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Adolescent experiences


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on: October 23, 2019, 04:04:22 PM

Thank you to everyone who sent me your comments.  For you and especially for my friend Pilar, I dedicate this new story, which I hope you like.

I don't know if all the women in our development, the same things happen to us, but I suppose that if not, the things we feel should be quite similar. Especially at that age when sex revolutionizes our hormones, but we haven't had a chance to practice it yet.  That is to say, we have already touched each other, we have tried rubbing some objects and others, but concretely, we have not yet been penetrated by a man. At that time, what I want to tell you today happened. It all started in a hot April. One Saturday we were, like so many other days together at home, my schoolmate and friend, whom I will call Pilar (in honor of my friend from Mexico, even though this is not the real name of the co-star of this story).

Pilar, of course, was my age, almost my height, brown, with a much prettier tail than mine (don't take it as an act of least, at that time and until today, I still get comments and compliments in the street for my tail), but with smaller tits. My parents had gone out and took my siblings with them, which left us alone for a few hours, with the whole house at our disposal. Taking advantage of the hot weather, we put on our bathing suits and decided to go into the pool. After cooling down and playing for a while, we went back to my room to listen to music. We took off our bathing suits and as a mischief, we stayed naked, while we interminably changed the radio stations, until we found one that would allow us to dance, something that both Pilar and I loved at that time.

When we found the right station, we both jumped out of bed and danced in the middle of the room. After 3 or 4 songs, there was a slow theme that we both liked, and almost automatically, we hugged to dance to it...after which, there was no turning back. The moment we hugged, feeling Pilar's nipples rubbing against mine was electric. To be able to feel her naked body against mine was a more than exciting sensation and at that moment, all my values were confused. Although both of us thought about boys and we had even masturbated in front of each other several times, what was happening to us at that moment was unique. Taking advantage of the music, I began to caress Pilar's back and put my face on her shoulder. Her soft skin gave me pleasure.

When I started to lower my hands to caress her tail, Pilar gave me a kiss on the cheek...and another...and one more...sweeter, longer, while she caressed my hair with her hands...and my hands that caressed her buttocks...with sweetness...with love. I lifted my head from her shoulder and looked into her eyes for a few seconds, as if to ask each other if we were sure to do what seemed inevitable. Pilar took my face with both hands, and as soft as it always has been, she kissed me on the lips. It wasn't a passionate kiss, it was a warm but shy kiss at the same if I was afraid of being rejected. But that wasn't my idea...on the contrary, I think I had incited that kiss with my previous caresses on his back and tail. Then there were more and more kisses...and each kiss was rising in intensity...of duration...of passion...of sex.

Our tongues were looked for and curled up inside their mouth or mine, while the hugs were more and more effusive and our nipples, more and more hard and our vaginas...more and more humid. She was the one who dared to leave my mouth, to begin to go down my body...she licked my neck, my breasts...she sucked my nipples, producing a spectacular sensation and continued going down my belly...until reaching my pubis. The mirror in my room gave me back a very exciting see me, with my nipples erect, standing with my legs open, caressing Pilar's head, who kneeling on the floor and clinging to my hips licked my clitoris.....and of course their tongue...they made me end up in a delicious orgasm, that until today, while I write it and I remember it, I need to close my legs strong... (maybe this last comment of the closing of legs, only the women understand it... only we know that things produce this movement and what we feel when we close our legs strong )

I also knelt and kissed Pilar's mouth again.  Taking her by the waist, we got up kissing each other, while guiding her towards the bed. I gently made Pilar lie on her back so that I could feel the precious taste of her vagina in my mouth. I did practically the same thing that she had done...I kissed her from the mouth, passing through her neck and breasts, until I reached her brown pubis...the one I first licked and then sucked with desperation. My hands held her legs open, while I rummaged with my mouth in her sex...which emanated an indescribable aroma of lust, with a much more delicious taste.

I sucked the upper lips of Pilar and her clitoris for long minutes. My friend's fingers separated my mouth from her there and guided me to her vaginal canal. As she rubbed her clitoris, I slowly and gently sunk my tongue into her wet sex...tasty and thus pushed her to her orgasm, which came with a deep sigh and the typical contortion in Pilar's body, which as it ended, looked like her childhood friend, still explored her vagina with her tongue. I slowly rejoined and kissed Pilar on the mouth with all the love I could put into that kiss. Something had happened that was not foreseen and it was obvious that both of us had fully enjoyed them. Pilar was the one who broke the ice....

"You know? I really liked it..." and we both laughed, I don't know if we were nervous or because we had just discovered our ability to love from woman to woman.

Then we bathed in the pool again and changed, as I thought my parents would be back soon. While we were getting dressed again, we kissed on the mouth again, as it was impossible to do so when my parents were present. And so ended that day when I discovered sex between women.

When we were out of our homes, between us, we said we were girlfriends...this "courtship" lasted almost 3 months, in which, we have evolved in the amatory arts and have discovered other things that women can practice, when there is no penis in the middle (69, crosses and many other things that are so delightful) and we have even made a small album of our love, from which I extracted this photo (in which we do not see the face, of course) only for you.

Our "couple" ended, when Pilar became a girlfriend with a boy from another school and I admit that I was sad for a while, until I understood that it should be so.

Today Pilar is a happy woman, married with two children, whom I still see from time to time and with whom I have never had sex again, but we usually greet each other every time we meet, with a kiss on the mouth, as we did back then.


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