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I enjoyed it more than my wife.


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on: October 23, 2019, 04:21:13 PM
I've been reading a lot of erotic stories and that's what has made my way of thinking about sex change from a stupid traditionalist to a liberalism that has made me enjoy exciting experiences. Today I want to tell you about my first cuckold adventure and how my wife enjoyed it as she never thought she could.

It all started on these same pages. First I got hooked and little by little I introduced my wife to its content. We start reading simple heterosexual stories and end up reading all kinds of questions, even if you don't think (at the moment) we are attracted to certain perversions.

As I see that it is normal to describe the main couples, I will tell you that I am a tall man with an athletic aspect and I give classes as a professor in a Spanish University that, obviously, I keep quiet in order to avoid comments from my students. My cock is in line with my appearance and in full performance has a length of almost 20 cm. My wife is splendid, attracts attention, she always goes to work (she is the director of a bank branch) as if she were going to a gala party: the hair with half a mane arranged at all times, the long nails, cared for and painted, in lingerie she spares not a euro so her bras and panties or thongs are the most sensual. She usually wears a jacket suit with her skirt above her knee, which as soon as she sits down reaches the middle of her thigh and high heels that highlight her legs. Her chest is a 100 and now her pussy is perfectly depilated. She goes to a gym three days a week and I am very proud of her.

As I told you before, until very recently we had a very normal family and sexual life, with a couple of powders a week and perhaps an extraordinary one if the circumstances were right. That average has been increasing since we read these stories together. I was able to detect that those subjects that most caught her attention were those of orgies and especially if black or Moors were involved. She got playful and immediately lubricated. He also tried to read all those that dealt with infidelities or exchanges. One fine day while we were on the couch, with our children at a friend's house, light clothes and warm bodies, we had the following conversation as we stroked each other's breasts and cock:


Honey, you seem to enjoy reading how others are cheated because their lips are dripping. Could it be that you're putting them on me or would you like to put them on?

Honey, I could never hide the possible adventures I had and if they arose they would always be with your permission.


Hearing that excited me, but it also surprised me. My demure wife did not deny that she could have adventures with others, she only made it subject to my giving her permission. It was incredible what my mind could fly in that situation and my cock grew like never before and I'm sure she noticed because she was surprised at the strength of my onslaughts.

A few weeks after that event I had to move to give talks at another university and, since it was a city where my wife had never been, he asked his zone chairperson for a few days off and accompanied me. As usual she carried a tremendous amount of luggage for almost half a week, but she wanted to feel sure that she would not miss anything and that at official dinners and other public events she would be the most desired and coveted of all the ladies present there.

Those days were the happiest. We had made many friends and I coincided with other colleagues from other Universities that I had not seen for a long time, so the nights were very lively and my wife always enjoyed the kind comments directed by men and even provocateurs of some colleagues that I considered over launched. In the evenings, due to both the effects of alcohol and these comments, my wife arrived extremely hot and even on the last day we played to have her remove her thong at the service and return to the table where we had dinner with her pussy in the air. That seemed incredible to us and since it was the first time that we did something like that, the adrenaline shot up in such a way that we couldn't see the moment to go fuck in the room.

On the last day we said goodbye to the rest of the people we knew because we had decided to do some sightseeing and stay in the city. We were walking around after lunch and commenting on everything that had happened to us. She told me how hot she got on various occasions and how if she had been single she would have fucked more than one of my colleagues, as she liked them very much and especially how they treated her. She even told me about one of them that in one of the times that we went to a pub, when she announced that she was going to the service this colleague said that he was accompanying her and how during the road she touched her ass dissimulated and how much that excited her, having to masturbate in the service. She even told me that on that day she also took off her thong and that she noticed that she was soaking wet. With that narration I noticed how my cock believed and she also realized, so since we were near our hotel we decided to go up to the room and enjoy the heat we had.

After that we relaxed and promised each other a big farewell dinner. Since we were in a sea port we decided to reward ourselves with the last seafood. We went to the best (and most expensive) restaurant they told us about.  It was a place thought for diners to feel comfortable and between the wine and the stories we had forged in those days, our minds and our bodies were increasing in temperature.

