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My aunt and I


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on: June 29, 2019, 12:15:04 PM
My aunt and I

My aunt has a habit of being very open and always says what she does and what she feels. One day in a family conversation she said that she liked to sleep naked like many people do, but just by imagining her naked sleeping, I succeeded.

One day when I was at her house and I was watching TV, she came in with a very small towel that was barely enough to cover her delicious female parts and locked the door and took off the towel. When I see that pair of tits and that recently shaved vagina I get horny, I had a pajama because I had slept in her house as I usually do from time to time or when my parents are busy so she noticed that my penis was standing up and I was excited. She approached me very sexy and put her hand through my pajamas to me began to masturbate, I did very well and enjoyed seeing how I liked, but I was paralyzed and did nothing.

She asked me to get out of the room so she could get dressed.

A week later I went to sleep at his house because my parents had a conference. It was a cold night and I wasn't able to comfort the dream

So I went into her room and told her if I could sleep with her, which she didn't refuse.

When she enters in the middle of the sheets I notice her naked body, which succeeded me but didn't call my attention because she used to sleep naked when she passed her hand to embrace me, she touched my penis which excited both of us. Neither of us could contain it so I let my penis touch as much as I wanted.

We lasted a while like this until she asked me to blow her. I enjoyed that cuca (vagina) as much as I could, first I played with her by licking her legs and the edges of her cuca, until she told me to fucking blow her. So I decided and began to lick that cuca from top to bottom and from time to time, she moaned with pleasure which indicated that I was doing well, she was wet with that delicious liquid which succeeded me more.

I couldn't stand it anymore and I began to masturbate with one hand while with the other I opened the lips of her cuca to suck her better, she watered on me and I watered in her bed.

After three minutes that passed like hours but I enjoyed them to the maximum. the following pose was better, we put ourselves in the pose of "the delight" that appears in this Web page.

As the name says, I'm delighted. The mete and saca was soft and pleasant and while I kissed him with an indescribable passion, our lips moved synchronized and our tongues caressed each other warmly, but that was not the last step, then we put ourselves in a perfect 69 and she knows how to suck him, it makes him soft and pleasant.

Finally we put ourselves in the pose of "the mold" and it was the one that I liked more, the mete and saca was slower even that in the pose of "the delight" was more romantic and more at ease, while I kissed her I touched and gently massaged one of her hard nipples and from time to time I pulled my penis out of her vagina and put two of my fingers in her vagina the two of us moaned of pleasure. At the end to thank him for sucking that cuca again but this time with more desire.

When we finished the two of us were burned, naked and sweating in that bed that was dripping from the juices of both of us.

All this would have been better if it had been true, these are some of the fantasies I have with my aunts who are very young and are very hot, soon after I will write other fantasies and suddenly a real one, but I would not like to tell the ones I have had.


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