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Sitting someone at your table for Christmas


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on: October 23, 2019, 04:27:03 PM

At this time, when some people are so happy and others are so bad, people's good feelings are often sought out to help the underprivileged.

One of the slogans that bombard us all the time is to invite someone who has no roof over his head to sit at your table with you and share everything you have with him on these special days.

This one that I am going to tell, is the story of the good deed carried out in my house in the last few days.

My wife, when we went out to the street to do some shopping, always told me how badly a beggar would be having it that we were always close to our house, which was dedicated to asking everyone who passed by.

The appearance of the same, although very dirty and neglected, was that of a young person, about 25 years old, large, black and who did not seem to have any disease.

This past December 24th, Christmas Eve, when my wife arrives home, she told me again that she had seen the beggar in the usual place, you don't think we could bring him home to have dinner with us, he was already tired of the same monserga always, I said well, now I come looking for him and invite him to dinner with us, but if he says only once no, the subject ends.

After what happened in my house, fortunately when I invited him he did not refuse, neither my wife nor I, we would have never forgiven him.

When Josuha, who told us his name, arrived at my house, my wife received him with great kindness, courtesy and trying to make him feel as good as possible from the beginning.

I think Josuha would need some clean clothes to put on, while I wash the one that is wearing affection, said my wife, and you can also go giving a bath while we prepare the table, the truth is that the smell that this Josuha threw back, is good to indicate where the bathroom is and I will give you some clothes, the only thing I found at first sight and not used was a bathrobe, I left it in the bathroom along with some slippers and I went with my wife to the dining room.

The bathroom had to sit very well, because he was about half an hour in the shower, we heard how he opened the bathroom door and came to the dining room where we were, the change that had hit with the bathroom was total, appeared a handsome young man, with a face that was not typical of men of his race, as the features were much more linear and had candy-colored eyes that were very attractive.

My wife, although dinner was at home, had become very coquettish, had a black party dress, with a neckline more than generous, which let see the curves of their breasts coming together in a very insinuating channel, which descended to where the imagination would take you, had not put bra, so the marking of her tits was much more accentuated.

But if the neckline in the front, was worthy to see, in the back, it reached the same tailbone, so if it adopted some forced position, it was possible to see something more than the beginning of his bragita, a thong that in the back only had as a fabric, that tiny triangle that is usually a great distance from what should cover.

When Josuha approached the table, my wife and I, we were left with our mouths open, seeing something that we had not foreseen in any way, as the bathrobe had been tied with the belt, with the movement while walking, this was opened in its entirety up to the waist, of course it had not occurred to me to give our guest any underwear, and what we saw was a cock that if in his sleeping position had the length we were seeing, it was not possible to imagine, what would happen when this awakened.

I looked at my wife making a gesture, to indicate that nothing was happening and that we continue with dinner, of course she did not know that my mind was working at a thousand an hour, remembering many of the sexual fantasies that I would have liked to carry out in my life.

During dinner, Josuha told us, how he had arrived from his country illegally and had not been able to find work because he did not have papers, he said that in his land in his modesty he had always worked on something, but that the future did not exist in any way, he did not know anyone in Spain and nobody had wanted to help him, he missed above all a girlfriend who said he had there and above all remembered how beautiful she was, just like you, he said to my wife.

When dinner was over, we began to remove the plates, my wife, when she took the one Josuha had used, found again the previous image of the boy's crotch, only slightly modified, it is possible to think that having eaten copiously, or the vision that my wife's body offered to her eyes, when she inclined to remove the plates, had produced a more than considerable erection in our friend's cock.

When we were in the kitchen, my wife said to me, you can't even imagine how this guy's dick is, it's huge, I'm ashamed to look at it, honey, you don't think we should do the whole good deed with this guy, who misses his girlfriend so much, that you are insinuating, he answered me, maybe you want me to fuck him, well if you want we could get to produce a tie, you fuck him and he fucks me in the ass to me, serious capable of doing those filthy said to me, love once does not hurt anyone, I said.

When we were having this conversation, I realized that Josuha was listening to us from the kitchen door, and I think that when we appeared again in the dining room, he already knew that we were going to make him a very special gift for the end of the party.

