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My beloved Mr. Sebastian


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on: October 23, 2019, 04:18:09 PM

I'll introduce myself. Call me Miss Pride. I'm 30 years old, I'm a professional secretary, and it was my lack of work and my divorce that drove me in and out of large office offices in search of sustenance for myself. And it was in that quest that I met my torment, my adoration, my love, my veneration...Mr. Sebastian.

Three months I was from one side to the other, but they always told me that "we will study your application" or "we think you are too prepared", but I knew that it was because of my age, that I was 30 years old at the time. You may think, dear reader, that 30 years are not enough reason to exclude me, but in that world, with 30 you are already an old woman, a nuisance. Many tears I let go of so much rejection, as well as how they looked at me: they were like a possible casual dust, and they were like an old piece of furniture that is better shredded. I got to a point where I couldn't take it anymore, and I collapsed. It was at that moment when I saw in my list of options, that there were three companies left to look at, and determined to continue until the end, I recomposed myself again. It was in the first one where it happened.

Like so many others, I took part in the tests. It was a firm dedicated to the import/export business of luxury vehicles. Not very famous but resourceful. I was in the waiting room, feeling observed by the others, inspected, and from time to time I could hear them whisper "how dare you come", "you should be in an asylum". I almost collapsed again when I was called. My interviewer was the boss himself, looking at my resume while I was shaking like a flan.

-I see you have experience," he told me minutes after an uncomfortable silence. Typing, some shorthand, four languages... five are needed for this position, did you know that? He lacks German.

-No, I didn't. I'm sorry.

-It's all right," he said, "it's all right. Is it Mrs. Or Miss?

-Miss, Miss Pride. My marriage didn't last long.

-Believe me, I'm sorry. Give me a couple of seconds to reflect.

-If it's any use to you, I've already done German practice, but it's no big deal....

-Please don't try to impress me," he warned. Nothing I detest more than ass-lickers and balls.

-I'm sorry. Excuse me.

Mr. Sebastian turned his armchair, his back to me, and looked out of the windows, which covered the entire exterior façade, into the street.  She was under attack. If they rejected me again, I was already thinking of cutting my veins or something. The sound of his chair spinning again took me out of my thoughts.

-All right. Welcome aboard. I'm risking a lot with this, so try not to let me down, Miss Pride. It starts first thing in the morning.

-I promise I won't let you down," I said enthusiastically. If I have to, I'll learn German and whatever. I will do...

-I insist again, Miss Pride. Don't try to impress me.  By the way, as my personal secretary and assistant, you will have to organize my agenda, take my calls, prepare business lunches and dinners, cancel appointments and all that. Will you be able to do that?

-I have had three previous bosses who can give you excellent references from me. Believe me when I tell you I can do that with my eyes closed.

-He'd better. Welcome to our company.

We shook hands and I came out smiling, more satisfied than ever. I came home and almost danced through the walls of joy.  When I caught my breath, I realized that throughout the interview, Mr. Sebastian was always very kind, far from other interviews with false appearances. A very soft tone and always trying not to raise his voice. I wasn't the typical executive I've known, grumpy, haughty and sometimes rude. I went to bed very early, so I could get off to a good start the next morning. I wanted everything to go well.

In the next six months before I joined the firm, Mr. Sebastian and I had a typical chief/secretary relationship. I always carried his agenda in my hand, crossing out meetings, or writing them down, organizing lunches or dinners that I attended with him on many occasions, and also learning German in my spare time to make up for what I lacked. Of course I was in the best moment of my life, but something inside me, from that first interview, had come up. It was like a jolt, very soft at first, which gained strength afterwards. Something I couldn't avoid, nor did I want: my fixation on my boss (like so many others, I guess).  I couldn't get it out of my head, and many times I woke up in a sweat after dreaming of him. With the friends I made at work, when we went for a morning coffee, we commented on the differences between bosses and joked a little (by the way, at work we used to call each other by last name).

-How are you doing with your Mr. Sebastian, Pride?

-Very well, Nelligan," I replied. Mr. Kindness is always up to the task, always-ironicé-. He's a consummate lover.

-Nothing compared to my Mr. "Three legs" Mahoney. He is a wild bull.

We all started laughing at Miss Morris' joke.  She wasn't kidding, but I was the only one who knew.

-And your Finch? How many have fallen in the eight o'clock meal?

-Let's see," she wiggled her fingers as if counting... I think it was five. Only two made me really enjoy myself, the rest are passable, but it was very good.

There were more laughs. We weren't always talking in that tone, but sometimes it was the only way to relieve the tension. While sometimes some confidence was released, it was almost always casual. Luckily I didn't make that mistake, and I always kept silent, but the truth is that I could no longer contain the desire to sit on Mr. Sebastian's lap. My devotion reached heights that sometimes surprised me, but he himself was surprising. The tone of kindness and delicacy that he showed in my interview always showed it, even in meetings that were sometimes very tense, something unbecoming of a world like this, where it is the most aggressive who achieve their goal. Finally, a hot June afternoon, that exploded. He had called me to set up a meeting, and I took the agenda with me, but I was so nervous that I fell to the floor. My hands were butter at the time.

