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My cousin Carol and I


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on: October 23, 2019, 03:59:25 PM
My cousin Carol and I

I'll start by describing myself. My name is Pedro, I'm 15 years old, 1.85, blond, with a 16.5 cm tail, and a good physical appearance.

Everything started when last Tuesday after leaving school I met my aunt who lives in Madrid, I greeted her and the second after she did the same, we were talking about many things but in particular if I already have a girlfriend and I told her that I had but it did not last long. We talked until we got home where I met my cousin and my parents. I entered the house and gave my cousin two kisses (now I will describe her) and my parents told me that they were going to buy presents for my uncles and that I was going to stay alone with my cousin and take care of her myself as a good quincea├▒ero, I answered with a sound that is difficult to describe.

My parents left and I stayed with my cousin Carol 12 years old, about 1.60, shy and big tits for her age and a round ass that is to watch you all day thinking about how to penetrate it and leave it wet with your milk.

I put myself in the computer and she turned on the TV, when I was playing computer I heard a crack that came from the living room and I set out to find out what that scream was, when I saw the closed door I opened it very slowly trying to see what was happening and when I opened it almost halfway I saw my cousin lying on the sofa watching a porn movie of the kind they put in Ono's lockers, satellite channel, ... Then I was wondering if I went in or I stayed to see this show of how my cousin made a straw herself and I decided to enter as the one who knows nothing and of course my cousin got scared and quickly removed the film he fastened his jeans and the second said to me:

-What did you see? -He said to me, "What have you seen?

-Me? -Just that you were jerking off while I was watching a movie. -I told him-

-Well, you won't tell anyone. We're cousins and you're jerking off too, aren't you?

-Don't worry, I won't tell anyone... for a price.

-The what?

-Well, you keep masturbating and I have to look at you, and that's only part of the price you have to pay.

-No, I won't.

-Will you know if you want me to tell everyone?

-Mmm... Okay, but I'm doing it just so you don't tell anyone.

-OK!. -I said with some eagerness for my cousin to start.

To the second my cousin put the movie where you could see a scene of an uncle and an aunt doing a 69, my cousin lay on the central sofa and went under the jeans and pink panties and bear and that was the first time I saw my cousin's shell, after a while began to masturbate.

Then I sat down on a sofa and dried also the trunk and told me that I was going to and I told her that I was not going to be the one to enjoy in that situation and told me that okay and we began mutually to do a wank in the sal├│ at 5 m we chanted and she told me that the fuck everything that came to her and fail (was incredible my cousin was not the quiet and shy of always was not quite the opposite) I was not going to be the opposite. and I said yes then we started to make a 69 as it was still on TV and then I took her pussy and I started eating it and had an incredible orgasm and after the orgasm was intruduced and began to moan and shout "if cousin fucks fucks folla follaaaaaa like you've never fucked if as well as if you were in the paradise of sex and you fucked a goddess like that if siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii......." and at that moment we both came inside her and the second she started to suck me and take the rest of my milk and we finished in a while.

After this experience we do as if we were newlyweds today I've fucked her 5 times and now (no kidding) I'm eating her and with the other hand I'm putting the deo in her ass.

Even other friends hope you liked it.

Author: Pedro and Carol

Ah! And Merry Christmas :-)


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