After dinner we decided to go to a middle-aged discotheque. There weren't many people and it had two different environments. In the lower area there was a large bar that made many eses in such a way that almost rubbed the back of the person behind. An area of running armchairs with small tables and several tables with their corresponding seats around the dance floor that had the shape of a huge heart. At the top the bar was much smaller and without any shape and there were small sofas with a larger table with each of them. When I saw him I remembered my young years when I went to places like this to be able to magrear a girl after trying to steal a kiss on the dance floor. It was clear that this place was many years old and had been inaugurated in my time of dancing.

We were very uninhibited and after ordering a bottle of cava and two glasses we sat next to the dance floor. We were watching the couples dance and we laughed and kissed without any reservations because we knew that it would be very difficult, if not impossible, to meet someone known in that place. At one point one of our songs sounded, those that all couples keep in their memories and without thinking twice I grabbed my wife by both hands and dragged her to the track. She was surprised, but she let herself be lifted and we continued song after song, stopping only to toast.

When we ran out of bottle we decided to take a break and go over to the bar to ask for another bottle. That's what I was doing, asking for the bottle, when I hear someone asking my wife to dance with him. It was a man that I had already seen there and that had been dancing alone and looking at us occasionally (at least that's what I thought). My wife refused the invitation, but the man insisted, that's when she told him that she was with her husband and that she only danced with me. At that moment the man turned to me and said:


You look like an educated person and you will understand that any man wants to dance with his wife. Since she says that she only dances with you, that's why I ask you to allow me to go to the dance floor with her so that I can enjoy the rhythm that I have seen overflowing.


Obviously I could not resist such gallantry and education and seeing that my wife did not dislike the idea I invited them to enjoy the dance floor. Little did I imagine what they were going to enjoy between them, but I don't want to advance events and I leaned on the bar observing the couple's pirouettes. He didn't miss a chance to squeeze her body and lower his hand down my wife's ass, but I didn't want to be labeled jealous afterwards and I started thinking about something else. At that moment the only thing that came to mind was that phrase in which my wife had promised me that there would be nothing with other men without my authorization. Would you be referring to situations like this? My mind kept thinking about it when I was suddenly approached by a man:


Are you the husband of that beauty my friend dances with?

I suppose so. At least 50% of your statement is true because the woman on the dance floor dancing with that man is my wife. What I don't know is whether your partner is your friend or not.

Well, yes, we are friends, we came together and when I came back from the service I found that it was not where I had left it and I started looking for it until I saw it on the floor. Let me tell you that you have a beautiful woman who overflows sensuality.

Thank you very much - I said half blushing. I know I have a great woman, in every way, by my side.

I'm sure you'll make the most of it. He said to me in a tone between a rogue and a pervert, but I didn't want to give it any more importance.

It's very complete.

What an ass and tits you have.      Forgive me if I bother you with my comments, but is that jumps at the sight of your physique.

Yes, I said wishing that conversation would end as soon as possible.


Soon my wife came back with her dance partner because there was a change of music and my wife abalanzo in my arms giving me a kiss on the lips that showed me the fever he was wearing. After the opportune presentations, the one who took her to dance told us that he wanted to thank us for the kindness and that given that they were very tired after so much exercise and that as the armchairs upstairs were more comfortable that we went to take a new bottle of cava to that area, which he invited. My refusals were in vain and given the insistence of the three (including my wife) I had no choice but to accept. I even think that the fact that I don't usually drink and already carry two bottles of cava drinks had something to do with that decision.

We went up and sat down in a somewhat dark area from where you could see the lower track. Given my interest, they decided that I should go first and left my wife in the middle. Our conversations were fluid and stranger and stranger. My wife showed almost the whole thigh and every time she laughed (which was very often) her tits moved as if they wanted to jump from the bra that covered the middle. The two men were from that city and were dedicated to the sale of computer products for which they had created a small company. It was noticeable that they were used to dealing with people because they were polite, kind and properly dressed. Their names were Xavier and Antonio. Xavier was between me and my wife and Antonio was the one who was most distant from my position and was the one who had been dancing with my wife. As I told you the conversations were increasing in tone and with the dirty jokes, came the issue of sex in our couple and it was Antonio who said:


With a female like this you won't have problems fucking like a madman and you won't need any other woman.