-Be careful, Miss Pride. That agenda is very valuable.

-I'm sorry, Mr. Sebastian. It's this heat, it's overwhelming.

-And the air conditioning doesn't work," he said. You have to do what they repair.

-I'll take care of it, Mr. Sebastian. I'll... I'll take care of it...

Before I could know what had happened, I had hit him and was kissing him. I caught him off guard, and that was my best bet. In his confusion, I took control and made him forget the rules or consequences of our actions. I only kissed him, fiercely, passionately, delighting me with his tongue. I took his hands to my jacket and began to unbutton it, along with my shirt, without taking them off. He rubbed me to my liking, he excited me without stopping with his manhandling. I lifted my skirt up to my hips and brought his hand to my crotch.  He began to explore me with desire, looking for my source of pleasure, which was already beginning to get wet, and my fever no longer gave more of itself. I knelt down and unbuttoned his trousers, opened it and marveled at that rising mast, which I devoured with some retained desires that were leading me to madness. I was finally realizing my hidden desires. I wanted that man, and I wasn't going to leave there without getting it. Suddenly, I felt a slamming door, and I was frightened. Luckily, it was hidden by the table of Mr. Sebastian, who recovered in a jiffy.

-What do you want, Miss Morris?

-I came to tell you that the board of directors is going to meet in two days. I was hoping to find Miss Pride here.

-He went to a message. Thank you for your notice. Please close on your way out.

With a strange expression (or at least I think so), Miss Morris closed the door and I continued to devour that fiery loaf of bread, which was already at full power. Sliding my thong to one side, I sat on it, that after some incursions inside me, sat me, nailing me totally between his legs. I shuddered completely, on all four sides of my being. My chin trembled with the pleasure of having him inside of me.

-Miss Pride, this is not normal... we must not do it...

-Street and enjoy...enjoy...mmmmmmmm...Mr. Sebastian...yesiiiiiii....

-Please Miss Pride...

-Call me Maddie...Madeleine...devóme...cómame todaaaaaaaa...

-I can't anymore... you're wonderful, sensational... call me Arthur...

-Oooooooooooh yesiiiiiii...take me Arthur...take me...mmmmmmmmm....

-Yes, I feel all's a delight...aaaaaah...aaaaaah...aaaaaaah....

He grabbed me firmly as he nailed me with his pillar of fire. There in that armchair I made him mine, he devoured me amidst waves of uncontrollable lust. He put his face between my breasts and his tongue soaked them while devouring, feeling, nipping, nibbling. My whole body vibrated with every pumping I did, with every movement. He grabbed me by the waist and handled me like a doll, hitting me harder, wilder. I felt like melting into hands.

-Come on, Mr. Sebastian...I'm sorry...I'm coming...I'm enjoying it....

-Wait a too...I'm about...I'm coming... breaks me in tears me doesn't look like....

-Now, now!...that's it...mmmmm...ooooooh...oOOOOOOOOOOOH!!...!

-It's's coming!'s coming!'s coming!'s coming!'s coming!...AAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!...!

A burst of pleasure shook us, I sank completely between his legs, he hugged me and we were in a state of shock. His expression of pleasure made me enjoy myself even more, and I kissed him again. This time he reciprocated.

-I need him...I need him again," he's been so long...

-Put me on the table...on the table...take me again....

She threw papers and everything on the floor, threw me on it, and pumped me again, this time with a wish that flooded me completely. It curved to hold me under it, and I held on tightly. I opened my legs more and he sank deeper into me, kneeling me from his manhood, taking me back to the sky of pleasure.  For that little time we lost ourselves in our own world, letting ourselves be carried away. It was something wonderful, and after exploding together again, I caressed his forehead, his face, I filled him with little kisses.

I recovered as I could, and for the rest of the day, I didn't stop thinking about anything else. That meeting filled my nights for several days, and I was surprised that I didn't say goodbye. Then, days later, he called me alone and talked to me about what had happened, saying that it had been because of the heat and all that, but before perceiving it, he had me all over again for him, and this time he even did it through my ass, something they had never done to me. After that, our encounters became more frequent, without reaching a true love relationship.

With time, we began to tell us something about our lives, and I knew the reason for his eternal serenity and kindness: the death of his girlfriend, in his university days, when they were driving, since they were arguing very hotly according to what he told me, and it was the anger that caused them not to look at the road. For my part, I told him the reason for my divorce: I found my husband fucking my own sister in my house, and I threw them both out, just like that.  So, little by little, Mr. Sebastian and I have been having a more intimate relationship between us, half professional, half personal. I know that it will not happen to more, but neither will it happen to less. I adore him, I love him, I need him, and every time he possesses me I feel completely his, devoted to him, knowing that nothing in the world can ever separate us?


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