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I fucked my lover on my marriage bed.


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on: June 29, 2019, 01:04:33 PM
The airport bulletin board announced the arrival of flight 250 from Mexico City. In the waiting room, I was sitting next to Enrique, my husband, with a feeling of tiredness and at the same time uncertainty, from meeting the businessmen who would arrive on that plane. The next day, they would have a series of meetings that would culminate in an agreement with the organization in which my husband has worked for more than 10 years.

My husband had asked me to accompany him, in order to support him in the attention he usually gives visitors who come to the company in business matters. Although I felt quite tired, because of the work accumulated in my office, without hesitation, I agreed to accompany him. He's always been very nice to me and I really love him. In addition, I know that you like me to accompany you in the moments that you consider of special interest. Also, he told me it's very pleasant to show off such a beautiful wife.

To go to that reception, I wore a pale blue dress, smooth, short and stockings that covered me up to half a thigh, highlighting the shapes and softness of my legs. The heels and uncovered shoes showed my delicate feet, which shone splendidly when I walked and sat, crossed my legs. Finally, I decided not to wear a bra, since I don't like that garment being marked on the dress, so my breasts could be seen naked under the thin fabric of the dress. The men around me could not disguise their embarrassment by noticing that my nipples were noticeable through the dress.

A moment later, the passengers of the flight, began to parade, with their suitcases, in the corridor of reception. When they met with their respective welcoming committees, some kissed their partners, the children ran to receive their parents, characters of all kinds and presence filled the room. Enrique took me by the hand and invited me to accompany him, 

Aria, please come with me, our guests are coming.

Of course, my love, I'll go with you. I replied, standing up and awakening a gleam of desire, in two middle-aged men, who did not miss the opportunity to observe my legs in ecstasy, when the dress almost climbed up to my panties, when I got up from the seat. 

The businessmen turned out to be two neat and elegant men, who approached us with confidence and ease when they recognized Enrique. I noticed that Mr. Beltrán was obviously the boss and his companion, Javier González, also a lawyer, turned out to be his collaborator and advisor in matters of contracts and investments. The first was a mature, elegant, educated, sober man, who seemed to me to be around 55 years old. The second one denoted no more than 35 years old.

I'd be lying if I didn't recognize that Javier made a tremendous impact on me. I thought he was the most beautiful man I'd seen in a long time. Tall, of an athletic body, but without exaggerations, manly hands, evidently it was noticeable that he practiced some sport, by his movements, agile and harmonic and like a lion he moved with the security of his strength and attractiveness. When he looked at me, I felt an electric fluid running through my whole body. It was a current of mutual attraction and surprisingly, I was disturbed at that presence. My God, she cannot be, Aria, the self-confident woman, used to handling all kinds of situations, now she was experiencing feelings of vulnerability.

Henry presented me as pleased with the effect he had evidently caused them.   

this is Aria, my wife.

It is a real pleasure to meet you, madam, let me tell you with all due respect, that you are a very beautiful woman," said Mr. Beltran.

I never imagined that we were going to have the opportunity to meet Enrique's wife, I had already been told that you were a very beautiful lady, however, I believe that those who told me were far below reality. Saying this, Javier, took my hand lightly, holding it for seconds longer than expected. 

Enrique took me by the waist and we started walking towards the parking lot. He commented with Mr. Beltran on the details of the items that would provide the basis for the next day's covenants. Javier was walking one step back. At one point, I looked at him and found his attractive smile and a wink of an eye. I thought he was a charming man.

Enrique and the graduate were so absorbed in their conversation that I ventured to suggest that they take the front of the car and that Javier and I would travel in the back seat. My suggestion was unanimously accepted. Javier, came forward to open the corresponding door for me and in a natural way I got into the car, letting the dress get on me, so much so that my bare legs were offered to the astonished look of my new friend. As I sat down it was impossible for me to sufficiently lower my dress, so I decided to cross my legs and continue with the spectacle of my soft anatomy.

At that moment Javier commented: 

Enrique, let me tell you how spectacular are the beauties you can find in this city. I understood the comment, because of the mischievous look he gave me when he did. 

Enrique replied with a kind comment,   

Of course Javier, and that you have not known more of these beauties that we will gladly show you and let you delight to the fullest.   

Javier continued,   

Besides, I love that blue color. How I'd like to find out what's beyond.

Of course, Javier, we'll have everything for you to enjoy. my husband commented. 

It was obvious that Javier had noticed that my panties were blue and that comment was actually addressed to me. - what a delightful daring, I thought.

