mouth, you feel a fox full of cock and that puts you at 1000. Besides, I'm eating your pussy with lametones, I'm stretching your clitoris and I'm putting two fingers in you with one blow. You moan but you feel horny. Suddenly I put a finger in your ass and it hurts a little, but you come ... notes as my cock gives jumps and suddenly I put it to the bottom of a blow, you feel drown, you feel you die and a cataract of semen comes out and fills your throat, you take out the cock because it is so much milk that you can not, you come up through the nose and you slip by the chin, staining the tits and neck ...

We rest a moment and take a shower together, caressing the whole body ... I put you against the wall of the shower and scrub your ass and pussy, you stretch the nipple to lift all the teat and notes how they become hard and hurt ...

We go back to bed and you lie me down, you get on top and I grab your tits really hard, nailing your fingers. You open your legs and you put my cock at the entrance of your sex; with one blow you let yourself fall and you notice how it perforates you, how it opens you, how it reaches you at the bottom. You scream in pain and pleasure and start jumping on my dick. You say meaningless things and I put my fingers in your mouth, you suck them like crazy while you notice the heat in your sex, the pain in your lips and the tingling that grows in your belly. I squeeze your hips and give you cock upwards that still open you up more. You feel the orgasm grow in your sex and you run like crazy, moving your head to the sides.

I take you off and I put myself behind you, I raise your hips and moan a little, I separate your buttocks and lick your anus, you know what will happen and you get more excited ... notes as my cocoon rests in your hole and moan a little ... I put two fingers first to open it and then I put another, you hurt but you like ... I place my cock again and then I grab your hips, notes my blows and you feel like dying, I open your ass little by little and you burn, you hurt and moan, you scream while you caress your buttocks, my cock keeps opening and seems not to end, then you feel full of cock and notes my hips in your ass and my balls stuck to your sex. With the hand I open the lips of sex and I squeeze the clitoris, squeeze and stretch it, I put two fingers in the pussy and fuck you with them while I start pumping your ass.  You feel it open.

You grab your tits and start playing with them while you notice how my chest covers your back and notes my breath in your neck I say obscenities in your ear, which still ignites you more, you are all full of sweat and the pain of your ass begins to become pleasure. You look in the mirror and you see yourself on all fours, with the hole in your ass making an O open by my dick and your face congested by pain and pleasure and you turn on, you feel like a slut and you notice how your orgasm grows again, you start to moan louder and louder and at that moment you start to run up your ass and pussy while you hear me moan and fuck your ass at full speed, your juices fall down your thighs and you scream for pleasure while you hear me run and when you notice my semen in your ass you finally run with a scream...

We stayed up all night hugging in bed... until next time.

I hope you like it.




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