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A different infidelity (II)


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on: June 29, 2019, 01:00:11 PM
My fourth infidelity, second part, or my fifth infidelity?

Note: this happened to me in the period between my story of my first encounter with Chelo and the story of my return to Brazil; as it was not a pleasant experience at all, I wrote my story, but later I was ashamed to publish it.

However, reading the mails I cross with a friend, I don't think I'm going to waste this story... maybe someone will like it.

A kiss for Nicolle

After I met Chelo personally and he caught me worrying a lot about his pleasure and nothing about mine, I asked myself several times if I should see him again.

On the one hand, I wanted to meet him to take revenge and have him between my legs until he made me enjoy myself; on the other hand, the environment where he and his environment move is so different from mine that I was a little afraid that the situation would slip out of my hands and let me have control of it.

Finally, the excitement overcame the sanity and I put myself in campaign to arrange a new encounter with Chelo. I intended to do it on a Saturday when my husband went fishing, but the cuckold didn't do it. By the way, my husband likes me to tell him that he's a bull in bed, what he can't imagine is that I'm telling him by the horns!

I told my husband I was going to the gym... just in case he called my cell phone, I left him at home.

In case I returned home after my husband arrived, I was dressed in my sports clothes: black tights with blue stripes, pink polo shirt and slippers... white bodice and a leopard thong similar to leather, which I imagined Chelo would love.

I wanted to meet Chelo at some hotel door, but he insisted that I go to Ciudad Oculta, where he lives, to see us in the same house where he took me before. Given the lack of security in the area, I left the car in the parking lot of a supermarket and took a taxi there. Chelo was waiting for me, sitting on a bench in the square, smoking a cigarette. He wore worn and deteriorated jeans, a t-shirt (in no better condition) with an inscription of the rock band "Los Redonditos de Ricota" and frayed slippers.

I got out of the cab and sat next to him. He greeted me with a "Hi, bitch!"

I had decided not to let myself be frightened by Chelo, so I answered the greeting with a "... more bitch, your mother..." and before I reacted I gave him a kiss of tongue that left him breathless.

We talked for a while about anything, in general, Chelo told me how much he had liked to fuck me and that he thought that he would not encourage me to come back. I replied that I thought I would not return, but I did so because I had not finished on that occasion; Chelo seemed surprised by that, perhaps he was believed to be a good lover.

"Well... let's do things right this time..." he told me. He took me back to that abandoned house. Inside, the same dusty and dirty atmosphere, although now I noticed a certain smell of urine, but more than human, it occurred to me that it was cat. The only difference: a worn sheet on the mattress lying on the floor. A dog, lying in the gloom of a corner, had a bone between his teeth.

I wanted to give him another kiss; Chelo rejected me abruptly.

"Cut the crap... pull out your pants at once..."

He sat in a drawer and watched me take off my shorts. First I got rid of the slippers, then I lowered the shims, and put them aside with a stroke of my foot. The same thing I did with the thong (that by the way, Chelo didn't say anything to me because of the leopard colored plot). I was half-naked in front of him.

"Come and suck my dick..." he ordered me as he stood up.

I opened the jean zipper and lowered it; I knelt down in front of his underpants, white (although due to lack of proper washing, the color was already gray), with the shield of Boca Juniors at the height of the pubis; the erect penis, made a tent form. I pulled out his penis. I brought my hands to her buttocks, round and hard, just as I had imagined.

Small testicles, little pubic hair, but curly, penis about 15 cm long, half twisted to the right, triangular-shaped head, almost all covered by the foreskin, that's what I found.  He took off his jean and lay on the mattress.

"Dale... come and suck, bitch..." he rushed me. I put myself in four between his legs and grabbed his penis by the root, pulled the foreskin back and took it to my mouth; I closed my lips over my head... the first thing I felt was a somewhat acidic taste, I imagined it would be his pee; I wondered if when he pissed he didn't shake it. I played with his head in my mouth, savoring it, licking it, and why not, wiping it with my tongue.

Chelo grabbed me by the nape of the neck and I stopped sucking, rather, he began to catch me by the mouth, stronger and stronger and deeper ... sometimes I came reflexes of nausea, so deeply I put it, I wanted to take off, but Chelo took me with more strength

I was there, on four legs, with my ass in the air, the penis that filled my mouth and pushed against my palate, I like to presemen, suddenly a strange sensation, like a tongue in my vagina, a rough tongue; I realize that the dog puts its muzzle in my intimate parts!

No!... not that, to sleep with an asshole if...but no animals!...I want to resist and detach myself from Chelo, he pushes my head with more force, I throw a kick to the dog, which withdraws and returns with his snout. Chelo lets me go, but before I can get up, he unloads his semen on my lips and cheeks, I throw another kick at the dog and turn around, I fall back on the mattress, I keep throwing kicks at the dog, which ends up going to the corner.

"Fucking hell!!!" I yell at Chelo, very angry; I slap him, he dodges.

Chelo gives me a slap that stunned me.

"Bitch!!!..... I'll get you like I want... bitch!!!..."

I kept kicking him to defend myself. Finally, Chelo got up and insulted me from top to bottom:

"The conch ´tu mother... whore of shit!!....don't you want cock...?...what the fuck do you want?!!!"

He was standing there screaming at me, unabashed, with a red face and unstuck eyes. I looked for my tights and tried to stop.

"They're all fucking whores!... go ahead, mandate to move from here... before q´te kick your ass... conchuda!....".

I had a terrible scare, I wanted to leave and disappear from there. Before I crossed the door, Chelo kicked me in the middle of my tail, and I almost fell on the sidewalk. I run away, with the heat of the sidewalk burning my feet. Luckily, a taxi passes by that, although it passed by without stopping, stopped a couple of meters later.

The driver wanted to take me to the police station. I refused; he finally left me at the supermarket where I left the car. I went back home, all nervous, crying with rage and indignation, I went to bathe, to get rid of all the dirt and shit that I felt had stuck to my skin.

Under the jets of hot water, I cried for the foolishness I had done, for disregarding what my reason advised me to do. I promised myself I'd never cheat on my husband again.

Two days later, when I was calmer, I rethought my promise, because I realized that everything was caused by lending me a kind of blind date. In the future, I'd be more careful, but for now I'll be good.


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