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My aunt Clara (4)


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on: October 23, 2019, 03:57:32 PM
Aunt Clara 4ยบ

From that moment on there were many more times that my aunt entered my sex with her fingers, or with other instruments a little thicker. And the truth is that although the first time they bothered me, then I relaxed having her finger or those sticks there while she touched me on the outside, or licked my pussy above. Sometimes I would notice that from the inside that little hole would open and close when I liked it, and my throat would fill up and I could barely breathe what I liked.

But that wasn't the main change, my aunt's friend came more often and during the week, and stayed on the sofa reading or watching TV, and on occasion my aunt kissed me in front of him. He smiled, and my aunt put on a bad face, and from afar she threw kisses at him and then kissed me on the mouth, at first they were short kisses, but then she prolonged them and sometimes put her tongue in front of him. I began to like this game because he was sweet and complained that nobody did that to him, and it seemed that he was very sad. Sometimes I would tell my aunt in my ear to kiss him, too, because it made me sad, and she would laugh and say no, she didn't deserve it, I should give it to him if it made me sad. And I approached him, slowly, with shame, and I gave him a short peck on his lips that he thanked me with charming smiles, and then he was really handsome.

There were times when he dined with us and didn't leave, so I also found him at breakfast, with the newspaper, and he smelled like he had just shaved. He was really handsome like that, because he was wearing light blue pyjama trousers and was not wearing a shirt or t-shirt, and he was a very tall, well-planted man, with wide backs and very round, strong, hairless shoulders, whose skin shone softly when reflected by the sun. He stood up and looked like a good giant, protective and handsome, almost an angel, without wings, yes, powerful and peaceful.

I really liked the smell of his awakening, a mixture of sleep and shaving lotion, I kissed him on the face in a good morning and my heart beat faster when I approached him.

The games with my aunt continued, but some nights she wouldn't sleep with me because "Uncle Luis" was there, and that didn't feel as bad as it did back then. But more and more often my aunt kissed me in front of him, or changed my clothes in the living room when he watched TV. Sometimes sitting together on the couch she would touch my hair, and stroke my arms or stick my hand up her cleavage so I could touch her chest...and he was in front of me. That made me very excited, and I couldn't hide it, my breaths would shake and then my aunt would start kissing me intensely right there. It was on one of those occasions when he put me on top of her and put his hands under my skirt and lowered my panties and began to touch me in front of him. She unbuttoned her shirt and didn't wear a bra, so her nipples were in the air, and then she told me to suck them like she did every night. And full of shame, because I was confused that he knew what we were doing, I stood and about to cry.  Then my aunt drank the tears out of my eyes and said sweet words in my ears, "don't worry, baby, if he knows and loves it, and he would love to see what we do"... And he put his tongue in my mouth, and I was losing control of me, I was as if I was undone, and a kind of dizziness swept me inside and left me lazy outside. So I did everything I used to do when we were alone, but with a lot more excitement than ever. Then it was the first time he intervened to say, "Let's go to your room Clara. And that night the three of us went to bed. He carried me in his arms and left me on the bedspread as my aunt stripped off the last of her dress and let go of her black mane...

I saw them undress and appear like a goddess before us.  She was thin and white with skin, as soft and delicate as a petal, her hair long and smooth, black enough to fall halfway down her back. Her breasts were not large, like two dunes upwards and her nipple small and rosy, but the best thing about her was her beautiful long waist which opened in her low and round hips, leaving behind a white ass, with her two buttocks symmetrical and perfectly round. My aunt was beautiful. He looked at her too, but now her role had changed because she seemed to be organizing the whole game. He pulled his hand towards the bed and put it on its side, giving me his back, he bent his knees a little so that he gave me his precious croup. "Look, baby," he said, "look how beautiful and perfect your aunt's ass is. And it was certainly the first time I saw him like this, the tight thighs and the two perfect scrolls of his ange did not cover the view of his pussy from behind, they appeared a little of the lips, quite closed by the position, making a kind of triangle in the middle of which was his pipita, like a red button and little girl, much smaller than ever and then some straight and scattered hairs escaped from his vagina to the center of his buttocks. It was so beautiful that I stared at it for a while, letting his vision excite me a lot. Uncle Luis was holding Aunt Clara's hands with one of his hands and his knees behind with the other, and he was pleased to look at my expression. "Do you like it, would you be able to reach her little button and suck it and bite it from there? It's just that I don't get there because you see that it's a very small hole and I'm too big. I was shaking because I was willing to do it and for him to give me that privilege seemed like a wonderful gift.