We took out some sweets for dessert and when we began to eat them, my wife commented that they were delicious, I would like to try other sweets that for sure would be much richer, said Josuha, as my wife said, well with the permission of your husband, I would like to eat those delicious tits that you have and continue with your pussy that will surely release a delicious nectar, my wife stared at me without saying anything, waiting for my reaction, as I did not open my mouth, she said, the truth is that I am very hot, you could help me to lower the zipper of the dress Josuha, of course he answered, Josuha had his back to him while he was still sitting and he began to lower the zipper, with only having lowered a few inches, were exposed to his sight the two round balloons that my wife has by ass, Josuha did not take long to bring his mouth to this so delicious slit and began to suck with true delight the beginning of his particular dessert, the dress fell to the floor while my wife leaned on the table taking out the ass so that he could suck better, I immediately began to suck desperately my wife's tits causing her nipples immediately became totally hard.

Josuha after having worked for a while my wife's ass, I take off her panties and putting aside the tablecloth and the few things that were left on the table, I lie on my back opening her legs starting a pussy meal that my wife thanked with constant shouts of pleasure, as the new posture limited my chances of being able to continue eating my wife's tits, I gave way to the beginning of my erotic fantasies, I threw myself to the ground passing under Josuha's legs and sitting on it I began to put myself in the mouth, the imposing cock that was in full swing, what a wonderful pleasure it gave me to feel how it entered and came out that lock in my mouth, the movements that Josuha began to perform with his body, clearly showed that he was also liking me, that I'm sucking your husband's cock well, as follows this way, it will not take long to run, if you continue sucking my pussy like this, I also think I'm going to run.

I accelerated my sucks seeing how Josuha's body began to tense before the imminence of an orgasm that I didn't want to delay, I began to hear how my wife had a wonderful orgasm, saying things that I had never used with me, you are running my black, we continue sucking that you are melting my pussy, at that precise moment, I began to feel a flowing river in my mouth that I could hardly swallow, it was clear that Josuha missed his beautiful girlfriend very much.

I would like you to give me a little more of your dessert Josuha, said my wife, I want to feel inside my cave that wonderful ebony mast that you have between your legs, but do not worry that I will help you to get back in shape, ducking with his hands grabbed the black cocoon and began to suck the bright cocoon in front of his mouth, It didn't take long to get back in shape, after several minutes of a big blowjob, Josuha turned her around supporting her from the waist up on the table, slightly raising her ass so she could penetrate better, began to introduce his member in the shell of my wife who "suffered" this martyrdom with great resignation, for several minutes was pumping my wife's pussy that was getting hotter and still loosened by his mouth, a variety of obscene epithets, fuck me as if I was a bitch, give me strong and put me all the way down, but do not spend everything you then have to give it up the ass to the bastard my husband, Josuha began to pump with force the pussy of my wife, who had another huge orgasm, while I was sucking the ass of Josuha who received this caress with pleasure, when my wife ran, took his cock squeezed out of the juices of his orgasm and said to me, get on four legs faggot, I'm going to give you the best Christmas dessert anyone will ever give you.

He spat in my ass and put one of his fingers to open it a little in anticipation of what was to come, do not put it easy, said my wife, who hurts when you break his ass, that by faggot, Josuha got down on his knees behind me and pointed his vergadura to the entrance, began to push and my ass was accommodating that intruder who only wanted to give permanent enjoyment, when he had put almost half of the cock, I gave a strong impulse backwards that strung me once and for all that burning iron that was breaking my ass, but the sensation I experienced when the whole cock entered my ass and I noticed the eggs giving in it, is something you have to find out for yourself, it was wonderful to feel the whole hollow of your ass full of that roll of throbbing meat, began to pump and I thought it was in the sky, I could not stand the taste that was giving me, come do not pair, said my wife, fuck him, bust his ass, so he feels queer once, give me, give me, give me, please do not stop giving me by ass, you're going to drive me crazy, which richest cock you have, as I like that I like the keys, I think you like it, said my wife, if on top you're hooked up so bastard, then he got under my body and began to give me a blowjob of which so good expert was, at the moment I noticed how Josuha's cock began to inflate and I thought I was going to burst, his run was one of those that make time, had no end, I throw such a lot of milk in my ass, which slipped down my legs to have no more place to deposit, and then I burst too, I began to run in the mouth of my wife, releasing all my hot milk that she did not let escape in any way.

We gave some clothes to Josuha, to take them away and we thanked them for making us that special night, he told us that who really had to thank for something was him and that if ever, "we needed to sit someone back at our table, he would surely be close".



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