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The ballad of Don Juan Tenorio


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on: June 07, 2019, 03:33:51 PM
Don Juan: Oh, my beautiful Ins, come here in front of the mirror, get your asses out of the way and give it to me once and for all!

From my poronga you see all the proud vigor.   Do not be afraid to see it big and macanuda, that your cajeta hairy will endure without pain.

Hurry, my Agnes, hurry that my balls are so full, my Agnes, so full that they seem to me alien to how heavy they are.

The door of your love opens and let my chipote like water the camalote slide to its flavor.

Doa Ins: Even though I'm already very hot, Don Juan is very careful that in this sacred place until today there were no people.

Don Juan: Don't come, ardent beloved, to tell you such nonsense or to turn you red saying that you are narrow.   Don't you see that by this time the narrowness is over?

Doa Ins: Don Juan! Don Juan! I'm a maid!   That's all!

Don Juan: Nothing, nothing! All of it and the balls, too.   Thus, Ines, you will understand the greatness of my love and you will feel the taste of this dust that we will throw wagging of my flower!

Let's go to that couch and get it over with.

Doa Ins: It's coming!

Don Juan: Me too!

Doa Ins: Oh Don Juan!

Don Juan: Oh, Doa Ins! ................................!   "A kiss and a click was heard "and from a sigh a murmur" and in the middle of so much lullaby "a noise escaped from an ass "that sounded like an engine" and Don Juan before the smell "I declare in a bizarre way "these lamentations of love:

Don Juan: Oh, your macanudas boobs!   What a good pair of tips!   The fever trasuntan of so hairy cajeta!   Oh, this virginal dust you exhaust left my balls!   Oh, this dust that we cast alone, so heavenly!   Isn't it true, ardent beloved that from the bed to the shore and bending the knee is caught much better?

Doa Ins: Oh forgive me sir but sometimes in the chair I find the blood sausage much better tasting

Don Juan: Well, let's see if it's true!

Doa Ins: When?

Don Juan: Now, live God!   Or don't you want any more?

Doa Ins: Mas Don Juan! You've got her dead!

Don Juan: If there is so little to grow on you, let it rest well and you will see how you put it as if it were made of stone.

Doa Ins: It's true! He's waking up!   Raise your head!   Little by little it stretches!   Oh look, what a macanuda beauty!

"A door opens slowly "and a head appears," and in the face of such heresy "Mr. Don Luis enters with resolute step!

Don Luis: Oh, what do my eyes see?   You, Don Juan? You, Doa Ins?   What audacity! What a jerk!

Don Juan: Why don't you fuck off?   Go away, you old fuck, leave me alone with her!

Don Luis: This is going to bring tail!   He puts it up to his balls!

"Absorbed, trembling and speechless, "Don Luis stayed there," seeing how "that mordant chipote was coming and going.   "And he couldn't stand it anymore: "in a quiet upside down" and to the beat of that wiggle "he began to jerk off.


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