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Sleeping Beauties (1)


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on: October 23, 2019, 04:44:25 PM
That day, I planned everything meticulously. I knew that my girlfriend had to be at the Faculty from early morning until late afternoon. Besides, my in-laws would be working all day and wouldn't come to eat. That would leave only my sister-in-law, who is one year older than me, and who, frankly, is very well. I'll tell you, she measures, approximately, 1.60m, her measurements are around 90-60-100. Her hair is dark brown and curly, her eyes are blue and her complexion is very light.

So, I knocked on the door pretending to be absent-minded (as if I was going to visit my girlfriend). Then he opened the door for me. He was wearing yellow sweatpants and a grey sweatshirt. Her feet, covered by white socks, were inside a pair of slippers to walk around the house. (Perfect, I wasn't going out!). He looked at me and said:

-Hello, are you looking for my sister? Didn't she tell you she'd be gone all day today?

I put on a face like a surprise and then, together with a gesture of "Shit, the trip I've stuck to myself for nothing" (I live quite far away), I said: -Shit! I had forgotten it.

She smiled and said to me:

-Well, if you want to have lunch, you can come in and have some coffee.

Obviously, I agreed, and as I entered the dining room, I saw two cups of coffee and some biscuits on the table. Then I understood that there was someone else. Quickly, I knew that today my mother-in-law was off at work (because it was indefinite days; so I never knew when I could have a party). However, I was lucky and today those two jewels were at home.

However, I didn't shrink and went ahead with my plan. I took two little pills out of my pocket and placed each of them in a cup of coffee.  Just then, my sister-in-law was coming with a cup for me. I thanked her, and then my mother-in-law appeared in a white bathrobe, coming from a shower. She greeted me with two kisses and, before talking any further, she drank her cup of coffee.

It didn't take thirty minutes for the two of them to fall asleep.  My mother-in-law had previously sat on the sofa, where she had fallen. My sister-in-law, on the other hand, had fallen asleep at the table. I already knew the effect of these pills, because I had already used them with some teachers of my institute. So I decided to attack.

I approached my mother-in-law. She was, as I said, deep asleep on the sofa. She only wore her white bathrobe. She is, more or less, 1.65m, for her 45 years, we could say that she is very well; because she has a beautiful ass (neither fallen, nor flat, nor fat: precious). Her tits are the pear, she must wear a 100 or more. She has a dreamy belt. Her hair is short to half a mane, smooth and reddish-brown. The truth is that I had thought more than once about seeing her naked and fucking her. In fact, I once spied on her through the crack in the door of her room while she changed her clothes, but I couldn't entertain myself because my girlfriend was hanging around the house. But not today!

I took the video camera out of my backpack and put it in a place so that it could record my mother-in-law without any obstacle. The device began to record.

I leaned over in front of my mother-in-law and began to lick her lips. Then I put my tongue in her mouth and began to move it (too bad she didn't move it). Then, I continued sucking on her neck and went down, little by little, until the beginning of her canalillo. Then, I separated and slowly untied the belt of her bathrobe. I could feel my blood circulating at dizzying speeds. By then, my dick was super hard.  Slowly, I opened my mother-in-law's robe and saw something spectacular. Her pose was that of a person who has surrendered on the sofa, arms down and legs completely apart.

That's how she was. I couldn't stand it and started licking her pussy. With my tongue I separated the outer vaginal lips and, little by little, her pussy got wet. He had it well shaved on the sides and only had a few hairs on his pelvis. I began to lick his clitoris, and then I noticed his breathing shaking. I was like this for 5 or 10 minutes, by then, her pussy was completely flooded. I began to touch her and suck her tits like a possessed one; she had them very firm and quite hard; no doubt because of the hour of gymnasium that the aunt glued herself every day.

I took off my clothes and ended up taking off her bathrobe. I lifted her up and reclined her against the mensa, so that her ass would be lifted up against me. I passed the palm of my hand against her pussy and rubbed it into her eyelet; I wanted it well lubricated. Then, I took out of my backpack a jar of Vaseline and I wet myself, with it, the cock and lubriqué his eyelet well. I was going to give it by ass to my future mother-in-law...! Without thinking about it, I opened her ass wide and began to give it to her from behind. I noticed how my dick was making its way through her round, rosy little hole. Little by little, I put more and more, until, finally, it was all inside. Then I began to move. I fucked his asshole like a possessed man. I started slapping him on his buttocks and giving him little nibbles on his back; he was out of control. I couldn't take it anymore, and after nailing it to the bottom with all my strength, I filled his eyelet with milk. I kept my dick there for a few more minutes. Slowly I took it out and sat my mother-in-law on the sofa. I put my cock in her mouth and cleared it up a little, the rest I dried on her legs. I took the camera and recorded my mother-in-law again, but this time, I was carrying the device. I did a close-up of her face, her tits and her pussy.  Then I left her in such a way that she recorded my sister-in-law, because it was her turn.