We headed to the hotel where they'd be staying. Meanwhile, comments continued on the qualities of the city, its problems and the difference in life in relation to the capital. Javier, I didn't lose the opportunity to touch my hands, arms and at some point up to my legs.

On one occasion, when he lightly rosed the skin of my thighs with his hand, where my stocking ended and my rosy skin emerged, he said   

Henry, I am so ecstatic that I cannot resist enjoying the beauties I find in that city, they are truly wonderful. 

At that moment, Enrique put a face of doubt when he noticed that Javier was exaggerating a little with his comments, since it didn't seem to be related to the area of the city that we were crossing, however, he didn't say anything and waved a smile of understanding.

I noticed Javier had his penis erect. At that moment I also realized that my vagina was wetting my panties. Also, I was feeling little pulsations of pleasure in my clitoris. - My Lord! I'm excited, I thought.

Soon, we arrived at the hotel. Again, on the way down, and without any modesty, I offered a superior show of my wet legs and panties.  At that moment I realized that I had not only been witnessed by Javier but by the graduate and Enrique. Plus, the waiter and the hotel guard. Truly, now, I felt that desired female who enjoys her femininity to the fullest.

We said goodbye to them and I felt a deep frustration.  Enrique didn't invite them anywhere and so, just like that, we went home.  That man had definitely turned me on. I felt my heart racing and my sex wet, I had the need to make love, I would have done anything to be penetrated by the beautiful penis that was guessed through Javier's pants. However, nobody said anything and I was left with this ugly feeling of being excited and not being able to do anything about it. I crossed my legs and began to move one of them gently, forward, backward, more and more. I felt that this movement stimulated my clitoris, that it felt dilated, turgid. Uhummmmmmmmmmmmm... 

What did you think of these businessmen, my dear? Enrique asked me, taking me out of my abstraction.

I thought they were kind, polite and intelligent people. How long will they be in town? I expressed, in a faint, excited, velvety voice.

Tomorrow we will have the meetings and the day after tomorrow, early, you will return to Mexico City. He clarified.

Little time, love, very little time. In my mind appeared the image of Javier when I said: love.

Yes, it is a short time, but I think it is enough because we will only revise and sign the corresponding conventions. By the way, isn't that Javier's briefcase? He said this when he realized he'd forgotten the games and notes in the car.

Yes, I think so. Wouldn't you like to take them now? I hastened the hopeful comment.

No queen, tomorrow I'll take them to the office myself, I don't think I need them today. He expressed, downplaying the importance of oblivion. 

Before I got home I was surprised by another comment from Enrique. 

Hey Aria, isn't your dress a little short? You even showed your blue panties at the hotel.

I don't think so, Enrique.

You see, yes, since how would I know your panties are blue?

Don't be so jealous, my husband, I told him, caressing his chin slightly and letting it lose importance. 

The next day, Enrique got dressed and rushed out to his office. I stayed in bed, the truth is that Javier's memory still provoked excitement reactions. I decided to masturbate in bed, thinking about the day before. I lowered my panties, wet my middle finger with my saliva, and gently started rubbing my clitoris. Uhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, I let that expression of pleasure escape, curving my back and moving up my hips. My hand moved quickly rubbing my clitoris, moistening it with my vagina, introducing the tip in my soft cavern, surprisingly lubricated.

That man had definitely turned me on like never before.  I needed to have orgasms, I had wet dreams, I was hot ... very hot. I narrowed my eyes, my breathing was shallow, fast, my heart was a thousand miles away... I was sweating, my scruffy hair covered my face, my swollen breasts, my erect nipples, the halo around them, it seemed to me that it was growing, more and more. I was about to feel the arrival of my first orgasm, when the phone rang... ringgg, ringggg, I didn't want to answer I was reaching climax with that delicious masturbation thinking of Javier... ringggg, ringggg, insisted.  I took the headset with my left hand, while with the fingers of the right I continued rubbing my sex.... 

ssssssssssiiiiii? I replied, while still stimulating my clitoris.

Hello my love, remember the notes and invoices that Javier forgot? Now I'm the one who forgot them. he said with a hurried expression.

Ann, seriously, my master? I commented, picking up with my finger the flows of my vagina to moisten my clitoris.

What are you doing, queen? You sound like you're... What are you doing?

I'm working out in the band. Love, what do you think? My hips began to tremble in anticipation of the orgasm.

