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The secretary who makes love to me


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on: June 29, 2019, 01:31:36 PM
I'll start by introducing myself, my name is Carlos, I'm 1.85, thin, very horny but reserved in front of people. This experience began in the year 2000 when in the office I work they hired a secretary, whom I will call Ana, I have to tell you that in my work there are not many beautiful women, with the exception of one of my associates and two secretaries who unfortunately are married and so I see very well served by their men, but in short.

I remember it was a Monday when Ana showed up for work, when she entered the office I couldn't help but look at a woman in her 30s, perfectly dressed in a beige tailor's suit, something tight, her hair tied up in a ponytail, stockings in the middle of her thigh, because of the light marking of her garter belt, her body showed that she remained in good shape, the chief of staff came to my office and told me that by orders of the direction Ana would be my new assistant, something I could not believe and that I find strange, but seeing this woman only nodded head.

Once he sat in front of my desk I presented my serious and with a firm handshake I welcomed him and ordered him to keep abreast of my documents, agenda, etc.., at the moment she left my office, I could not stop appreciating her well-formed buttocks that did not even shake, without stopping looking at the mark that evidenced her garters, so it took about a month and a half, until one day we had to work a little late, so I thought it was my chance to get closer to her, learning that I had no boyfriend or partner or anything, which pleased me because I had the free field.

After that night each day was more relaxed between us, becoming a relationship more of friendship than of work, until we began to deal with the sexual subject, at the beginning in a superficial way and each day we talked about specific subjects and as you will understand, the talks warmed us both, starting to give us more intense and deep looks, we began with insinuations and irresistible games, until one day we were playing as always and I told her - that body seems to need good attention - and she answered me - well don't tell me best practice -, I didn't expect that answer and without thinking I closed the door of my office and took it by the waist, accommodating its beautiful ass in my hard erection, achieving that I felt it, because I only heard it emit a slight groan, nevertheless it recovers the reason and turning it towards me, I told her that I hoped that that night we could have a drink or a coffee after work and this happened, once we finished having our drink and continue talking about erotic and super horny things, we left the bar and we went to a motel.

When we arrived at the room, we were almost naked and anxious to have the best sex we could have in a long time, in the beginning I took her by the back and I turned her towards me, I carried her to the bed and in that moment she told me to stop me, she took me by the belt and I practically tear it out, I put down my pants and boxers, taking my cock, which was harder than a trunk, she caressed it and in an instant she had it in the deepest part of her throat, I have to confess that the suction that I gave to my cock had never felt with any other woman who has made me a good blowjob, soon after and by the excitement I felt I told her that I was running and she was stronger and I had no choice but to throw all my milk in her mouth and without letting even a drop escape her swallow it all, confirming my suspicion that Ana was an experienced lover.

Immediately after, I took off the tailor's suit that I wore leaving it in brassiere, a beautiful thong and to finish off a champagne colored garter that made him play, I began to walk with my hands all over his body, without leaving any space without feeling, then I took off the bra leaving a pair of round tits uncovered, big and crowned by a pair of nipples pink and hard as stones, her tits almost drowned me, while she took me by the head and rubbed me those pieces of meat, one of my hands touched her shell by enzyme of her thong moistened by its juices, I went down little by little until her shell making to a side her small underwear and tasting her juices, while towards it she twisted of pleasure, taking my head squeezing against her tail, and it was at that moment that I felt her contractions and the increase of her juices in my mouth, unequivocal sign that she is running, I separated from her and by that time my dick was ready to penetrate Ana, I laid her on the bed and with a single blow my dick entered the bottom of her shell, Then I put her in four and penetrate from behind and soon stopped and opening a little more her legs asked me to mount her by threading her dick up her ass and little by little she was losing my dick inside that pink ass and I began to put in and take out until she had a new orgasm that forced me to fill my milk all over Ana's ass.

The next day, we met in the office with eyes of complicity and it has been since then that we continue fucking and having sex in a constant and full of passion, to the extent that we are to have our first session of shared sex and who knows if in the future try to seduce my partner and realize one of the fantasies of Ana and mine.


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