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Richard, just one partner?


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on: October 23, 2019, 04:19:08 PM
Richard, just one partner?

I am, a guy from Mexico, 25 years old, 1.76 height, white, honey colored eyes, 82 Kg.

Well, I knew this guy at work, we are partners but from the first day I saw him, his penetrating look made me want it, he is brown, measures approximately 1.85, 86 kg, good body, although not marked, and some eyes that vanish to anyone. His defect is to be married.

We lasted approximately 10 months without speaking to each other, I did not encourage myself to say a word to him only I dedicated myself to see him, and in occasions our looks were crossed but not more of that.

One day I could not stand it anymore and I dared to tell him some words, I was dying of nerves, but from that our relationship as acquaintances was growing, one day we were left to go a group of companions to a joint. To be in the hour and place that we agreed we were only a friend and me, after 15 minutes Richard arrived, something that surprised me because I did not know that he will come, well we decided not to enter, and we were going to withdraw each one to his house, he asked me where he was going, when he told me that he would pass near there, if he wanted to leave me at home, this surprised me and accepted although never expecting more than the simple ride.

When I arrived home I noticed that there was nobody, I invited him to have a beer, I let him come in first when he wanted to accidentally touch his rich ass, and after 4 beers he asked me if he liked it or because I had grabbed his buttocks, I was mute for a moment and I told him it was an accident, but if I liked it, he immediately got up, I thought he would leave, but OH surprise, he took off his shirt and told me that he also liked me, I approached and we merged in a strong kiss, he caressed his chest, neck.

I went down and running through his rich body with my tongue, the only moan of pleasure, until I get to his pants and remove it immediately, had a long brown cock (20 cm.) I began to devour it as if it were the first sweet of a child, its rich and hairy testicles made me tremble, we went to my bedroom, he asked me to lie on my stomach, instinctively open my legs, he began to eat my anus, he made me come without me putting it in, then I put 1 pillow in my belly, I felt one, then two, up to three fingers, inside me, that provoked an instant super erection.

Afterwards, with my anus relaxed, I felt how his cock was entering little by little in me, the perished an expert being that it was his first time with a man, since it had all his cock inside, it began with a rich rhythm of mete and saca, it was like being in paradise to feel all his being inside me, after about 15 minutes he asked me to change my pose, I asked him to penetrate me from paws to the shoulder, already being in the position, he was putting it to me little by little, I felt it even bigger, and thus increased my pleasure, continued with the pumping until he told me that he was running, I asked him to end up in my mouth, he did so, filling my whole throat, I swallowed all his milk, to see that I spilled a little by the mouth he approached me to lick it.

Although he didn't want me to penetrate it, I was more than served because I had been totally his and mine, because I had his milk inside of me.  This we have only done twice more, although at work it seems that we do not like each other very well, in bed we are the perfect lovers.


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