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A woman in flames


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on: June 29, 2019, 01:29:48 PM
My name is Marisa, I am 36 years old, and I am married to Jorge. I'm a high school math teacher, very attractive, blond hair long to the shoulder, straight, 1.75m high, with a body that my friends envy.

With my husband we get along very well sexually, but we also give each other certain freedoms, but we never deceive ourselves.

About a month ago, Jorge, who is an executive at a multinational, had a working dinner to which she was invited. It was with a guy from Spain, who came to do an audit on my husband's sector. So when I woke up that day to go to school, I left the clothes I would wear at night ready.

I had had an erotic dream, which I could not satiate because Jorge had spent the night in Cordoba, and returned at mid-morning, he would go to sleep for a while, and then to work. That's why I felt excited and eager to provoke.

I put on a very finite black cloth mini, a white shirt that made my lace bodice transparent, and I went to the train station.

As I went up, I won the glances of all men, for my attire was infrequent for the one who travels by that means.

I was lucky enough to meet two of my students, Pablo and Guille, 15 years old, in the car, two very focused boys, the best of the class.

Since there were no free seats, Pablo, a very gentleman, offered me his, which, after initially refusing, I ended up accepting.  I stood next to the other boy, and Paul, in order to speak, crouched down in front of us. Everything was perfect, but I noticed that Pablo kept looking at my thighs until I fell: the skirt was so short, that as soon as I sat down, I left my panties uncovered. On top of that, I had put on a white one, which, in contrast to the black of the skirt, stood out clearly. And since he was at the same height as my legs, I had an unbeatable view of my underwear.

The thing, little by little, was raising my temperature, to see a boy enjoying in such a way to be able to see my panties, made me relive the sensations of the night. Then I opened my legs a little more, so that no detail would be lost.

A little while later, we got to school. That day I didn't have class with the boys on the train, but with the first year, boys who were approximately 13 years old. When they saw me coming dressed like that, they were hard (in every sense, I'm sure...).

I decided to take advantage of the impact, and increase it, as I wanted to have a fun day. Averaging the class, I sat down on my desk, leaving my legs carefully open, to let them see my panties. They immediately got my idea, as they kept looking at me, and the folders were completely forgotten. Again I was warming up tremendously, at night Jorge would have to take off all the heat because I was not going to let him sleep otherwise.

He was very excited when I told him things about looking at my legs, body and especially my underwear.

I was surprised to see my husband during lunchtime, but he came to bring my car so I could do everything faster. He gave me the keys and left again.

In the afternoon, I do student counseling.  I have my own office, very comfortable and spacious. When I got to her, the secretary informed me that I would have to deal with Fabián Alvarado in a little while. It turns out that this is a boy from one of the last years, he is 16, but very developed for his age, he looks older. He is brown, tall, and cute, I had noticed him several times, even thinking crazy things that had made me finish getting him out of my head by touching me. But today I was determined to do everything, to go a little further, no matter what...

When he came into my office, I ordered him to sit down.  I started talking to him about how badly I was doing things, and all that stuff, then I stood up, and sat in front of him, on the desk. He stuck his eyes into the white of my panties, and he couldn't get them out of there. I kept talking, completely serious...

When I finished my speech, I told him that if he wanted to be readmitted as a conditional (he had been expelled, in the first instance, for misconduct), he should sign up for drama classes, as that would help him contain himself and control his emotions. I told him not to worry, since I also attended those classes, and that we would start the next day, after school.  Then I shook his hand, and he left, happy for the vision he had taken from his teacher....

When I was about to go home, I called Pablo and Guille, the ones on the train, because since I was in the car, I could reach them on the way. Pablo had retired earlier, so I went back to Guille.

The problem with driving in short skirts is that because of the movements of the legs, they go higher than advisable, but I didn't really care. Guille was by my side, and he started looking at my legs. I decided to make a stronger movement to leave a white triangle of my panties in sight (I could see it from my own position). He could see it quietly from its location. The funniest thing was when I asked him to take the money out of my wallet to pay the toll on the motorway: as I passed it, the bill fell right between my legs, on my underwear. I told him to grab it, that he couldn't let go of the steering wheel, he complied with my request, for which he had to rub the fabric of my intimate garment lightly.

