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on: October 23, 2019, 04:16:14 PM
Room 315.

Sometimes passion, desire, love and cunning come together in one room.

An ex-girlfriend of mine (Juana) recently invited me for coffee and file asperias, so I accepted...

We saw each other in the usual place, in a subway station, she went like a little doll, she wore: denim trousers at the hip, open sandal-like shoes, a blouse that let you appreciate a few brief breasts, and very in their place....

We greeted each other briefly and our conversation began on the way to the restaurant...

--How have you been? -- He asked me.

-- Well, you know, a little busy with school and a little busy with work.

-- And your girlfriend? -- She questioned me, throwing one of her horny, tender glances, like those of a naive girl.

-- All right. -- I said sharp.

-- I've seen you and I don't think you're happy, or are you?

-- Yes I am -- I replied.

-- And, does it make you sexually happy, because knowing you, God of my Life! -- He told me with those words that they always took away my fever and passion when I told him any sexual fantasy that occurred to me or that I wanted to.

-- Well, believe it or not, I am -- (and I really am).

We arrived at the establishment and asked for a table, we ordered something to eat and between trivialities, complaints, mother's mentions, and one or the other "I love you very much", we reached an agreement....

-- Well, I said very solemnly, we're still friends, no hard feelings, okay?

-- Sure! -- His eyes showed the emotion guarded.

-- I thank you for the food, and for the talk...

and before I could say anything else, she took me by surprise with a question I never would have imagined coming out of those lips:


-- Huh? -- I said, with almost infinite astonishment.

-- Yes, heart, I know that you were never satisfied, and that in part that ended our relationship... and the truth is that I was also left with the desire... What do you say?

-- How do I know you're not messing with me? -- I said to him very seriously, and thinking of thousands of depravations that were left unfinished.

-- I've thought about it and I want you to "MAKE MY WORK MASTER", your girlfriend doesn't have to know, I'm not looking for anything but to satisfy our passion...

-- Well, I'd like to, but... -- At that moment I felt under the table his small foot, with a pronounced arch, soft skin caressing my between the legs.

-- What do you say Tiger? Let's give us passion, make me yours, kiss me all... -- With a horny voice he insinuated himself to me more, while his longed-for foot continued massaging my already remarkable lump.

And without further ado, I took his foot in my hands, and said to him:

-- I'll make you mine, but I warn you, I don't want any trouble.

We asked for the bill and we got out of there, hurrying our way, we arrived at a comfortable and very discreet place, I ordered a room and we went up.

In the hotel room, when we closed the door, my passion came out, IMAGE TO HAVE CONTENTED REAR WINS, ANHELAR FOR A LONG TIME SOMETHING AND SOON POSSERLO!

I caressed her little by little, her brief body filled my hands, my lips on the skin of her neck and her voice emitting groans of pleasure...

-- Aha, yes, aha, yes, so, you drive me crazy! --

Reach your brief breasts, erect nipples, contained in a top without brass (bra), your pants obediently fell to an order from your little hand...

I then went down to the intimate corner, full of fine lint, I found with my tongue the pink clitoris and began to stimulate it, first slow and then faster and faster, it was when she, between sighs and pantings reached the first orgasm, and as it is well known a woman who reaches the first orgasm, can reach in a matter of seconds several consecutive orgasms with the minimum of time, so I continued stimulating the small button, until I felt almost immediately the arrival of a second orgasm, by then she was completely naked....

Her crowded skin stood up at every caress of mine, I was stripping myself of my regrets and obviously of my clothes... It was then that we began a rich 69, she sucked up to the root of my penis, and from time to time she put everything in and with her tongue massaged my testicles, I moved my tongue from the anus to the clitoris, introducing in turn a finger first in anus, and then in vagina, thus interspersed, licking, her orgasm came first, and gourmand bit very softly and cachondamente my foreskin.... She turned and looked at me like I had never done before, so I came out between her legs and settled behind her, I poured a little anal lubricant, into her cloudy, hackneyed hole, she twisted at every stroke of my finger, which then became 3 fingers!

-- What are you waiting for, papacito? Now! -- She ordered almost on the edge of the orgasm, so I put on a condom and penetrated her slowly, until I felt her final intestine squeeze my virile part.

her hip began to move between groans, ever louder until they became screams of lust and passion, I was getting louder and louder, and as I pulled out my erect cock I could observe a dilated anus, hungry, graceful and delicate cavern!

In various positions I enjoyed the newly opened natural orifice...until..:

-- Let me know when you are coming, so, ah, ah, yes, ah!

-- Almost there, almost there, I'm coming...

-- Come but in my mouth I want to suck you!

-- Well, go ahead! -- I took off my condom and she, with her butt towards the mirror, let me see how dilated her anus was, that, and the rich blowjob made me come flooding her mouth up to her throat.

-- mmmhhh, mmmMHHHHHhhhh! -- mamabá golosamente juana!

-- AAAaggghHHHh, mmmhhh, what a riCoooooo suck it!!!

when we finished, we went to the bathroom to take a shower ...

and I promise to tell you the following in the next episode.

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