So I put my face in that delicious hole trying to reach the center of that triangle, but at that moment he stretched a little Aunt Clara's knees and it became more difficult for me so I had to extend my tongue that just arrived and grazed only the thickest part of the lips.  She moaned to my contact and threw a strong sigh that ignited more my desire, and I put my face even more, being able to arrive at the end with the tip of my tongue until its center and from there I moved it looking for to enter more. I tried to separate her buttocks with my hands and I saw that she was also wanting to bend so that I arrived, but he prevented it and said to me: "do not cheat, you must not use your hands, only your mouth". So I tried harder and saw that my tongue could go up and down completely along his lips and the central point of that exquisite triangle. My aunt's groans and sighs became much louder and more regular, almost savage they seemed to me, and then my approach was much greater. Uncle Luis looked and at one point whispered to me, "I think your aunt would love it if you gave her little bites, with the tip of your teeth in her pipe, and when you have him trapped, she bites and licks alternately. I did this and I noticed a lot of humidity in his sex, but above all the noises he never heard, they were high-pitched moans and seemed painful.

Then he let her go and told me to look at her face: "Look, she's in full climax, now it's about keeping her like that with little touches on her breasts or her sex, but it's important that she doesn't explode in her orgasm, because the longer she's like that the more she'll enjoy herself. She was spectacular, naked, with her eyes lost and wet, her face so relaxed, groaning at every contact or movement, her mount of venus, black and curly, shining with humidity the upper area of her thighs and moving her pelvis from top to bottom in a slow and soft compass. It was the first time I saw my uncle undressing, his chest wide, his waist long, and I also saw the "penis", long and pink (not black like the plastic that my aunt had) very stiff, hard and with a round tip but not very large. It seemed longer but somewhat narrower than my aunt's little toy. He ordered me to occasionally touch Clarita (that's what he called her) on the chest, and only occasionally touch her sex, while leaving her pants and shoes on the floor. She was still the same, it seemed that she was not conscious to anything other than the immense pleasure that invaded her, and then my uncle opened her legs and in the middle of that hot humidity was introducing without difficulty any his hard and thin stick. He made some drowned noises and I saw only the two bodies glued together and slowly swinging back and forth on the bed, while my aunt changed her noises for a gasping breath.  Uncle Luis told me to lie next to her in bed and I did, and from time to time he looked for my lips with his, and kissed me trying to calm his breath. And I loved those kisses from her warm mouth, and I would have given something to be my aunt and feel what she was feeling. He continued to ride on her, as my aunt exploded continuously and steadily, sometimes stopping and coming back again in a little while. And he continued his movement, but he did not stop caressing my hair, my shoulders and kissing my mouth in spite of being inside Aunt Clara's sex. He told me that he had never felt so hot inside Clarita, and that he was burning her, and that her pussy opened and closed by squeezing her dick.

After a while it seems that my aunt calmed down and became unconscious, under his weight. Then he pulled out his penis, wet but harder and redder than when he put it in. He came to me and took me in his arms, rocking me, putting his lips over my nose, his eyelids and over my mouth. And he said to me very softly: "I would like to spill my milk on your pussy, my precious, will you leave me? I nodded my head and asked him if that wouldn't hurt me, but he told me to be reassured that he wasn't going to make me hurt.  So I let myself be hugged by him, and he kissed me all over my body, opening my legs, took sex between his lips and pulled me, and other times he sucked me gourmandly all, and I went crazy with pleasure, then he put his thing on my lips and pressed a little. As my aunt had opened me a little, the tip of the penis was placed in the direction of my vagina but only remained in its doors.  It pressed a little more and hurt me, I moaned a little. And then he salivated that area, dropped saliva from his mouth in abundance and pressed again, and just disappeared the hole of his dick inside me.

"Ummmm, I'm not going to be able to resist anymore," he said all red."  I'm running with pleasure just to see your pussy under my cock", and giving two or three movements, he pushed me a little and I noticed how he discharged pee inside me, very hot, but little quantity seemed to me. It went on like this for a while, moving so much that the tip of his penis came out of me, and I could see that the liquid was not pee, but something white and pasty.

