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At 18 years of age


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on: October 23, 2019, 04:34:59 PM
Yesterday she turned eighteen years old, her beautiful body, knowing her, her way of assisting the boys, without a doubt it was the story of the afternoon, of these talks that we make between some friends (me 23) and some that go from the 18 of Andreina the protagonist of this story.

That afternoon Maria celeste, had said when she began to maintain relations with her father, seeing Andreina's face, I encouraged her to tell her secrets, that she would become more relaxed, the story of the burst of Sarai (Andrea's neighbor).

After a brief silence, he said.

I've been my father's lover since I was fourteen.

We were all left with our mouths open.

Andrea says:

It all started one day when my mom went with my older sister to visit some friends to the south, my body had the shape of a woman, my height, my breasts, my buttocks, were always indicators of older age (this picture was taken by my dad the day I turned 18).

Since a few days ago we speculated with my friends to make love, my body is just like my mother, at that time I had fewer breasts, when I met my father at night, I went to sleep in his bed, I kissed paternal.

At one point he fell asleep and uncovered the sheets, that's when I saw. His penis, truly marvelous, I did as in the movies I began to caress him, I was scared when he became erect, copying what I remembered of what I had seen, I began to lick him, there I learned to suck, when I finish inside my mouth, he told me! What a good mother!

I put myself on his stick playing with my vagina, I woke him up, my vagina was full of juices that made the penis slide over my lips, I fixed it with his hands and I went down until I penetrated, little by little my vagina dilated and entered that stick, at first I felt pain, when I started to get up and go up as if it was an exercise, the noise of the juices and then I also knew of my blood, while his milk entered my bowels.

The next day we went to Valencia, he entered a motel, we took a shower, my father is about 7 cm. higher than me, the perfect height, in the shower we lathered mutually, his baby, I thought funny, since I could gladly say whore, put a liquid in my vagina (a spermaticide) that acts as a lubricant and preventive pregnancy, was the second time, I burned last night, I rode again, this time we did twice more ...

When the days came my mother (as I knew she was coming) was in my bedroom, wondering that I caught me and thinking about that night I was going to sleep with her.

It was my idea to bring a lover to my mother, a moron who was always around, I must have many of the hormones and want to catch her, since my father made love to her and she was the same fatal woman, my desire to have my father, without waiting for the trips to Valencia, led me to make my mother's leg, for an adventure, the very silly fell into the trap

When I told my father, knowing that I had him tired, with all his demands, mainly monetary, I brought witnesses, denounced infidelity, drew up a report, took photos, changed the key, threw photos in his face, and chao madre.

My sister went to live with her boyfriend, I stayed with daddy, I am his wife, in every sense, I live with him I have my separate bedroom, but I always lie down next to him, we make love 4 or 5 times a week, and best of all is that I think I'm pregnant with my daddy.


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