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My girlfriend and her sister


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on: June 28, 2019, 10:49:32 AM
The story I'm going to tell you happened one winter night at my girlfriend's house. We were watching a movie. On a sofa she was lying down and covered with a blanket her sister and on another my girlfriend and I, also lying down but each one leaning on an arm with another blanket that partially covered us. The two of them wore a nightgown that was practically the same, more or less short, that made you feel very excited at first sight, especially with my sister-in-law, not because she was better than my girlfriend, but because it was forbidden, like a delicacy impossible to savour, thin, a good butt, firm teats, fine legs and arms, and a very open and liberal attitude. My girlfriend, a little more plump, not fat at all, and with medium spiked breasts with big nipple. She was more reserved, she loved sex with me, but not including anyone else.

Well, I stopped paying attention to the film, I guess because it was boring, and I started touching my girlfriend's thighs with my toes with a continuous up and down movement. I continued a little more but this time it was already on his little arms, I immediately noticed that he was liking this game, something I miss very much because I thought that with the presence of V. was going to prevent me. She withdrew her panties to play directly with her pussy, this time the movements were more in a circle, I loved to make them on her clitoris, her breathing was noticeable that was increasing, she no longer paid attention to anything, she simply closed her eyes and enjoyed not worrying about anything that her sister could notice. Little by little I was noticing how her intimate lips were wetter and I began to slowly insert my big toe into her wet little hole, each time I penetrated it faster, she was superexcited, she bit the cushion so that it would not be noticed, she even released a small groan that I think made her sister realize what was happening. Disguisedly I tried to remove the blanket so that it could see us and that with the intensity of the moment to get that trio with which so much had fantasized, but did not let me do it, was always contrary to all these things. I also tried to change cave and try his ass, but he refused, took my foot and led him back to his pussy, but this time I synchronized my metesaca with a quick movement of his hips to have the finger as much inside as possible. So until he had a great orgasm, which I think increased by the morbidity of the situation.

To thank me for the change of position gave me a kiss, put his hand into my underwear and with the ends of his finger began to caress the top of my pollon, my feelings of pleasure were increasing, and when he was going to tell the ear to withdraw to his room to have a good sex session alone, his sister got up and told us with a voice that sensed his anger "I do not bother you anymore, there you are the two alone I go to my room to give me pleasure alone".

If it was already hot, the idea of imagining V. in her room masturbating like a madwoman, made my fever multiply by what I thought was the moment to risk because I was not going to have another occasion like that and propose to my girlfriend to share ours with her. I still don't understand how he agreed but he told me it's okay, but just this once. We went to her room, we opened the door without telling her and there she was on the bed, completely open legs with her nightgown rolled up to her shoulders and with two fingers already inside her. I didn't need to say anything, I just came over and started to lick his pussy. I stopped to play with his clitoris, I also crushed him my entire tongue, what he loved proves it the scandal of his cries of pleasure. While M. wasn't still, she was literally sucking it out of me. I don't know how, but I was able to hold out and get V. to come earlier. The scene that followed is the one I had wanted for a long time: the two sisters lying face up to my pleasure, and waiting to be penetrated. We followed the game totally sexual, without any kiss, for a while, we changed to different positions that they proposed, until I could not stand the feeling of pleasure anymore and I noticed that I was going to empty myself. I asked her to let me do it in the 2 o'clock mouth, but M. didn't like the semen so she retired and left me the whole face of her sweet little sister to receive all my juices. I gave them a little kiss and we went to the shower. While I was lathering, I watched the two of them smoke that cigarette that relaxed them from the pleasure they had had. When I finished they did it but I told my girlfriend I was waiting for her in bed and V. I gave her a nice kiss touching her lips.

He was lying in a very relaxed bed, ten minutes later M. got under the sheets and duvet. We were both naked, glued to each other, kissing and caressing each other. He loved that we fell asleep like this, being embraced, with bodies in profile and in parallel. In a moment of silence he said to me: "as you have enjoyed... all you had to do was see your face. But I've had a moment of weakness...". I already told you he didn't like to share.

I woke up at midnight and on the way to the bathroom, I heard noise in V.'s room, as the door was half open I approached to see it, it was the radio. As I thought I was sleeping I went in to turn it off and with a half-asleep voice I wondered what it was doing there. Then I don't know how, but I got into her bed and hugged her. I looked for her lips and she reciprocated with a big morreo full of passion. We were both totally surrendered, soon I undressed her and started a slow penetration over her and with very intense kisses. Clearly we were making love to each other, then she stood on top of me and we started to move at a faster and faster pace until we reached an orgasm I think synchronized. We spent some time talking about how good and beautiful it had been and what we wanted but out of respect for his sister and my girlfriend we would try to keep everything there.

When I went back to M.'s bed, she told me what you must have done in that slut's room...

I didn't say anything, I just kissed him and we fell asleep, very pleasantly.


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