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Paid Vacation


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on: June 26, 2019, 02:43:41 PM
It was an August day in which the heat was unbearable, so as in those days it had vacations, we decided to go the weekend one of the rural houses that offered us, among all of them it emphasized one that was presented as a place of recreation, in which the price was moderate but with the condition of rendering services in the house. After seeing it as a new way to spend the holidays as a few days in which at least we would not get bored like oysters, as happened to us other times we decided to reserve it.

When we arrived it was rather late at night, we were received by the owner of the house, FERNANDO was called, was a gentleman of about 50 and a peak of age in which from my point of view was or at least had been attractive brown skin, and hair dyed by some gray, cordial treatment, ultimately a nice guy. He showed us the house and accompanied us to the rooms, it was an authentic marvel to see how it conserved the old touch and at the same time pleasant and comfortable of the most modern lodgings. After seeing everything we decided to take a shower, since although the house had many amenities, did not have bathroom in the rooms, only Fernando's room had a beautiful jacuzzi lined in natural stone.

I was the first to take a shower, which usually takes about 10 minutes late, my wife waited next to me, and chatted, and commented or better said told me how well he had fallen our host, I dried and left the toilet and I went to my room, passing through the door I saw that it was ajar and in front of me was Fernando, who to my surprise was smelling the intimate clothes of my wife, pink, which had just been removed.

But listen, I said offended and without giving credit to what I was seeing, what are you doing?

He got a death fright, but once he got the print back, he said to me,

I'm sorry, but not many people pass through here and don't be offended if I tell you that seeing your wife excites me more than I should, I ask for a thousand pardons.

but that doesn't give you the right to smell my wife's panties.


I lower my head and went to the door in that turned and said to me:

Look I propose a deal that will be beneficial to both, among the conditions that I put to dwell here is that guests must provide services in the house, he proposes to his wife to assist me during these days and stay in my house not two days as contracted but two weeks, expenses paid and may be a good financial compensation. Do you want?

Look Fernando, I have the idea if I feel like it but it would be a question of saying it to Rosa because she is also a participant in this adventure. And what services are we supposed to perform?

Don't worry, and passing his hand over my man said. All in good time, Antonio, all in good time.

She led me to the living room, where once she dressed pink, we had dinner and had several drinks, it was late at night and both fer and I could see how she was uninhibited, which gave rise to fer to give the proposal to rose, which after meditating for a while (too short for my taste), He agreed, Fernando gave us the uniform, mine was the typical green butler, however, hers was black, short up to just the coif, and an apron of white blondes that highlighted even more if possible the volume of their breasts.

He, in his role as master, made us accompany him to his room, he ordered me to open his bed and her to undress him, I could not give credit to what I was seeing, although at first I saw him. as a morbid game, was reaching unsuspected limits, and the fact is that pink participated very willingly, under the pants and slowly under the slip, exposing a "mandao" of the copon, she rubbed his cheek by the tip of the penis, which immediately gave signs of life, He sat down on the bed and invited her to put herself on top of him, unbuttoning the buttons of the uniform from one to the other, revealing a chest that seemed to have never been seen before, hard and erect, like those of a quinceaƱera and with her big hands she began to touch him.

In the midst of the gasps that floated in the air, I didn't know what to do, I was leaving?, I was staying?, fortunately I opted for the last thing I placed myself behind her and I began to kiss her buttocks, first they were shy kisses, but perhaps due to the effluvios that flowed their two sexes, the one of pink and the one of fer, that they were so close only separated by the tiny thong she wore, I unleashed the lust and apart the thread of the thong and I began to lick with care the anal orifice, I was climbing up the walls and showed by rubbing on the friend's shingle, The latter seemed to explode the elevation a little more leaving his ass in pomp, I hastened to eat the clam that at that time was full of broths, the shell appeared completely open drawing perfectly the place where there was a clitoris swollen and red of passion, I love her again giving her a couple of tongues, I do not know what happened to me if it would be because I was drunk to seize the trunk of fer and I walked in its length from top to bottom stopping in the eggs that at that time had hard as stones. It was my first time but not for that reason I find it unpleasant, although I do miss it. I took it and placed it at the entrance of the pink vagina of a stroke was introduced to the hilt, then began to pump forcefully with desire, with anger, from his mouth came insults that ignited more to my wife, _ whore, bitch, you came in search of tail and look where you have touched the lottery, ha, ha, ha, - and so on. Look at the motherfucker eating her, and she looked back and winked at me, make the most of it, she said to me.

Too strong for me, I crouched and went to the pink pussy and the bar of meat that went in and out and at the end two balls that looked like petanque pull out the tongue and I was sucking what they left me, poya, eggs pussy, I didn't care what I liked and I was at 100, Suddenly the acceleration the rhythm I take out the lock and began to spit semen that some drippers lodged in the pink anus unloading all that contained his balls the white liquid went down going through Piraeus and dripped well in the sheets or in my mouth that was dedicated to make him a cleaning of low, when we had finished we kissed like possessed to me they made me a blowjob both, and we slept and ............ See you tomorrow


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