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The beginning (2: The return)


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on: June 26, 2019, 02:50:46 PM
I went to the habituation of Angel and Celia, the door was ajar ..between and I closed it carefully, Angel was waiting for me.

We will leave the light of the toilet open Celia is a tocho sleeping and with what we have walked look like hoarse, he said to me

I had only seen her in some photo, Celia was 37 years old the same as Angel, she was naked in bed, Celia is a woman perhaps with a couple of kilos more but very well placed or placed in the places that we men like the most.

She always sleeps in balls, Angel told me.

Well it help yourself, if already I dress them well we closed a little the door of the washbasin and the light became more tenuous, but enough as to continue appreciating when the eyes are accustomed to the figure perfectly, we were not going to use the lantern.

Don't worry, Angel told me. Shoot wherever you don't want him to know.

I stretched myself on his side and went straight to the nipples, they were incredible almost the size of a lipstick in diameter and almost a centimeter long...I touched them, squeezed them, let my finger play with them ... I could not help it and at the time I began to lick them and playing with my tongue ... I felt like biting them gently but Angel made a gesture of care.

Celia continued lying on her back, sleeping and breathing deeply, while Angel looked at us and masturbating, I decided before I fucked her to try to eat her pussy, but I did not know how to do it had crossed legs.

I slipped down and with the help of Angel , we passed his legs to the normal position and then we went up one of them to facilitate access, I wore the pubis quite depilated, ie short hair and nothing in English ... approach the head and slowly I was arriving with my tongue to his lips and then inside, I tried to kiss them waiting for an inner tongue and looked again with my tongue, when suddenly ...

Angel, I was touching my dick ...fuck, raise my head and my made a gesture as if telling me to let him suck my dick ...we had already talked about this before I do not like homosexual aunts I have it clear but I do not mind that a guy eats my dick.

And as he ate it, fuck because the guys suck it better, perhaps because we know what we like ...he put it to the bottom with his tongue above the lower teeth .. so they do not rub ..and when I got to the bottom I tried to open my mouth more to pull out my tongue and move it gently in the eggs .....that blowjob I was doing ... I was forgetting Celia ...well it gives more if you were not learning and two seconds I was running in his mouth and did not stop sucking.

I thought that to swallow the semen only happened in the stories of Internet but it was real from the first drop that sucked and swallowed while he wagged and ran with me ....well at the end it was over ....we said goodbye and we agreed to call each other again.

I went to my room , between very carefully and Ana was in the same position that had left her for just 15 minutes .

I lay next to him and fell asleep.

At eleven o'clock in the morning I woke up she was still sleeping,..I called her Ana, ana.

Hello Pedro, good morning, I slept well tonight, if you knew how much bitch you were to ..I thought, you've been fucked in the ass and you're satisfied.

Well, it's late. I don't think we can have lunch. We shower and go down to see.

Okay, come on, let's go. We have to leave at noon.

Let's go down to the hall, where the lunches are served and there were Angel and Celia, the rest of the people I guess they were finished.

As the space dedicated to lunches is small or just be available and prepared a couple of tables more for lunch we had to put ourselves almost next to them.

Good morning, good morning... they replied, .

The complicity glances that Angel and I were addressing were furtive, while Ana and I were preparing some toast and we were looking for coffee, juice and orange.

They got up before us..

Goodbye good morning, goodbye good morning ...we said to them, I sketched a slight smile dedicated to Celia's nipples and Pedro's blowjob ...while I walked away I saw them while Ana was with her back to them ...Pedro turned on the road and dedicated a look towards Ana's ass and then winked at me .....cabron, I thought ... has thrown my wife by the ass, jealousy, rage and excitement invaded my body again.

Go Ana, finish up since we have to prepare the suitcases.

When I went up I was so horny that I told Ana to hit a quick dust...but Pedro that it is very late and we have to prepare the suitcases....but I insisted ,

Come that yesterday you fell asleep at once and promised me a fuck and today Sunday night you know that I do not like that tomorrow you have to work the end I convinced her

Okay... but from the rapids.

Once in the room she goes under her panties and rests on the sink ...when Ana and I talk about a quick are like that ...she rests on the sink and I put her behind by the pussy and in two or three minutes we run the two's not wonderful after 20 years of marriage.

Ana is practically a few centimeters lower than me and I weigh 56 kilos, has a good waist and a good ass ..and not bad breasts a 95 very normal nipples and pretty, the Tetis Celia were perhaps a couple of larger sizes ..well in general she Celia was a little taller and fuller.

Well... at the end after the dust we packed our bags and left, a few days passed and Angel called me.

What's up, man... you're speechless or your horns don't feel good, you've scratched some roof..." he said.

Angel... you're a faggot, I told him.

What's the matter, man, it's a joke... you're out of imagination.

I thought of something... didn't you tell me you went to the nudist beach once in a while?

If I told you yes...What do you think if we go someday don't get morbid?

I don't know... maybe... well.

At the end we met on Saturday at a certain time and there we were, Ana does not like to go much but if I insist at the end agrees.

We were sitting, when I saw them arrive, they were placed a few meters from us.

After a while I see that Angel is coming to us, I thought, "Fuck!" the one that can be messed up...listen excuse me...ask, weren't you in Andorra this weekend?

If after all, we've said coincidence, haven't we?

Well, yes, it's true, he, he, he... and what are you used to coming to this beach?

It's not the second time we've practiced nudism. Where are you from?

From Barcelona

Us, too.

Blah, blah, blah and so on and so on, it bothers you if we stand by your side, well, no.

What a snout the guy was throwing at him and all over him in balls ...but he was really doing very well.

They were already talking for a while and quickly realized that they had a lot in common they were both on a beach where they felt uncomfortable to be there and when they found another woman of similar age who was the same thing they began to comment the same thing was seen advancing quickly.

Angel, I said to me, you see uncle that you did not expect it ..and now tonight we are going to meet to go out and you will see ...

Indeed, after a while we went for a few beers and leave them chatting, I do not know that ...I do not understand how women can communicate so many things in such a short time, children, family, work, my skin, my belly, my birth, my parents, theirs short

Yes, indeed, that night we met to go out with them.

When we got back, we were there a little while longer and we left.

Ana liked them very much and began her comments:

What do you think? They're nice, aren't they? Look, you see what things are... Hey, you two are very alike... in the way you think... if you knew I thought.

End of chapter II,- the return


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