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Eros and Psyche


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on: October 23, 2019, 04:06:24 PM
Eros and Psyche

Eros, the son of Aphrodite, was the Greek god of love. In hundreds of legends he is represented by a child, but at the time of this story he had already grown up and had become a young man of extraordinary beauty. He was always armed with a bow and a quiver full of arrows and enjoyed the power to inoculate love both to men and to the gods themselves... so that whoever was touched by one of his arrows immediately fell in love with the first person he saw.

One day his mother, Aphrodite, asked him:

"Tell me, Eros, have I grown old? Are there wrinkles on my skin? Are there silver threads in my hair?

"How can you ask me that, you who are the goddess considered to be the very symbol of beauty? No one is more beautiful than you and never will be, Mother! But why do you ask me that question?".

"I did not doubt your answer," replied the goddess satisfied, "but I have heard that there is a mortal more beautiful than me... they say that she is like the moon, while I would be at her side like a distant star that pale before the radiance of her rays. It is adored to such an extent that people prefer to pay their honours to the princess rather than to me. She must be punished. Go find her and pierce her heart with one of your arrows, but first make sure there is some horrible, monstrous being near her. I want her to suffer for love of the most abominable creature in the world. "

And having said this, Aphrodite came down from Olympus and plunged into the sea with her courtship of nereids and dolphins... So Eros set out to descend to earth from the mountain of the gods in order to search for the beautiful Psyche...

Psyche - whose name in Greek means soul, mind...-, daughter of a king, was the youngest of three beautiful sisters, although Psyche's beauty stood out from the rest of any mortal being. It would not be possible to find words in human language to extol her beauty. She was so beautiful that her fellow citizens, and a good number of foreigners, came to admire her. They even compared her to Aphrodite herself, and did not notice that they were neglecting the rites due to this goddess, making their temples deserted because the people preferred to pay their honors to the wonderful Psyche.

Yet Psyche, as time went by, came to know the bitter price of her beauty. Her older sisters had already married, but no one had dared to ask for her hand: the men saw her so beautiful that they admired her as one can only admire a work of art, as an unattainable woman, because, ironically, her beauty drove them away... after all, admiration is a neighbor of fear....

Concerned about the situation, his father went to consult the Oracle and he gave him the answer:

 "On a high rock of the mountain he leaves the maiden, pompously prepared for a thalamus of death; and do not expect offspring from a mortal lineage, but from a cruel, fierce and viperine monster; and this one, flying with his feathers through the ether, all is restless, and with fire and iron each thing abbeys; whom Jupiter himself fears; with whom the divinities are frightened; of whom the waters of the tenebrous Styx are horrified...".

The heart of the kings froze, but, having no alternative but to comply with the will of the gods, among the groans and family laments, they took Psyche to the top of the mountain that the Oracle had pointed out to her and there they left her alone, on a bedrock, scared to death, waiting for her fatal destiny to be fulfilled, while the nuptial cortege withdrew... and Psyche fell into a deep slumber very close to sleep.

It was then that Eros discovered her. He knew that the young woman would be there because he himself had arranged everything through the voice of the Oracle. But he was so impressed by the beauty of the beautiful Psyche that he stumbled upon a stone and fell next to it, so much so that one of the arrows on his quiver scratched his leg and, even before he understood what had happened, he discovered that he was madly in love with her... then he decided to change his mother's plans. Trying not to awaken the maiden, she called Zephyr (wind from the West and one of the most faithful messengers of the gods) to her side so that, at dusk, she would lead her to a beautiful and deep valley, where a marvelous palace of gold and marble stood.  Zephyr did so. Upon awakening, and once there, in the palace, invisible servants accompanied Psyche and took charge of fulfilling all her whims. Psyche was amazed by the bill for the building and its rooms... she could not believe her eyes.

 "Where am I?" asked the sweet maiden, perplexed, not distinguishing anyone either in the gardens or in the rooms of the palace.


"In a place where you will be loved and your desires will be satisfied," murmured a voice in her ear, "Our love will be the greatest ever. Come... and we will be as happy as it is not possible to imagine."

... and her astonishment grew when, suddenly, angelic voices invited her to lie down on a bed.... Eros knew that she had to be very careful, since Aphrodite could not discover her love for Psyche, and so she decided to hide her true identity, even from Psyche. That is why he only approached her when darkness reigned.

Then the dark night fell and, in the darkness, Psyche felt a rumor and a presence by her side. Soon she realized that her secret husband had slipped beside her. Psyche, although she believed her husband to be a monster, did not perceive deformities in him, quite the opposite... that supposed monster had perfectly proportioned shapes.

Psyche passed her arms around her lover's neck while he, timidly at first, explored every nook and cranny of her warm mouth with his tongue. God's hands gently pinched her nipples above her clothes, but she felt no fear. She was determined to give herself entirely to that being... And Eros noticed how the maiden gradually abandoned herself to his intrusion. She put her lips close to her ear and whispered her name quietly... she glued herself a little more to him, just enough to notice the considerable sex of the god of love, that nothing should envy the magnitude of the member of Priapus... and Psyche abandoned herself to desire....

A groan escaped from his lips and Eros noticed how he shuddered. He took her by the hand and led her to her sex inhiesto, strong, hard, the sex of a god..... And the sweet Psyche, who had never had a member in her hands, was frightened, but did not let go, afraid to offend her sweet lover. He, then, slipped one hand towards the neckline of his beloved and began to undress her slowly, enjoying the soft touch of the beautiful Psyche's skin.

Then, excited by the caresses that she gave to his penis, he lightly brushed her pubic hair and, slowly, touching with his index finger his clitoris, he drew circles, caressing him. Then she went down to her nipples, licking her soft skin with her tongue along the way, marking a slight stroke, until she reached the top of one of her breasts, which she began to kiss alternately. She groaned and he put his finger in her warm and longed for interiority and began to move it inside her. She descended further down, licking her belly and, lowering further, came to her sex. Psyche, understanding her intentions, opened her legs completely, and the god of love plunged her face into her sex, smelling the seductive aroma, the essence of her beloved, slowly licking her entire length to finally concentrate on her clitoris, which she sucked avidly, moving her tongue quickly over him. Then she heard the sobs of pleasure emitted by her maiden, while her body trembled from a shuddering orgasm. He continued to lick, excited by her own excitement, until he decided she was already lubricated enough to receive her sacred nectar through her limb....

When Psyche noticed the sex of her lover inside her, a slight pain pierced her like an exhalation from the back, despite how slowly and delicately he had penetrated her. Surprised to feel her own juices flowing from within, completely covering her thighs, and noticing the warm and abundant semen that filled her interior, a cloud of exquisite pleasure clouded her understanding... and God knew she had deflowered the beautiful Psyche... Love and Soul united forever.


And at that moment, although the two lovers did not know it, there was the union between the body and sensory pleasures, represented in Eros, son of Aphrodite, and spirituality, mind and soul, represented by the beautiful Psyche ...


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