When I left him at home, I gave him a sonorous kiss, with my lips, on his cheek, which led him to blush a little. Then I continued on my way home, to bathe and continue on my way to dinner with Jorge.

I wore for the occasion a black dress ultracorto, very sexy, gift from my husband. When I got to the parking lot, the guy who kept the cars did not stop looking at me, is that when I got out, I completely lifted my skirt (not wearing socks), and before his eyes, I accommodated the panties, which by the handling had gone into my ass.

I entered the restaurant, and Jorge immediately beckoned me. I was surprised that I introduced myself to the Spaniard as his secretary, but I thought it was a joke.

We ate normally, while I was noticing that the Spanish would not stop looking at me, and Jorge was always making comments about my clothes. When we finished, my husband told us to go upstairs, where there was a dance floor. The three of us danced together, until Jorge told me he wanted to see me dance on top of one of the speakers. I got on it with his help, and I started to give him the pleasure. I moved with total naturalness, knowing that the whole bowling alley, and especially Jorge and the auditor, were looking at my underwear, which I loved to show. After all, I had bought this white lace outfit for something...

I kept dancing, no matter what. A kind of circle of people had formed around me, applauding and shouting at me. I, at that point, was very excited, I moved the dress everywhere. When it was time to leave, a guy wanted to help me down, but took the opportunity to put his hand in my hand, as he touched my ass under the skirt. I thanked him with a hug and a little kiss on the cheek. Jorge and the Spaniard took each one of my arms, and we went to the car.

Since we had two cars, Jorge told me to go with the auditor in his car, and he would go with ours. We'd go to our house, since they had some things to fix.

We hadn't walked a mile, when the Spaniard, Jesus, told me that he would love me to take off my dress. The truth is, I don't know what went through my head, but I obeyed, took it off, and put it in the back seat.

I stood beside her with only my white lace bodice and pantyhose ensemble.

When we arrived at the toll booth, he wanted me to pay for what I had to pass over him, to the delight of the collector, who saw me only with my intimate garments.

We were on the highway, Jorge's car was on par with us, so I showed my ass through the window, which my husband couldn't help but laugh.

When we got home, I took the dress, and without putting it on, I got out of the car. It was the first time I was in the middle of the street in bombacha, and in my own neighborhood, but since it was so late, nobody saw me, at least I think so.

I began to serve them coffee, without dressing, and I sat on the legs of the Spaniard. He hugged me at the waist, and started massaging me, until Jorge told him to finish his chores. At that moment, I got up and left them alone.

The auditor left, not without first trying to make an appointment with me, as he left my husband his personal phone number. When Jorge entered the room, I expected him completely naked...

He undressed quickly, and his sword was in sight. He threw himself at me, and nailed me to the ground. We were fucking all night, it was so hot I couldn't stop, until Jorge, surrendered, told me enough. The next day I only had classes in the afternoon, and then theater. So I kept sleeping after Jorge left for work. The doorbell woke me up. He was the gardener, who came to cut the grass in the background.

He's a dark, corpulent boy. He'll be 20, give or take.  As I am not usually in the morning, the boy has a copy of the keys, to enter when necessary. I closed the bedroom door, and I kept sleeping, because he'd think I was alone.

It was when I felt an open hand caressing my shell that I realized that the gardener was sitting next to me. I looked at him strangely, and he told me that he had been trying to wake me up for a while, and that my sleep was very heavy.

My thong had already given away my fever, as it was completely wet. He ran it out of my channel, and stuck his fingers in me, masturbating me with a force and a masterful skill. I had three orgasms, and the truth is it did me a lot of good. I had never acted like this with anyone except Jorge, but I didn't feel guilty. When we were done, he left and I started getting ready for the afternoon. I wore a black dress, short, and a white pantyhose.

I gave my class in the normal way, without showing anything, because the gardener's work had suffocated my fire. When it was time to leave, Fabian showed up for theatre class.

