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Fat Brush Painters


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on: June 29, 2019, 01:18:31 PM

The third time I cheated on my husband "I killed two birds with one stone": I did it with one black and was possessed by two men at the same time. I mean, I managed to experience my two favorite sexual fantasies in one morning.

For the irony of life my husband was the architect of his own horns, since we had decided by mutual agreement to paint the living room of our house, which already had walls and ceilings blackened by radiators, but he was the one who took care of hiring the workers, through a service company that had recommended a colleague of his at work.

That Monday I had woken up at the same time as my husband, who left the house on the way to his office at half past seven o'clock, as usual. After washing my face a little I proceeded to prepare breakfast; orange juice, coffee with milk and toast with butter and jam. Then I fixed up the house a little bit. It would be a quarter past eight when I sat at the kitchen table, lit a cigarette and connected the radio news to wait until eight thirty, when the painters had to arrive.

At eight twenty-nine minutes, the doorbell rang.  I put on a robe over my pajamas and proceeded to open. They were two African immigrants, as my husband's friend had told us, who seemed to be doing a very good job as painters. The boss of the two painters would be between forty and five and fifty years old, a native of Equatorial Guinea, of course of a very dark black race, and an authentic man's "wardrobe"; very tall and very strong. The "pinche" was a gorgeous nineteen-year-old morito, a native of Morocco, somewhat lower than his boss, but tremendously thin.  After the presentations, the Guinean was called Matthias and the Moroccan Ishaam, I led them to the hall.

After a first look at the room, both went down to the van to upload the material. I took the opportunity to pee, have another coffee and light the second cigarette of the day. Once they had uploaded all the material they began to cover the furniture with white sheets, and to frame doors and windows with tape. Then they covered the ground with beige stripe paper, opened the paint jars and began to work.

Then I went into the bathroom to take a shower and get ready. As the shower water and rose soap impregnated my skin, my hot mind began to fantasize. I was imagining the two painters possessing all my holes without mercy, and the truth is that I ended up getting so horny that I devised a plan to seduce the painters. At that moment my heart was beating at great speed, a mixture of excitement and fear that produced my firm decision to make out with those immigrants.

Without wearing a bra or panties I wore a long and tight red t-shirt as the only garment. On the top the shirt clearly drew the outline of my two big tits, while on the bottom it was marked on the hips to leave my legs in view (by the way I have them pretty nice for my forty-two years old), from about half a thigh. In conclusion, it was really provocative and explosive. To top it off, as a result of the excitement of my thoughts, the nipples had hardened and were sticking defiantly into the shirt. To finish off my attire, I kept my bare feet.



In that guise I presented myself in the living room. I caught their attention by asking them if they'd like a cup of coffee. Matthias glanced up and down at me, while Ishaam could not take his eyes off my tits. With some nervousness they looked at each other and accepted the invitation. While I was making coffee in the kitchen, I lit my third cigarette. Suddenly I noticed a strange itching sensation inside one of my thighs. When I felt with my hand the area where the itching came from I could see that I was more excited than I thought myself, since it was moisture from my vagina, which had slipped down one of my thighs. I took a paper napkin and wiped my thigh and vagina.

I placed on a tray the three cups of steaming coffee with their corresponding spoons, a small sugar bowl, a jar with milk, three napkins and a saucer with biscuits. I put the tray on the living room table and urged the two painters to sit down with me for coffee.  I made Matías and Ishaam sit on a sofa in front of me, so that while we drank the coffees, by means of premeditated movements, I clearly taught them my sex, since I didn't wear anything under my shirt. The two painters were ostensibly excited, but their exquisite education did not allow them to act.

Then I decided to take the initiative. I hurried my cup of coffee, put out the cigarette after giving it a last puff and got up from my seat while looking at them lewdly. Having been seated the shirt had been raised quite a bit, so when I raised my pussy was completely uncovered, without me doing anything to cover it. The painters were ecstatic at that vision, but they still did not react. I approached where they were sitting and knelt on the ground between Matthias and Ishaam. Then I stretched out my two arms, each of my hands resting on their respective panties, palpating their parts with determination.

