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The lost Slavon (3)


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on: October 23, 2019, 04:22:12 PM
The merciless rain defied the improvised shelter that I built yesterday afternoon to prevent the coming storm, climbing the rocks with a tired look I could imagine that the whole forest had become a big lake, as far as I can see, the trees dance with the crystalline drops, the birds hidden among their coarse hiding places, the silence is paralyzing, the whole forest is silent at the pace of the blessed rain, except me, after three days walking through their entrails I could not find any sign of the three men and the poor girl, but although my mood is weaker every day, on the other hand my desire and strength do not cease, I have to find the girl and find out why they had tied her hands and feet, the idea that they could do the same with my daughter terrifies me, the state in which my little friends lived, hidden inside that mountain in the mouth of the volcano made me think that those men were very much to blame because of their isolation, something told me that time was running out, my daughter would be pregnant and on her depended the survival of all his companions.

I looked at the sky and in the distance I observed that the storm was beginning to dissipate, although my forces were weak I tried to stand up, I looked in the backpack for something to put in my mouth but my last food ended the night before, I had to eat something or it would not last long in these conditions.  I remembered that the boy who drove me back home last time, fed me with leaves, roots and herbs extracted from the ground, I looked around and found some very small leaves that came out of the ground, I tried to pull them but instead some very deep roots continued to the small leaves, I continued pulling and two meters more to the right I found some seeds, they were round and large, very similar to the garlic that I knew, I cleaned the mud that surrounded them and smelling them first I put them in my mouth, at first I made a gesture of vomiting but a burst of flavor flooded my mouth, I could not believe it but these seeds had good flavor, I could not compare them with any other fruit that I knew, I looked everywhere and verified that I was surrounded by leaflets, I began to extract them and only to think about the banquet that I was preparing, my stomach hurt.

I tasted as many as I could and those that were left over I kept in my backpack, it was incredible but I had always been a laboratory paleontologist and I had never been in the field, but the simple idea encouraged me to continue my journey. The rain ceased and gave way to a brilliant sun and its rays warmed up of justice, I raised the look to know where I was, behind me there were some enormous mountains and I supposed that I had just crossed the great savannah for which days ago my guide led me, it was not very good walked but the memory was photographic and these places were part of my memories.

I jumped off the rocks that served me as refuge and with a firm step I went towards the mountains, it was incredible but the seeds had recovered all my strength, although I have to say that the aroma that they gave off when eating them was very similar to a very well-known wine, perhaps for that reason my state of mind was very high, everything seemed small and very close to me, I supposed that the seeds contained some stimulant, but the idea did not seem to me to be completely bad, because a dose of joy was very well received.

The sun was distributing luck for all of us who walked along these plains, a hundred meters ahead I observed how two animals, which by their appearance must have been two hyenas, attacked with the intention of eating a helpless wild dog, I was going to be a spectator of the most cruel but natural scene of the same nature, with an angry gesture I grabbed a piece of dry wood that I found on the ground and I told myself that this was not fair, they were two against one, I could not allow it, so I began to scream and with the improvised weapon I tried to frighten the hyenas, which on seeing me run towards them and with this scandal they decided to abandon their prey.

When I arrived at the place of the scene I found the poor dog on the floor, blood flowed all over his body, his look was grateful but the pain they produced was reflected on his face, I looked in the backpack and found a handkerchief that my son gave me for Father's Day, two meters further away there was a puddle of muddy water but I thought that being the rains of the previous day still would not be in bad shape, soaking the handkerchief I approached the dog and very carefully began to clean the wounds caused by the sharp teeth of the hyenas, to make all the blood disappear I discovered that I really did not have so many wounds, the most scandalous was a cut that reflected on the right back, although the bleeding had already ceased put the handkerchief in the wound and press, I removed the shirt and cutting it into strips improvise a bandage to hold the handkerchief to the wound, once finished tried to lift the animal but had no strength or to get up,  his gaze was sad and he knew that if I left him here he would die or worse, his enemies would feast, I tried to give him water but it was useless, then an idea exploded in my head, I still had seeds in my backpack, at least with me they had worked, why not with him?.? I extracted two of the seeds and with my mouth I chewed them in order to make a paste, with both hands I opened the animal's mouth and spit the pasty mixture of seeds and my saliva, I closed his jaw and pressed his nose, so that when he could not breathe he would swallow the food, and so it happened, I repeated the scene until I ran out of seeds, the truth is that I don't worry too much, I would find more for the mountains.