There were six of us in the class: three boys, one girl and two of us, plus the teacher.

We had to practice a scene in which two of the boys had to attack me, and Fabian, who was my boyfriend, came to rescue me. The two aggressors grabbed me tightly, breaking my dress, so I remained in panties and bra.

When my boyfriend arrived, they ran away, and I ran to hug him...

We finished the scene, and the professor wanted to tell us working anecdotes.

As there were no chairs left, I sat on Fabián's legs in panties and hugged him tenderly. He placed one of his arms between my thighs, and the other caressing my buttocks. The other kids were looking at us funny.

After class, we went to the parking lot to get the car. I was in the basement of the theater, so I didn't have to come across anyone (remember I was in my underwear). We were walking, and I grabbed Fabián by the shoulder, who hugged me by the waist, caressing the side plaster of my bombachita. We looked like boyfriends...

I must confess that Fabian made me feel forgotten things, attracted me a lot, and constantly sought to capture his attention...

When the guy in the parking lot saw us (or rather, he saw me), he was speechless. He greeted us, and went to the booth.

Given the state I was in, I asked Fabian to accompany me to my house, to dress me, and then I would catch him at his. He accepted immediately, I don't think he had much to do.

We entered the garage directly, and I took him by the hand, heading for my room. He, a gentleman, took me in his arms, and thus climbed me up the stairs. If there was anything he lacked to finish me falling in love, it was that gesture.

That's what gave me the strength to put a sweet kiss on his mouth, which he answered immediately. I took the opportunity to confess to him how long I had been waiting to kiss him, and that I had plotted the whole business of theatre classes.

He leaned on my bed, pulled down his pants and took off his shirt. I had a really interesting device, though not as interesting as my husband.  I started kissing his whole body, including his element, and he ripped off my panties with passion. He put it all the way inside me, making me explode with pleasure, and I hugged him with everything. He moved very well, but his little experience was noticeable, because he finished very quickly for my taste. Although I must say I had two orgasms.

As Jorge was about to arrive, I told him to take a taxi. I put on my panties to walk him to the door, and when I was about to open it, my husband came in. He looked at us strangely. Of course, seeing his wife in panties and bra next to a boy who could be my son was not an everyday thing. But the funniest thing is that Jorge was accompanied by the son of his boss, whom he was training to enter the company. His name was Miguel, and he was about 16. When he saw me, he was drooling for a long time.

As if nothing had happened, I presented Fabian to them as a student, and my husband told me who Miguel was. Fabian, very uncomfortable with the situation, left without saying a word, and it was just the three of us.

I made them a cup of coffee, and I took them without even wearing a nightgown. The boy did not stop admiring me, but inhibited by Jorge, who looked at me with a satisfaction and a lust that he could not erase from his face.

I approached Miguel from behind, and began to massage his back, after this, I sat on his legs, facing him. My bombachita was soaked, and the boy took his hands up to my buttocks, and felt them with great pleasure. Suddenly I kissed him passionately, and he tried to give it back to me, but so clumsily that I realized that he had not kissed many women in his life. I took off his shirt, pulled off his pants, and pulled out his penis, which was hard as hell. I started to suck it slowly, and I started to raise the pace little by little. I took off my bra, and I brought her hands to my tits, which she played with desire...

I stood up, leaving my crotch wet at her face level, and asked her to take my panties off, which she did immediately.  I pushed his head against my shell, so that he would taste all my juices, and I laid him on the sofa. I climbed on it, and began to jump on its sword, it went in and out quickly. I was enjoying myself as I did a lot, and when I wanted to watch my husband, the son of a bitch was with one hand on his dick, masturbating, and with the other he was holding the video camera, as he was filming us.

When I finished, Miguel confessed to me that he had never made love, and that he would like to repeat it one of these days, to which I replied that he did not, that he loved Jorge and did not want to take advantage of him. I kissed him on the mouth, and he got dressed.  Jorge would take him home.

I went to bed, to think how I would continue to satisfy my sexual cravings, and I knew who would be next. My favorite, my husband...


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