Little by little I unzipped the zippers of their working monkeys until I managed to get their dick out of both of them, at which point I started masturbating them at the same time. In less than thirty seconds the two members reached their maximum erection. Matías had a cock worthy of his race; about twenty centimeters long by five or maybe six centimeters in diameter, black and very venous, with the cocoon grayish. Ishaam was something incredible. Somewhat less black and fat than Matías's, but it was well over twenty-three centimetres and had a huge, bright red cocoon and impressive balls.

After masturbating them as a duo for a long time, I let go of Ishaam's dick and started sucking Matías' dick. The thickness of his tail forced me to open my mouth more than normal, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to fit in.  Then Ishaam got up from the chair with his stake facing the ceiling and knelt behind me. Then I noticed how he separated my buttocks with his hands, to finally feel how he drilled my pussy without mercy, until his eggs bumped against my clitoris. Then he started fucking me at a good pace. Matías took my shirt off, leaving me completely in balls, which Ishaam used to grab my tits while he fucked me. The pressure that Ishaam exerted behind me caused Matías's cocoon to gradually penetrate my mouth until the cocoon lodged in my throat.

A few seconds later, the first orgasm of pleasure came over me. The Moroccan's cock pumped my pussy non-stop, while the Guinean's appeared and disappeared between my lips. That was "God's pleasure." They had had a hard time reacting to my seduction, but now they had taken the reins of the situation and I suspected they were going to flood me with milk everywhere.


When I was going for the third orgasm, Ishaam ran with pleasure, flooding my entrails with semen. The moment the Moroccan pulled his dick out of my pussy, Matías pulled my body and sat me on his pubis, nailing it where his partner's had been a few seconds earlier. He grabbed my ass with both hands and started fucking me without a break. From the corner of my eye I could see Ishaam sitting in an armchair, lighting a cigarette and watching us without losing any detail.

Matthias seemed to be possessed by the demon judging by his behavior. While I fucked non-stop and at a good pace, I stuck her head between my tits and sucked and nibbled with sickly desire. When she got tired of my tits she started putting her tongue in my mouth, inspecting every inch of my gums and giving me her abundant saliva. Her enormous cock went in and out of my pussy with more and more force and speed, in such a way that it provoked me three orgasms in a row, during which I shrieked with pleasure like a possessed woman.

When I turned my face to Ishaam, I could see how his tail was spliced again. He put out the cigarette looking me in the eyes and, coming closer to us, he offered it to me at the height of my mouth to suck it, which I obeyed without complaining. Ishaam had it of a caliber similar to that of his friend but three or four centimeters longer, so it cost me slightly to swallow it whole, as I had done previously with Matías. After dilating my throat I put it all inside, after which I began to suck it slowly. It was a real pleasure to have one cock in the pussy and another in the mouth at the same time.

After a while Ishaam took it out of my mouth and, standing behind me, began to dilate my anus with one of his fingers.  Then he put two fingers in me and finally pointed his cocoon in my hole and squeezed it up my ass. They had never fucked my anus so at first it hurt a lot, but little by little the pain became an infinite pleasure. Now I had two cocks again: one in my pussy and one in my anus. I swear to you that I cannot remember the exact number of orgasms that provoked me in that position, but they were more than six. I screamed and twisted from pleasure like a bitch in heat, and it wasn't for less.

Suddenly the two painters stopped pumping me and pulled their fat brushes out of my two holes. They sat me on the couch and stood in front of me, each to one side. Then they told me to take turns sucking on them, until they both dumped their eggs in my mouth. That made me so horny I had no qualms about it. And I did.

While I was sucking Matías, I was masturbating Ishaam with my hand and vice versa. After ten or twelve minutes Matías began to puff. He grabbed my head and started pouring milk into my mouth. Every time his black cocoon swelled, he would spit out an abundant and thick jet of lefa that would be deposited on my tongue. As soon as I had finished ejaculating in my mouth, Ishaam was urgently demanding his turn, as I had never stopped masturbating him.

It was all so fast that I had to swallow all of Matthias' semen to make way for Ishaam's. As soon as I put it in my mouth, the Moroccan cocksucker began to ejaculate in a brutal way. The first two jets were tremendous, both in strength and quantity. Then his tail spat up to six more times. In order not to miss Matthias, I was forced to swallow all of Ishaam's juice as well.

Of course, after finishing painting the salon I was given another sex session, if possible more intense than the first one.



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