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The beginning (3: The car)


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on: June 26, 2019, 03:02:12 PM
This story is a continuation of chapter II , the return


Of course I have to plan things with more time, meditate on them, study them, see their faults, coordinate them ... but Angel is the king of improvisation, he develops like a fish in water, also the more he lies ... the more he is emboldened and the more at ease he is.

I was already thinking about after dinner... what would happen, if we are going to dance or have a drink and in all the possible consequences.

But what a donkey you are, what do you want me to say to a guy ... hear we see a day for lunch in Andorra ... and then within a week on the beach ... don't you think it's absurd? .... And he swallowed it. Or maybe he had something left... of suspicion.

Ana was like that, impetuous, determined with very clear ideas until it was very difficult to make her change her position in her moral, ethical, sexual or any other kind of principles.

The night came, Ana lucia a fine cloth dress that perfectly marked her curves and her buttocks was not excessively short but felt very comfortable, Pedro many times he had commented his fantasies he liked to provoke a little and sometimes with the excuse of playing a little and fantasize spoke in a way that seemed to be a very liberal couple when in reality was not true but Peter enjoyed and had a good time.. but sometimes she gets angry because Ana didn't play her role well ...half in joke Pedro told her today you could provoke a little bit ...don't start comment Ana, I like them, because that's why with more reason ....

Celia was also very provocative even more than Ana, she wore a fairly short skirt and a fairly transparent blouse, as you could see the hand of Angel or maybe Celia did not have a character or personality as strong as Ana.

There was some comment or situation that happened to me...I noticed in the environment there was a silence, that had happened, in a moment Ana got up and told Celia to accompany me to the bathroom?

Of course I answer him and they went to the bathroom.

Something happened. I told Angel.

What were you talking about? I don't know... trivial issues.

I think Ana has noticed something, I'm sure... no, that can be told me Angel.

Five ten, minutes took too long, I had already met Angel that if the subject was complicated to put an excuse and go and this one, I did not intend to play my relationship with Ana.

At last they appeared, made up... Ana's dress seemed shorter.

Well guys where you are going to take us to march said Ana, but I take advantage of passing by Angel to gently caress his hair and with a little lascivious look.

Then he came to my ear and whispered to me... I don't wear panties!!!

No problem commented Celia, simply that Ana and I want to have a little fun ..... Ana... by the way, have you noticed how good that waiter is?

I was invaded by doubts... did you know something or not?

What's with the panties? It whispers in your ear.

You didn't want me to provoke a little.

Did you know or did you have the feeling that something was going on, how far did you want to go?

Why don't we go home commented Celia and play some erotic game ...

Yes, for me, if it's worth it, Pedro commented Ana.

Angel, it said but girls who have given you in that sink, I want to go...

All right, we're going in your car that we've come by taxi.

Ana, worked as a nurse and Celia was telling her that she had a certain complex with her nipples and tits in general ... which were too big, seemed like a normal conversation between women but there was something more ...

You see Ana, well you've seen them on the beach are very big, aren't they? This can be operated on. What would you do? Celia commented.

I wouldn't do it, I think they're pretty... everyone is as they are and has to be happy with what they have, while massaging Celia's tits.

A horn of a car that passed by us sounded loudly and we were drawing attention to ourselves.

Have you seen Pedro that nipples has Celia, he says that it has a little complex...haven't you noticed the beach and then you've made comments to me at Casa ...right sky that you like?

You don't mind if I suck on them a little Angel?

Angel was stunned, he had run out of all his speeches ...

Ana told Celia, let's put on a show. And they started kissing.

Again a horn sounds but much more insistently a car with a couple of young people in their twenties, pita and gestures jacia us.

The subject was getting complicated and out of control, Angel stretched out his hand to touch Ana's ass.

Ana turned and said, "Hands off!

I took a sharp turn on the next street to deflect the onlookers.

I looked for a dark passage usual in our city and in a ford park ..I could pass someone but I didn't care was worse to drive and that hundreds saw them.

It looked perfectly like Ana had been placed on top of Celia and she had lowered or raised the dress that matters most, it was only on the waist .... Celia sucked Ana's breasts while her two hands massaged her ass or slipped to her pussy.

Ana hugged celia tightly with her head and squeezed it against whether or not she lowered her fingers in search of Celia's nipples, had them caught with two fingers, pretaba and pellacaba, began to sob when suddenly I hear Angel sighing had his cock in his hand and was wanking and in a few seconds the three were shouting and running in unison.

Ana turned and said, "Don't you want to come? Don't you like it?

Ana, I quickly changed the position with Angel, I took out my cock and put it totally in his mouth, I think he only had to go down and up three or four times and I ran ... I invaded the pleasure when I was thinking to swallow it or not really have changed? Why did you do it for me?

End of chapter III, the car


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