Evidently, I have always been faithful to my wife and I suppose she to me, I said with laughter.

You know that, honey. You know if you don't give me permission, I'll never have sex with another man, my wife reminded me.

That's good - terció Xavier. In this way, problems in the couple are avoided and both enjoy themselves, since one will not get over it if he knows he doesn't have the approval of the other.

For example now honey, Antonio has made me tremendously hot while we were dancing on the floor and has asked me to go to his car but I told him that I owe my marriage and that I would do nothing at all. The truth is that I noticed his huge cock stuck to my pussy and I came to regret that he had his pants and I my skirt, but fidelity you know that is above all between us.


I didn't believe what I heard, but at the same time I was excited by what he was telling me as I was noticing his fever. In that, again Antonio pulled me out of the clouds when he told me:


Do you give me permission to check the hardness of your wife's ass?


I surprised myself by listening to him say very softly that yes to what my wife reacted by getting up a little and passing with her tits almost next to Xavier's face she gave me a kiss on the lips running all over my mouth with her tongue. When we finished I could see how Antonio had given him a slap on his ass and lifting the skirt was massaging him with both hands. My wife approached me again and after giving me another kiss just as intense but this time shorter told me:


Honey, I would love it if, in gratitude for how well these new friends have behaved, you would allow me to give them my underwear giving Antonio my thong soaked in my juices and Xavier my bra, but I want you to take it off and give it to them.


After a few moments of indecision, in which my wife placed her hand on my cock and stroked it very gently on the pants, I decided to remove the jacket from the suit, open the blouse and remove the bra.  Her tits jumped splendidly with stiff and hard nipples as I had never seen them before. I wanted to go and close the blouse, but she discreetly prevented me by saying that there was not much light there and that no one was going to find out how she was. Little did I have to pull up her skirt to remove her g-string because between movements it was almost at her waist, but when I removed her g-string I could see that it was soaked, which made me very excited when I found out that my wife was very horny.

Antonio spoke to me praising the excellence of my wife and my luck as his husband because not every day you could admire a female of that caliber and asked me permission to touch her breasts and nipples because they seemed unique in the world. I again babbled a yes, but my wife said:


It is not a matter of giving permission or not affection you must show yourself active, otherwise I will understand that you do it out of pure commitment to these attentive friends. Take Antonio's hands and put them on my tits, that way I'll know that you really like that I rub them with pleasure. What I regret is that Xavier can not enjoy my body because Antonio to be more advanced has taken my breasts. I will make you a proposal that will surely satisfy Xavier, if you agree with my proposal take one of his hands, open my legs and take it to my wet pussy to check my excitement and I can drink my honey as you do in the intimacy. If you don't think it's a good idea we get up and you fuck me in the hotel until you drop.


I was surprised taking Antonio's hands and not only putting them on top of my wife's tits, but helping her to magrelate them in a tremendously exciting and brazen way. After a few moments I realized that Xavier was waiting for my reaction and I took one of his hands and while the other separated the legs of my faithful wife I approached her pussy, took two of his fingers to put them in his crack and after noticing how they got wet he took them to his mouth, saying: now you go on.

I didn't believe what I was doing. It was tremendously hot and I couldn't see well everything my two new friends were doing with my wife, so I left my secluded corner to sit on the table in front of them and watch the show in its fullness. My wife enjoyed it as I had never seen it before and let herself be carried away by the sensations she perceived. So much was the pleasure that I received that I told myself that those friends should receive a similar pleasure and I took one of my wife's hands and put it on top of the already guessed Antonio's pollon and the same I did with the other to put it on top of similar apparatus that Xavier appeared to have. She smiled at me gratefully and after a while hitting them with the most suggestive and exciting movements she turned to me to tell me:


Honey, you know I need permission for everything we do and I think your permission should be as explicit as possible, so since these friends are dying to masturbate them directly because both the fabric of the pants and the slip are causing friction, I would like you to take their dicks and direct my masturbations. What do you think?


