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New Year's Dream


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on: October 23, 2019, 04:02:26 PM
New Year's Dream


Alex left the TV remote unwillingly on top of the nightstand. He had been running channels by inertia, not finding anything that didn't resemble the typical New Year's Eve specials. Trash that reminded him that he had spent another goddamn year of absence.

He settled his head on the back of the worn chair, staring at the ceiling. He hadn't even bought the "lucky grapes". What for? All in all, he was about to receive the new year all alone, sunk in his sorrow, remembering every day more and more that being who filled his life with joy and light.


He thought of the day they met, of that class at the institute where they were both studying. He remembered how they became friends, day after day, and how...he fell in love with him. When they entered the University, Alex was already aware of his homosexuality, and of his impossible love for Elijah, his best friend. It hurt a lot, but he preferred to keep quiet to at least keep his friendship.

A smile was drawn on Alex's lips. That hot night, so peaceful, lying on the sand of the beach, watching the rain of stars. That night Elijah had confessed to him that he had loved him for a long time. And Alex's heart felt that it would burst with so much happiness. His dream come true.

Stolen kisses, timid caresses and sweet words filled the following days. But the joy did not last long, for a week after the confession of love rocked by the sea breeze... Elijah died in a traffic accident.

Alex's whole life was broken.

Suddenly, he woke up. He had fallen asleep on the couch in front of the TV, which was turned off. Would the new year have come? Surely, but he didn't care too much. He sat up to go to bed, when a voice startled him.

- Honey, you fell asleep on the sofa.

Alex turned slowly, frightened. Who would have entered his house? And when he turned around, his blood froze in his veins.  There, sitting on a chair, with a book in his hands, was he. Elijah.

Was he dreaming? I would have sworn yes, if he hadn't been as awake as he was. Was he a ghost then? Well, if they were, it didn't look like it, because it was as beautiful as ever...

- Love, is something wrong with you? You're looking at me in a very strange way: Elijah left the book on the table, and advanced to Alex-Mmmm, don't tell me you're still angry about yesterday's nonsense. Come on, aren't you ever going to forgive me," he began to kiss his neck tenderly.

Alex didn't know how to react. What was Elijah talking about? The only thing that was certain was that Elijah was hugging and kissing him. That he was next to him.

- Let's go to bed, my punishment has lasted too long, and now I'm looking forward to you.

Alex was dragged to his own bed, and pushed over it. Elias took his clothes off little by little, while his body was flooded with wet kisses, more and more passionate, to the point that they began to turn into bites. Alex instinctively placed his hand on Elijah's erect sex, caressing him with strength and rhythm from the beginning. He sought his lips, to let both languages play freely.

Elijah's growing excitement increased his own. He stopped masturbation and kissing dry, and stared at Elijah's eyes for a moment. He smiled. He said nothing; words were no longer necessary. Alex knelt down quickly, and began to lick the penis of his love; first with small frictions of his tongue, then more intensely, until he put it in his mouth in full.

- My love!...continue like this, you are doing it better than ever...- Elijah's groans were provoking him more and more.

Of course he was doing it better than ever, but for Alex it was the first time with Elijah, because he had died years ago. And instead, he was there now, putting his increasingly hardened penis in Alex's mouth. And soon, it paid off: the white milk began to be shot into the throat of the young man, who had no choice but to swallow so as not to drown. He took it all, licking, sucking up to the last drop.  Enjoying the taste like a madman.

Because Alex was no longer the owner of his actions. He lay down on the bed looking at the ceiling, opening his legs in front of Elijah.

- Come on, my life, take me like you never did... fuck me until I lose my mind, put your cock in my body with force, tear me apart...  I love you so much!

Elijah did not wait for that vision and those provocative words. He threw himself on Alex, without any kind of care, with his limb erect again. He lifted his legs, and penetrated him without asking permission.

Alex shouted passionately when he felt him inside, when he noticed how he was starting a quick sway and his anus seemed to get bigger and bigger.

- Yes, yes, yes, yes!! For God's sake never stop!! Fucking me harder, deeper!

- Of course I'm going to fuck you harder... I'm going to burst you with pleasure!

Elijah's movements accelerated until he couldn't stand it anymore, ejaculating violently inside Alex...

"Happy 2004!"

Alex woke up startled. He watched TV, and saw the presenters hugging each other with champagne glasses in their hands. In the background, the clock of the Puerta del Sol was already marking 12 o'clock. He had fallen asleep, and everything had been a dream. How cruel his subconscious, to make him believe for a few minutes that Elijah was alive, next to him, making love to him.

- Shit! - He got up in rage turning off the television, throwing the remote against the table.

- Why are you shouting, darling? Because you fell asleep and couldn't see the New Year's Eve bells? I'm sorry, but you looked so handsome in your dreams that I didn't have the courage to wake you up.

Alex looked at the couch next door. There was Elijah, half covered with a blanket, near the stove. It was him, but he was changed. He was no longer the 20-year-old boy who died on that road, that terrible morning.  He looked older, as if he were...25 or so. Wow, just how old Elijah must have been if he hadn't died.

- Come on, Alex, don't tell me you're still angry about yesterday's nonsense. Okay, I know it was stupid of me to take the bike without the helmet, but I forgot. I'm really sorry - he got up to hug Alex - I know you're scared because of the accident I had five years ago, that you had a really bad time while I was in a coma ... but that was all behind you. I managed to recover and everything is fine.

Alex was unable to say anything, he could only guard his face in Elias' chest. I didn't know who had given him a second chance, but whoever he was, I would be eternally grateful.




Author's note: I know it's not the typical sex story you're used to, but I hope you liked it just the same. Thank you for reading it.


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