I waited next to the animal for two hours, the night was already falling on us and the best thing was to look for a safe place for both of us, I looked up and in the distance I could still see the high mountains, for a moment I had the impression that those mountains were waiting for me impatiently, a sensation of being watched flooded me with terror, but it was not the moment to be afraid.

I held the animal with both hands and went to a tree that I chose as a refuge because of its height and the thickness of its trunk, we could sleep on a branch and we would not be in danger of falling to the ground, it reminded me very much of the tree that my grandfather planted in our garden, accommodate the dog and by cutting some branches I secured it to the trunk, after climbing to the top of the tree and checking where we were, I made sure a good bed that I built with dry leaves and small twigs that I found on the ground, I did not want to pull a single leaf or branch from this tree, its appearance impressed me and instilled respect.

Once settled I tried to sleep but the stomach made me noise because I had not eaten since the morning, I scrutinized the backpack but the last seed was spent on curing my protégé, but I did not resist going to sleep on an empty stomach, so I began to look for the tree some food, in the cup there were some red balls, did not know if they were edible but if they were the fruit of this tree could not be dangerous, I put one in my mouth and began to bite carefully with some fear, but on the contrary, its taste was delicious, reminded me of grapes, although they were much larger, once satiated my appetite I collected a few for the dog, put them in the mouth and only engullo, I was very happy to see that was better, at least ate by itself.

While eating I changed the bandage of his wound wearing the last piece of shirt and secured both beds to the trunk, I was tired and soon I fell asleep, the last image I remember is that I put my right hand on the back of the animal as a sign of protection, look at the dog and returned the gesture by sticking out my tongue.

The next morning I opened my eyes with a start, something was happening, I got up with a jump and looked around me, everything was like the night before, except that my partner was not there, I looked on the floor fearing that at night he would have fallen from the tree, but I did not find him, I slid down the branches and a piece of shirt hung from one of them, what would have happened? Where would he be? Where would he be? I climbed the highest branches and in the distance I could see a silhouette that was slowly moving, I could not see if it was him, what I was sure was that this silhouette was coming in my direction, in principle I was scared, because if it was not him, nobody knew he was here, and nobody was looking for me.

I quickly picked some fruits from the tree and put them in my backpack, jumped down from the tree and began to run towards the mountains, sometimes I stopped to see if my pursuer continued his campaign to catch me, I could not see anything and that reassured me, halfway there were some rocks and I chose to hide among them, because my physical condition left much to be desired and in the open was an easy prey, when I reached the mound I was paralyzed, in front of my had three wolves, had black hair with a lock in the neck white, their open mouths let you see the big and sharp fangs, their eyes of a green I could never imagine, the largest of them was placed on my right and its size was such that its shadow covered all my body, my muscles were paralyzed, the breath was crooked me, I had no weapons to defend myself and would have been of little use, the two remaining wolves surrounded me and I thought that this was my end, I took a few steps back but my back mole with a huge flat stone that at the same time towards the wall, the three wolves approached very slowly studying what was going to be their next dinner, but something happened, the wolves looked with their green eyes above my head and began to retreat by the same steps, look above my head and there was my friend, jump over me and placed in the middle of the wolves, but although he looked a little better soon understood that I had nothing to do against the three wolves, but suddenly he turned and looked at me, his look was like the one the night before, and I didn't understand it, the wolves stood next to him and sat down, they didn't look so fierce anymore, and I understood what was happening, my friend was the leader of a pack of wolves, although he was not exactly a wolf, and more calmly after the tremendous fear I suffered, I noticed that the wolves were females, my savior was the male, I approached him to thank him with a gesture of tranquility, but he bit my pants with his fangs and shot me, I had no choice but to follow him, we surrounded the rocks and among some leaves of tree I found two pieces of meat, now I saw everything clear, I had gone hunting and brought me breakfast, I did not know which animal the meat came from, but stewed on a slow fire would be delicious.

After eating and regaining strength I asked myself what would now be our friend's, sure would go with his herd and I would continue my way to the mountains, the best would be to leave after eating, keep the remains of meat and without saying anything try to leave the rocks, the wolves were sleeping in the shade of the rocks, but on hearing my steps rose and began to follow me, try to scare them but it was useless, a jump appeared my friend and looking into my eyes I knew that our journey did not end here, the truth is that the idea did not bother me, on the contrary, the company of three wolves and a wild dog, they came to me very well to defend me by these lost mountains of the hand of God, looking at my companions I thought that the best thing was to put names to them and to know how to differentiate them, one of them had very big and green eyes, to him I put BAMTU, the smallest but with big and strong legs, ZOMKER, the third that although its aspect was very thin but very fast, KEMDO, and to my friend I baptized it as, TYMSON. I grabbed them one by one and staring them in the eyes I repeated their names several times, I don't know if they understood me but walking I named one by one and when hearing their name they turned their heads and looked at me, it was one of the most gratifying experiences of the day, and ay we were the four travelers walking towards the mountains, none of us turned our heads to look back, I didn't warn if they knew where we were going but I was convinced that they would accompany me wherever I wanted and without hesitation or a moment they would protect me until the end of their days.