At that moment everything didn't matter to me, she enjoyed like a possessed woman and I had never enjoyed so much without participating in it. Without thinking about it I approached Antonio and after staring him in the eyes and receiving a smile of complicity I unbuttoned his trousers and I took out of his prison a cock of at least 25 centimetres stiff and wet on its tip. I put my beloved wife's hand on that cock and began to move it rhythmically from top to bottom.  When she picked up a certain rhythm I let her continue on her own and I could guess a look of lust in her eyes as I had never felt it before. Then I did the same operation with Xavier, I moved a little on the table to get closer to him and after looking into his eyes I stood, wondering what I was doing, how I was putting my faithful wife in the hands of two depraved. At that moment Xavier's voice sounded in my brain like a sledgehammer saying: "Come, you cuckold, I want to run in the hand of this whore. I did not give credit to what I heard, but I did as if it was not with me, I took out his dick, which although smaller than Antonio's was something thicker and I approached the other hand of my wife to perform the same masturbatory operation on the dick of that individual who based on the excitement I had offended my wife and my honor, although I think that at that time my honor mattered and quite little.

I was in those thoughts when I found my hand touching my dick over my pants, a situation my wife noticed:


I like this experience, my life. They have managed to excite me like you had never done before and I can see that you like that sensation. I believe that from now on you will be a perfect cuckold and I will be able to throw myself and enjoy all the men I want in front of you and with your help. I need the cock of these two friends inside me in a wild, brutal way and again I ask you to help me fulfill my wishes. But ... you know that I will only do it if you, my cuckold, agree that I become a vicious whore. I want you to finish undressing me completely so that I can feel all the pleasure you can give me and since it was Antonio who discovered me I want him to be the first to penetrate me and I want him to be without a condom. You know that I had surgery a long time ago to feel your cock inside my pussy and now I will not lose the pleasure of feeling the cock and eggs of others in the same place. Therefore, and so that Xavier doesn't get bored, I'll eat that cock that I don't know if it will fit me in the mouth of how fat he is. You meanwhile watch as your faithful wife's whore gets fucked in front of you in a public place and if you want you can masturbate where you are.


Without thinking twice I got up, I approached her and withdrew as I could the blouse and skirt completely wrinkled. And since I had to agree with what she wanted, I proposed that the best way for her to notice what I wanted her to enjoy was to put her on all fours on the sofa. In that position I put her mouth close to Xavier's dick and inserted it.  I saw how she went up and down and how her saliva made her shine in a special way.  Once this area was connected, I asked Antonio for permission to take his cock and bring it closer to my wife's pussy. Once there I told her loud so that the three of them could hear her that now was her moment and that they could make her enjoy and run inside her as many times as they wanted.

The spectacle was incredible, there in the middle of a discotheque, where the two waiters of that small bar did not miss detail, my wife was being fucked while she was sucking another one and I chose to take out my cock to masturbate there. The movements were frantic. My wife's tits moved from one side to the other and Antonio and Xavier rivalled each other to catch them in the most firm and pleasant way for her. The three ran together and my wife did not let escape a drop of Xavier's cock, while with one hand retained the exit of his pussy from Antonio so when he withdrew his cock I could see it more reduced and dripping slightly. I could verify that between my legs there was a puddle of semen product of my masturbation and excitement. My wife smiled happily and gave me a kiss that tasted like Xavier's semen, but I liked it. At that moment he took the floor again and said to us:


You know what? My husband was sucked very few times, I gave a tremendous disgust, but today your cock Xavier has known me to glory, I would be drinking your semen for a whole week without getting tired. When I got married I was a virgin everywhere and to this day I am still a virgin for one of them.

Which one? - terció Xavier.

Evidently by the ass, my friend and I hope that my dear husband does not oppose as a reward for your willingness to give us pleasure to give it to Antonio, while your Xavier makes a sandwich with me and penetrate me again by this pussy eager to be fucked again. What do you think, horny hubby? Do you think it is a good way to thank what these guys have done for us? or perhaps you can think of another more exciting last.