Then he was almost unconscious, next to my aunt who was sleeping soundly. For a while the only one awake was me, who was still excited and wet after everything I had seen and felt. I thought that I would never be able to put my uncle's penis into my sex, which was very big and only hurt a lot at the tip, which was a shame because I wanted it so badly. And thinking about this I was when Luis' hand entered between my legs, and inspected the moisture, inserting one of his fingers into my vagina. There was a lot of everything there, because it was so bad that I had put myself with all this history and the great amount of liquid that I had released, but there was also what he had poured into me, which was now beginning to drip down my thighs. He turned me towards him and told me that I was going to sleep next to him. He kissed me in a thousand ways, and ate my tiny breast, which had barely grown. Within five minutes I was trembling with desire, and that's when he turned me on my back and put his dick between my thighs and moved them back and forth, and I loved that. He realized that because I was already breathing very strangely and occasionally a moan escaped me. "Today I'm going to make you mine, baby girl, even if we are like that all night long," he said in my ear. I'm going to put it all in that tiny pussy you have, because I've been dreaming about it for a long time, and when I'm inside I'm going to die of pleasure. And I trembled a lot more with those words and I noticed that my sex was opening up and that it put me more in a position to have his penis enter me where before only the hole had fit. So he moved it and again it was there, the tip where before. He kept touching me, but above all he kept talking to me in a way that was driving me crazy. "Ummmm my baby, you are wet and hot, and you are so closed that I have to make efforts not to come right now, there have been so many nights that I died of love thinking of you, and now that I know you want to have me inside I want this to last as long as possible, and that you enjoy as much as possible, although I do not think you can as much as me.

And I moved a little more and I opened only the pussy of hearing him so passionate, sweet and affectionate, so he put a little more and hurt me, but I said nothing. He stopped again, as if he noticed what was happening to me, and kissed my hair, and my back, sucked my shoulders and my neck, until I felt good again and moved with the tip of his penis inside. Again my sex was opened and he took advantage to put more, with more pain than pleasure always in each new introduction. Until he pulled out all his penis and put me on my back, opened my legs and began to put it slowly, but my breathing was very agitated and I got a little scared. "Don't worry, baby, don't be afraid I won't hurt you, relax, I'll stop right now" and I breathed and saw him so good, that this time it was me who squeezed his sex by putting more of his penis in me. The pain was much greater, and my face reflected it, but I was already lost, the gesture of introducing me I his sex had excited him very much, his face was completely red, unstuck, and my look without looking. "I'm not going to be able to for a little girl anymore..., I'm not going to be able to stop..., I have to have you right now" And between grunts he kept going in and out, and the pain was so unbearable that I fainted.

When I woke up he was still on top of me, and I noticed that I was still inside, and that sex was burning, but everything was very wet. Luis looked at me with a face transformed by tenderness. "You're mine, little girl, you're mine now. It seems that I had already released what was inside my sex but I had not taken it out. I still had it inside me and it was very hard. It burned a little, but it didn't hurt.

"We'll do it again small, no one like you has excited me so much in my life," he said to my ear. And even though I was tired and aching, I let her be inside me, and kiss me, and move as much as she wanted.  He didn't weigh me down because his arms held him so that we were only attached by the genitals, hooked, because his stick was so big and hard that it seemed that he had nailed it to me instead of sticking it to me. It moved very slowly, in a round, as if it wanted to settle down and open up inside, and then it began to retreat and enter me again, little by little. I saw his penis, red, but I never pulled out the tip, because I'm sure if he pulled it out he would have done me a lot of harm by putting it back in, so when I saw that he pulled it out a lot I would contract my muscles so that I wouldn't pull it out at all because I was afraid of it, and after a while I was the one who managed to hold him when and where I wanted. And I could see that he loved it because he growled with pleasure when I pressed, so I did it several times more, and that game started to amuse me a lot, and I noticed that it didn't hurt anymore that if I kept him inside it was because I liked to feel that I gave him so much pleasure, that I was the owner of his pleasure. I felt so powerful, I felt so small, with that inside and owner of a man so big and so handsome that at that moment I was slave of my will, slave of the power that I had closing and opening my pussy. So I played with him because it greatly increased my pleasure. For a while I didn't press his cock when he took it out, and he looked at me and kissed me asking for it, begging me, and I then pressed him harder than before and he groaned in my pleasure ear, and it opened up to me with that, to close him again.

We were with that game a long time, as if floating, and he sweetly filled my face, neck and chest with grateful kisses, until one of the times that I squeezed more he ran inside me, filling me whole of his liquid, and falling, this time on me, his whole weight. I kissed his forehead and touched his hair while he slept, in my arms, still nailed to me.


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