The morning wind staggered towards the improvised shelter I built to shelter us from the dark night, raise your eyes and I could see TYMSOM on my right, had his ears erect and nailed his sad look in the mountains, with great effort I got up and when raising the look I could observe that a great dark cloud covered the summit, I was very surprised because I did not find any other cloud, the sky was completely blue and clean, I was even more surprised when I understood that the strong wind was blowing in only one direction, as if the mountain was attracting to it all its strength, I walked with my eyes all over the shelter and discovered that the other wolf dogs were in the same position as TYMSOM, a shiver went all over my body and a bad omen encouraged my heart, but an impulse pushed me to go on, I picked up the little food I had left from the previous trip, I put it in the backpack and with a slight whistle from my mouth we set out on our way.

At the same time that we were advancing towards the top a great curtain of smoke so black and thick that we could not see even a meter of distance, twice I had to stop and look around to make sure that I was not advancing alone and left behind my dear friends, but they were on both sides of me, looking at me and waiting for my movements, the truth is that I thought that they feared that it was not me who would get lost, It was as if we were enveloped in such a dense fog that when we breathed it it became liquid but at the same time it lost all possible odor, I observed the dogs and their whole body was covered with water, or at least that's what it seemed to me, the drops slipped down their legs,  I tried to clean them with my hands but it was impossible, look at their eyes and their tiredness was remarkable, all that strength they expressed in the plain had disappeared, and from here they didn't look so fierce, the sensation I had when looking at them was old age, it was incredible but my companions were getting old at times, every drop of sweat that fell to the ground brought them to their end,  I tried to help them by pushing them but their hind legs failed them, at the moment I remembered the seeds that the previous day so good result had given me, I searched in the backpack and there they were, when I opened the palm of my hand the dense fog wrapped them and in front of my eyes I saw how they simply changed color and vanished between my fingers falling to the damp floor, Suddenly a strong pain broke out in my chest, I couldn't breathe and my throat burned, a violent convulsion scourged my body and I started spinning around on the floor, I thought it was the end, the same dark force that was killing dogs was now doing it with me, I could not open my eyes and my tongue burned, but when I thought that everything would end I noticed that the pain disappeared, little by little everything returned to normal, my whole body was covered by a thick sweat that at the same time burned me, I grabbed the shirt and with one tug I got rid of it, with great astonishment I noticed that the beauty of my body had disappeared, I didn't have a hair on my whole body, I didn't understand it, even the muscles had undergone a surprising change, my whole body was fibrous and the best thing was that I felt in perfect condition, I had never been better, the truth is that I don't care too much, everything was very strange but I liked it, look around me and observe the bodies of the dogs without life, many memories passed through my head in memory of my four companions, but I had to go on, I raised the look towards the great wall of smoke that rose to scarce meters of my and closing the fists I continued my way.

With the tip of my fingers touches the thick fabric of smoke that cut the road, I noticed a shiver all over my body, but I did not feel any fear, when separating the fingers I noticed that they were impregnated with a very dense liquid but its perfume pleased me, I could not locate its origin but it was very familiar to me, I looked back and understood that it was not the time to back down, and to waste all the effort until now suffered, so I jumped forward and tried to surpass the fabric of smoke, I did not care what happened to me on the other side.

