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Therapy (III: Dream Interlude)


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on: June 29, 2019, 01:34:11 PM
"He approaches me in the alley suddenly. A cat meows frightened and runs away from the place. It corners me against the dirty wall, its animal look frightens me and at the same time makes me very horny. His arms rest against the brick wall on both of my shoulders to make sure I don't run away... although he knows full well that this is not going to happen because my whole body radiates a desire to feel possessed and dominated.

He kisses me, fierce kisses, almost little bites. His tongue goes up to my bell and scans my whole mouth anxiously. One of her knees separates my legs and rubs it over my pussy, over my clothes, causing me a pleasant tingling.

It comes down my neck, obscenely running through it with its pinkish muscle. I can smell him perfectly, a mixture of sweat, man cologne and alcohol. I hug him, push his head towards me so he won't stop kissing me.

My nipples grow under the top, free because I don't wear a bra that night and they mark perfectly against the fine fabric, highlighting the roundness of my breasts.

She eagerly lifts my top in half, without taking it off, and leaves me helpless with my arms raised and my head hidden by the garment.  I sigh expectantly. Sighs that go up when he takes over one of my nipples. His tongue traces more and more concentric circles through my halo until it beats rhythmically on my little nipple, stiff as a nail. Knead my other breast rudely, without mercy. I don't see anything but I don't need it, the sensations are sublime. I feel his desire for me manifested by the bundle of his package, which is rubbed in my lower abdomen... small onslaughts simulating a penetration by which I long for it to become a reality."

My boiling was growing with her once again. As had always happened, Aurora had me very hot. It had been a few minutes since I had stopped taking notes, the tape recorder was doing its job, and I was nervously walking the palms of my hands on my thighs.

"My little rajita drips for him, I want to feel him inside, I crave him inside me and the sooner the better. To my surprise he stops and takes off the top of the whole, he goes away a meter to contemplate me, unzips the zipper of his trousers and comes out his enormous cock to greet me. I keep my mouth open.  Looks like he's looking at me with his one eye. It approaches, pushes my shoulders down, forcing me to kneel, and I stand before that monolith of flesh.

In spite of the darkness I see its purple glans, totally swollen, with a few drops of pre-seminal liquid shining on its tip and soft spasms running all over the member, from the base to that precious glans".

As he advanced in his dream, my breathing accelerated. But today there was something strange in his voice, something more guttural, he paused more and it was more difficult to follow a paused rhythm when speaking, it was more choppy than usual. Why would it be? I had never shown nervousness in spite of the scaly subject that I always brought to my practice.

"My lips wrapped around his dick and down the shaft swallowing as much as I could. A great groan escaped from the throat of the stranger who made a deep echo in that alley. Then I undo the road leaving a trail of saliva that was sliding to the base of his tool. I went back down and up, down and up again... he snorted like an animal in heat. Each time he was devouring one more centimeter of meat at each head.

I stroked his testicles, big as apples, hairy, slightly damp and sweaty, he loved it... and so did I. He grabbed me by the hair and the tornas changed, he practically fucked my mouth. His dick went in and out faster and faster. Little babados formed at the corner of my lips, making lascivious sounds every time I walked in and out of my little pine nut mouth.

He lifted me abruptly, even though he wanted to continue with fellatio... wanting me to explode in my throat to savor his sap.

He took off my miniskirt and pulled off my thong.  She was very wet, dripping fluids like a vulgar prostitute. He turned me around and leaned me against the wall, standing expectantly behind the back of my spoiled rapist.

The full moon illuminated my body making me more desirable.  Eternal seconds passed until he separated my legs and with a single blow he sank into me. It was a furious thrust that made a howl of pain and pleasure escape my throat. Their eggs hit my clitoris with these diabolical onslaughts. He held my hips well and continued to penetrate me more firmly once, and again and again..."

His voice became more and more choppy and it seemed that he was having more trouble breathing. I woke up stealthily between intrigued and somewhat worried to find out what was happening to her. "Maybe I should stop the session now," I thought. I surrounded the divan and found a spectacle that made me soak even more than I was: Aurora lying naked from the waist down and her middle finger came in from her pleasure grotto to the rhythm of the onslaughts of her fantasy lover who was telling me. Now he understood his lustful voice. Gentle convulsions ran through his body each time he made his finger disappear on the inside of the vulva.

She hadn't seen me, her eyes were closed and she concentrated on telling me about her dream fantasy and on carrying out her physical action at the same time.

Silently, full of morbidity, I move until I bend down and stay at the feet of the couch... from there I could contemplate everything better. I was ecstatic, her pubis was cut out in the shape of a heart, which made her more sensual. The lips of his sex were swollen, pinkish and wet and wrapped his pleasant finger like a carnivorous plant does with its prey.  I fleetingly saw his clitoris fully developed, throbbing and surrounded by fluid that he caressed involuntarily with the palm of his hand with each movement of penetration. She still didn't realize I was spying on her. His other hand was lost inside a turtleneck sweater, surely moving from one nipple to another, increasing his sensations to the maximum.

Biting my lip and unable to contain myself, I placed a hand on his knee. I was trembling with doubt and how I was going to react when I felt my contact, but it didn't seem to matter. He still did not open his eyes and now he related with delight how they fucked face to face. Her breasts went up and down.  I also realized that I was beginning to breathe heavily myself, caught up in the excitement of the moment. Her skin burned when my buds touched her. I dared to go a little higher and a little higher. In response, she opened her legs a little more.

He was already caressing the inside of his thighs...  he was finally going to have it for me!

He could feel the heat and beat of his sex. Droplets of his sweet secretion from his crotch slipped down in my direction. Suddenly, as the story reached its peak, it rises slightly to observe my shameless advances through its legs. I frightened, stutter an intelligible apology and try to withdraw my daring hand. To my surprise he takes my wrist with authority and takes it up to his pussy.

- Come on doctor... do it... touch me where you know... Give me pleasure and I'll be yours forever, you want it, go ahead... - petitions in the form of whispers.

Trembling I bring my fingers closer to her vaginal lips that open like the most beautiful of flowers. A few centimeters separate me from her erotic organ, I am about to penetrate it and......  I wake up all of a sudden and turn off the alarm clock with annoyance. Two weeks ago I had followed the advice of my dear colleague by profession and now Aurora was treated by a specialist sexologist... and since then every night I dreamed of her and the same thing. I was sweating, panting, totally wet. I sleep naked, so the sheets were sticky. I had to get her back as a patient or these dreams would keep repeating themselves for my misfortune... a dream within another dream. Those thoughts quickly disappeared when I flew up to my pussy to finish reaching a tremendous orgasm... orgasm that had begun with such a sweet dream. A single sentence returned to my mind over and over again as I masturbated with frenzy: "Give me pleasure and I will be yours forever.

Will it continue?

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