Honey, I think it's sublime the idea you've come up with and let me prepare everything for you to get the most pleasure right now.


Neither short nor lazy I left the sofa free and first I totally undressed Xavier and placed him face up on the sofa. His cock was taking again some appreciable dimensions and the look of my wife said it all. I placed her on top of him and recommended that he entertain Xavier a little while I undressed Antonio. Once in the dark I could see that her lock no longer needed any help and that she was ready to take action. I thought how much it would hurt to my dear little woman that pollon entering by his virgin ass, but quickly the idea vanished to me since I was preparing the ortho to him and I approached there the cock. Once the three of them were in position, I shouted at them to cheer up that what was left was their task.

Xavier had it easy to penetrate it since the pussy was so dilated that they could enter up to three cocks like his if they had appeared there, but Antonio was trying to break through slowly. My wife was screaming and at one point she said to me:


Honey, to be fully happy I just need to fill my one empty hole.

What is it, sweetheart? You already have a cock in each of the two places.

And what do you think my mouth is for? I want to feel the semen slide through my lips again.

Wait for me to bring you my cock which is eager to receive your pleasure.

No! Cuckold, take it away from me. When I want to give you pleasure, I will give it to you only for you. I do not want to share our pleasure. Look for someone in the vicinity, and make it quick!


I looked up and the person I saw closest to me was one of the waiters who was picking up some empty glasses at a nearby table and who had taken advantage of that apology to see the show up close. I realized that he was a mulatto and I quickly thought that his dick would surely leave my wife satiated for some time. I called him with a few signs and he approached the moment. I explained:


My wife wants to fulfill a wish and I don't want her to have happiness problems so I would beg you to let me undress you so my wife can eat your cock.

I'm sorry, sir, but I'm on duty and I'm not allowed to do these things. My boss could fire me.

Pay him anything, I want his cock in my mouth - shouted my wife.

I have 600 euros in my pocket, would that help me not to have that fear you're talking about?

I'm sorry, but my job is at stake.

I'll double the amount, but let my wife fulfil that whim. Now take 600 € and when your shift is over you accompany us to an ATM and I'll give you the rest.

Come on, faggot, take out her dick and put it in my mouth - my wife shouted at me.


I, without waiting for the waiter's approval, put the 600 € in one of the bags of his trousers while he unbuttoned it, dropped it on the floor with the slip and brought the cock to the woman's mouth. As soon as he felt his tongue playing with his foreskin, he grabbed her by the hair and attracted her to his eggs with such force that she almost suffocated right there.

At that moment I could see how everyone was moving rhythmically and how my wife was vibrating with pleasure. The screams of the four almost extinguished the noise of the music and the few people on the top floor watched the spectacle in ecstasy. I had never experienced anything like it. My cock was hard again so I took advantage of it to take my hand to it and masturbate. After a moment of pleasure I ended up on my wife's back. She was overflowing with semen from her mouth and ass, while Xavier sighed for pleasure beneath her.

We were all naked for a while finishing what was left of the bottle of cava and at one point my wife turned to me to tell me:


Do you see how I would never be unfaithful to you without your permission? You have given me authorization not only with your gestures but with your deeds since you have come at least twice. You deserve a reward, which I will give you at the hotel when you pay this waiter what you owe him. It will be our icing on the cake.


We said goodbye to our friends Xavier and Antonio by exchanging phone numbers and promising that we would do everything possible to see each other again. The waiter left with us, but my wife was obsessed with the size of her dick, I had never seen her so big, so doing a separate told me:


You don't mind if the icing on the cake waits? I'd like to eat this chocolate mousse that life has put in front of me, looking shamelessly at the waiter's package.


As you will understand, I accepted and the three of us went to the hotel, but this story and those that have followed in recent months will be the subject of new adventures.

The only thing I regret is that my beautiful wife has enjoyed this very much and what followed but I am still not able to fully enjoy it, I would like to cheat on her for real, without asking her permission or authorization, as she did on me to suffer the consequences of a real infidelity. Do you think I am doing well?

I look forward to your comments at my e-mail address:


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