When I entered the white curtain I noticed how my body fell into the void and I did not find an end, I thought it was the end, I would crash into the bottom without any remedy, suddenly the sensation of falling disappeared and I noticed the ground under my feet, I tried to take a few steps forward and leave that place, instantly a grateful light transformed the landscape, a few seconds later all the fog disappeared and I found myself in front of a lake, I had paralyzed muscles and I didn't believe what my eyes saw, I was in the middle of the mountain, I didn't know how I got here, but I didn't care, what I had in front of my eyes was enough reward, the lake was lost with my sight, high waterfalls flooded the space with a very refreshing breeze, trees, shrubs and infinity of flowers sprouted everywhere, the birds' chirping broke the sensation of immortality, I approached a tree where its branches were bent by the weight of its fruits, I reached the tasty delicacy and after taking it to my mouth I experienced the most refreshing sensation that I had never suffered before, its taste was delicious but I could not find out what fruit it was, everything seemed like a dream and I did not want to wake up but I was not in this place to delight myself with its wonders, so I started walking through the bushes, there was no way or anything to indicate that someone had been here before and that made it difficult for me to walk, far away on top of a rock I found a hole among the trees, I did not know very well what it was but it was the only abnormal thing I could find, I climbed some branches and I could get to the small hole that I saw from here I saw a large door that was hidden under the vines, with some fear I got into the darkness, at the moment I found myself again with the loneliness of the night, But in the distance I heard some voices, I hid as much as possible and dragging myself along the dirty ground I could see where the noises came from, at about ten meters I found five men talking to each other, although I didn't understand what they muttered if I saw their gestures, they wore a simple loincloth that covered almost all their legs but left their whole torso exposed, long and dirty hair had their whole body covered with red paint, I could not believe what I saw, I had finally found her, ay she was about twelve meters from my lying on the ground and completely naked, her curves were beautiful and invited to caress them, I could not see her face but everything indicated that she was immersed in a deep sleep despite her situation, I turned my gaze to her guards, suddenly they began to grunt and raise their long, dirty arms, I didn't know why they were so jubilant, but I soon found out, on the right side there was a sixth man, he carried between his loins or animal, from my position I didn't distinguish it well but because of its size and coat I thought it was a deer, the sixth man threw it to the ground with such brusqueness that I could hear its bones breaking when it hit the cold rock, at once all threw themselves on their prey and at the same time dinner, to see with the fierceness that they attacked I shrank my stomach, the scene was impressive, by my mind I graze the idea of taking advantage of the moment of carelessness to try to free the poor girl but my body did not obey my orders, something told me that it was not a good idea, if they discovered me I could be the dessert so eloquent diners, there I remained watching as they destroyed and decorated their new prey.

After an hour when there was little left of the succulent dinner, and all lay lying on the cold floor, but between them exchanged grunts trying to communicate, the youngest rose to the silent girl, with a rock that ended in point and even dripped the blood of the deer saw the ropes that tied her delicate wrists, grabbing her hair and dragging her along the ground until you reach his companions, instantly all rushed on her, for a moment I thought I was going to witness the death of the girl but with astonishment I noticed that they began to remove the few clothes that came over her leaving her naked, I was very surprised to discover that she did not put up resistance, on the contrary, opened her arms and surrendered to their oppressors, His skin was white as milk, stood out among the dirty bodies of the six men, the highest grabbed her by the waist and placed on top of him, meanwhile the most chubby took her by the nape of the neck and a strong movement put his large and penis in the mouth of the poor girl, meanwhile the remaining four began to masturbate between them, I noticed that the girl caressed the penis of the man below her and with a slight twist introduced it into her humid vagina, the scream of pleasure that exhaled all over her body confused me enormously, it was incredible but I was enjoying it, the shakes that the boy emerged against the girl were bestial, one after another were penetrating her over and over again without stopping, the screams of pleasure were interspersed in such a way that I began to excite, grab my hard penis and start masturbating, meanwhile one of the men got up and began to run over the girl, but this one noticing the hot semen on his back turned and put the penis in his mouth, licking the sweet liquid, so one after another, seemed crazy claiming his prize, on seeing the scene my excitement came to an end and biting my tongue fearing to let escape some moan of pleasure, fearing to let escape some moaning of pleasure, this one of the men got up and began to run over the girl, but this one noticing the hot semen on his back turned and put the penis in his mouth, licking the sweet liquid, so one after another, seemed crazy claiming his prize, on seeing the scene my excitement came to an end and biting my tongue fearing to let escape some moaning of pleasure,

Eyacule at the same time that with the look claimed that mouth so juicy, but it was not the most appropriate.

Once satiated the sexual appetite of the six men and for what happened, also of the young girl, I went back my steps to the entrance of the cave, advance my way through some rocks that protruded from between the rocks, try to move away as much as possible from the presence of men, because I understood that my path would never join that of the six men, regarding the girl I accepted that it was not my duty to rescue her from her hands because it was her role to be among them.

I was in a ledge, I checked the rocks and understood that the road was very dangerous and even more for me who was not used to walking in such extreme situations, I looked down and observed that the lake ended in a small waterfall so arming myself with courage, hold the backpack towards me and closing my eyes jump into the void without thinking about the consequences, forgetting what happened in the bowels of the mysterious mountain and thus continuing my long journey ...


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