I stood behind her and began to touch her tits. As she was wearing a bra, I picked up the sweatshirt from where it was and untied it to her.  Then I took off both the bra and the sweatshirt. My dick was starting to swell up again. Now I had her beautiful tits at my fingertips. I licked them and touched them. They were very firm and hard and with rosy nipples that drove me crazy. I put my hand down to her crotch and put it under her yellow sweatpants. I noticed her panties. I took off her trousers and left her sitting in the chair with black panties that made my cock speak for itself. I began to lick her whole mouth and managed to suck her tongue and suck it out of her mouth, then I let her go and she backed off.

I removed all the cups and biscuits from the table and put my little sister-in-law on her face up. I took off her panties and her furry pussy was left in front of me. As he had done with his mother, I began to eat him. I separated her legs more and I opened the lips of her pussy well. I inserted my tongue into her little treasure and began to suck. It didn't take long for him to get wet, I followed my thing and, in the meantime, I stuck a couple of fingers in his little crack. I separated my head and began to give him a straw with my fingers. each time he got wetter and his breathing let some small groans come out. I couldn't take it anymore, I put on a condom (I didn't want to get my sister-in-law pregnant) and put it in. Or rather, I tried to do it, because she resisted; I knew she was a virgin (which surprised me as much as it excited me). I decided to do it by force (I was too excited to stop to think about it) and I nailed it to the bottom. Out of his mouth came a small cry that was confined to one more groan.  Then I lay my trunk on her and, as I sucked on her nipples, my hips went up and down between her legs. Little by little, I was warming up to unsuspected limits and I thought that, if I had deflowered her on the one hand, I should have done it, too, on the other. I took the condom off.

So, I took the Vaseline bottle again and, after wetting my cock with it, I sank my sister-in-law's asshole. So, I went back to the old ways and, little by little, I put it through its round hole. It cost a lot more than his mother's, but I wasn't going to give up: I was going to fuck my sister-in-law!

I wet his ass and my cock with Vaseline again and tried, again, to stick it in him. My patience was completely exhausted, but, by chance, my tail began to enter, more and more easily. So, until my eggs, touched with their wet crack. Then, I came back, again, with the mete and saca. I saw his face perfectly; with an expression of discomfort and pleasure at the same time. I kept fucking her in the ass until I couldn't take it anymore and I ran into her asshole. It was tremendous! I went back for the camera and made some close-ups of my sister-in-law of three pairs of balls.

I dressed my sister-in-law and put her, again, sitting on the chair and leaning on the table (just as she had been tamed). I picked up the condom and put it in a plastic bag. When I approached my mother-in-law, when I saw her with her bathrobe open, I couldn't hold on, I sucked my fingers and put my hand in her pussy. I began to move my fingers inside her and my cock hardened again.  So I laid her on the couch, put myself on her, and fucked her by the pussy as I stuck my tongue in her mouth. So I spent a good while, kissing her and rubbing her tits, until I ran into her pussy. Phew! I couldn't take it anymore.

I dressed, put my mother-in-law sitting on the sofa, her bathrobe on and, after picking up the table (I cleaned the coffee cups and picked up the buns) and putting away the video camera, I sat next to my mother-in-law to watch TV. It had been three and a half hours since they fell asleep until now.

After another hour, my sister-in-law woke up and looked at me strangely.  So, I said:

-What a nap you and your mother took, huh?

She looked at the clock and quickly rose to the sink.

Since I was horny again, I ran my hand through my mother-in-law's pussy and said to her ear: -Wake up, Clara (Pseudonym). I put three fingers in her vagina, took them out, sucked them, and with the other hand I shook my mother-in-law who woke up stunned. She looked at me strangely and I said to her: "You've fallen asleep, huh? She smiled and went to the other sink.

All I had to do was wait for the afternoon...

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