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on: October 23, 2019, 04:41:29 PM

This story is located a few weeks ago in time, when I came up with a brilliant idea to satisfy my fetish impulses with female feet and their special aroma. I had seen a home seller knock on my door with the intention of convincing me that I needed insurance and a little light went on in my head jejeje. The next day I had to leave to carry out some orders to a population located to about 20 kilometers and I had to prepare every detail of my plan.

That day arrived, and there I was, formally dressed to carry out my administrative tasks, and with some extra forms that I had prepared for my misdeeds. When I arrived in the village in question I made every effort to finish my work as soon as possible and thus have extra time.  After a laborious and fast work, it was over and now it was time to have fun.

I went to the car to leave my documents and some books that were already annoying and I began to walk without a special direction for the population.

After a while walking, I arrived at a little-traveled street that seemed adequate to me, and standing in front of one of the houses, I rang the doorbell.


Who is it? - answered a female voice from the bacon window.

Good morning ma'am, I would like to talk to you, I will only take a minute of your time.

Then the lady makes her appearance at the front door, dressed in a sweatshirt, brown hair collected, about 35 years old and good physique.


- good morning, I am passing through the area representing Farman laboratories (name invented on the fly....hehehehe ) proposing an offer of collaboration with that company.      We are looking for people who have problems with excessive sweating on the soles of their feet or bad smell to test a new product in our facilities. If you entered in this profile and wanted to collaborate with us, you would receive in exchange a retribution of 100 €.


While I was explaining this to her, I offered her the contract that I had prepared the day before in which all the conditions were specified, and the lady took the hook immediately.


Wow, what a generous offer! I would love to collaborate, my feet smell terrible and sweat a lot so I fit perfectly...

well... I hope you are not offended but I am obliged to carry out the check personally because sometimes you do not reach the desired level for the test and thus we will avoid wasting time, both for you and for us.

I agree, it will be the best. - And when I said that, I waited for events to happen.

If you would be so kind as to sit down and examine your feet?

Sure, of course, come with me inside.


She walked in front of me while my eyes were behind her, nailed to her heels, until we reached the room, where she accommodated herself in one of the armchairs, lifting her feet and dropping the old sandals she wore, in which the contour of her sole and toes were perfectly drawn. I walked until I stood in front of her and kneeling I took with my hands the right foot lifting it to the height of my face. My face was half a metre from the sole of my foot and I could feel the smell that emanated slightly and increasingly. She had probably spent the morning cleaning at home, and that hectic work coupled with her old footwear made the perfect combination to create that scent that only fetishists can devoutly appreciate. I examined first with my eyes exploring each centimeter of his skin, being able to appreciate how punished his feet were, the areas where the hardness was located, the red and pale tones depending on the area. I was going crazy just with the outcome of the situation and that was still half a meter away. I looked up asking for permission to approach me and do my work. She nodded and stared with a curious expression. At last I got the prize for such a painstaking plan, and slowly approaching my face I rubbed the tip of my nose against the sole of your foot and inhaled deeply delighting me with its characteristic smell... Gods! I was in glory, there inhaling that strong smell of sweat emanating from that foot and brushing the nose all over the plant. He put it between his fingers, went down to his heel, moved it all over the plant, leaving no corner unexplored. That situation had me out of my mind, it was incredible, that smell had me so excited that I almost had an orgasm with everything that was happening. Then I did the same work with his other foot, and with this one I recreated even more. But the thing was not going to be there, I had to make the most of my possibilities and I told him that I had to try the flavor of his sweat to check the concentration of salt (one more improvisation of mine .....hehe ). That's how I started to lick first his plant by the heel gently, and enjoying every second as it rose along his skin delighting me with its aroma and flavor. I got to my fingers and paid special attention to them by first consciously sucking on the big toe, mmmm....and then each of the other toes and the area between them by introducing the tongue.

At first she looked at me amazed by such work but then she got carried away and I would dare to say that the situation must have excited her also quite a lot by the way she had to breathe, by her shy expressions of pleasure, while I left as new that beautiful sweaty foot.

When I considered that the inspection had come to an end, so as not to arouse suspicion, I told him that my work was finished.


This has been all lady, I am very sorry to have wasted a few minutes of your time but I do not consider that it fits in what we are looking for because its sweat and smell does not reach the desired degree for the test, I doubted a little but I think it would be best to discard it as a candidate.

Don't tell me that! I had already had illusions, it is impossible that I do not fit the profile, my feet are disgusting, what happens is that I wear open footwear and you do not notice so much. If you would be so kind as to wait for a while I would put on another type of footwear for a few minutes while I finish cleaning the house and then I could try again to be sure, you'll see how you change your mind ...

Well... it's not normal but due to the doubts I've had we could do a second test if you want, although I can't guarantee anything. I will tell you what we are going to do, look for a very closed shoe like a high boot but only one, put it on and while we wait a quarter of an hour I will be reclining on this sofa with your other foot resting on my face during that time. If you want you can turn on the TV and watch it for a while to make time.


And that's how I was able to enjoy for 20 minutes one of his feet covering my face while I waited to receive the other... even more sweaty and stinky.

The lady got comfortable and started watching TV. I wonder if I was also comfortable and if he bothered something in the posture of his foot in my face to which I replied that everything was going great with a gesture of my hand. Time passed and the foot I had on my face began to sweat from the contact, mmmmm... that was incredible! I never would have imagined that my plan would turn out so perfect hehe. She watched the news while I looked at her toes less than a centimeter from my eyes, observing minimal movements and enjoying more than ever in my life the smell that gave off that sweaty plant on contact with the skin of my face. Best of all, the icing on the cake was still to come... and it did come! When the news was over, the lady stood up to take off the boot that had been so tightly worn and without socks. When she did, I could tell at once that what she was saying was not a lie. That smell that I considered intense now was nothing compared to the smell of that foot compressed by the boot, and completely drenched in sweat as if it had been thoroughly wet. My face cannot hide the astonishment and joy I felt at that moment and the lady noticed it.


I see you are realizing what I was trying to explain hehe.

The truth is that it is surprising, and only in 20 minutes.

If I already told her that the problem was that she had caught me at a bad time. Now take your time and you will see that there is no comparison, and if you doubted before now be fully satisfied.


Saying this I do not hesitate to direct your foot towards my face, and much more confident, and pose on it directly, while I did nothing at all, just enjoy like never before this unrepeatable moment while she moved her foot on my face, as if giving me a massage, so that I could smell every inch as I had done before. At one point my face was completely wet, impregnated with her sweat, and she smiled, satisfied and sure that this time she was not going to reject it. She even allowed herself the luxury of suggesting that I stick out my tongue to taste it, and began to move her plant all over my tongue like a doormat. That was the best experience of my life with a few feet, she knew what I had to do and I didn't have to guide her as in the beginning. She made me taste every inch of her foot without moving a bit, and she even put my toes one by one into my mouth for my comfort! Mmmm....that taste I can never was something incredible...and that intense smell that accompanied me for hours on my face after I left... Impressive!

The session ended very much to my regret, and I had no choice but to summon the lady to our fictitious laboratory jejeje. I left that house with a smile from ear to ear and how not ... willing to perform my misdeed for the second time jejeje ... but that will be in the second story, where I narrate the experience I had with two very dominant girls from the house next door, who had me at their feet and something more ...


I would love to receive feedback on this story or contact foot fetish people. And if there is a woman who needs a man at her feet... here I am!


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