Oh I see... listen Aria, Javier just took a taxi home, please, can I ask you to look for those notes and have them ready for when he arrives? Enrique commented in a hurry.

Clearly my love, I'll have them ready to give them to you. A lot of funny queeridoo. I commented, delightfully feeling an orgasm by the stimulation of my clitoris, ahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Thank you for what, Aria?

For trusting that I will give them to Javier, Master, I answered...

A kiss, love, you know, are very important notes, ciao.

You can be sure that now I'm ready to give them to you. Ciaaaao. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, little orgasms kept coming.   

At that moment, I stopped masturbating, chance had given me the opportunity to complete the unfinished wish of the previous day. Not without a little remorse for feeling such passions with someone who is not my husband and brazenly in front of him. I took a shower and lent myself to getting ready as quickly as possible. I put on the garter belt for some black socks, I put on some tiny transparent panties, a lace top that couldn't cover my nipples. So, I fixed my face, I painted my eyelids with that shadow that highlights the green of my eyes and sparks of rouge on my cheeks. The lips, I carefully demarcated them and lavished myself with a bright red lipstick. I combed my hair. I saw myself in the mirror, I had a fabulous cut that was still maintained from previous days that Francis, my hairdresser, had made me with care.

That's when I heard the doorbell ring.  Dinggg, dongggg. I put on a robe and let Ophelia greet the visitor.  By the way, this kind lady has been with us for a long time, she took care of Enrique since he was a little boy and later we incorporated her to the help in our house. 

Good morning, is Mrs. Aria in? Javier, let his deep voice be heard.

If for a moment, sir, who shall I announce?

I'm Mr. Javier Gonzalez, server.

Wait a minute, I think the lady's in her room.      He said this, going up the stairs. 

Ophelia knocked on my conjugal room, I opened the door, thanked her for her message and told her that I would now attend to the lawyer. I secured the belt of the robe and set out to go down. The excitement I felt was too obvious. I felt Ophelia's gaze closely following all my movements.

I went down the stairs and I got to Javier. He came forward and gave me a kiss on the cheek to which I responded with a daring purring... 

Sorry Aria, Enrique told me that you were going to have the notes and invoices ready to give them to me. As you know, we're very much needed for the meeting.

Do you really want me to give them to you? I responded with a blatant flirtation. 

Getting the message, javier came over, took me by the waist and said, 

I'm urging you to give them to me since yesterday, seriously, did you think it was an accident to forget the notes?

Hmmmmmmmmmm, you're a daring Javier. I replied 

We kissed for a long time. His mouth melted in mine, urging with his tongue and mixing our salivas, he caressed me with tenderness my back, my waist and my buttocks.   

You're the most beautiful woman I've ever met, you excite me, how delicious you smell, Aria, what do you have underneath that love robe?

That's a surprise. Kiss me, honey, I want to be yours, honey. 

We were hugging each other, kissing passionately, when I realized Ophelia was coming down the stairs. Evidently, she was paralyzed with the scene. I separated from Javier and without further comment, I told him to go to the supermarket to do some shopping that was already scheduled and return later. She, very serious, putting on a face of reproach, as she has great esteem for Henry, took what was necessary and went to the exit door without saying more.

Before arriving at the exit door, Ofelia saw perfectly when I opened my robe and showed Javier the splendor of my body. He turned his face and left without comment.

I approached Javier slowly, in my open robe and with feline movements. In the face of this vision he was speechless, and hesitantly commented: 

Aria, really, I've never met a more attractive and sensual woman like you. I envy Enrique deeply, I would give everything I have to make you my wife. he commented in a deep voice, manly.

Let's not make fantasies, let's enjoy the moment my love.      Now you can imagine I'm your wife or whatever you want. I want to be yours, my darling. Enjoy my body that trembles for you. 

I took him by the hand, and I lured him upstairs to my double bedroom. While we were ascending, he kissed me, caressed me. As a possessed man, he kept telling me how beautiful I was, that I had been superexcited since the day before, that I hadn't slept thinking of myself.

We arrived at the room, he took me in his arms and deposited me in my conjugal bed, which was still destinated. The smell of Enrique and mine mixed in the sheets, which only a few hours ago covered our embraced bodies, like any marriage you love.

I kiss every inch of my body. He took my robe off and ripped my top and my panties off with his teeth. She delighted in sucking my tits, nibbling my nipples ... agggggggggggggggggggggggg, quueeeeee, rrriiiiiccccoooooooooo

Deliciously arrived to my belly, I love to be kissed that part of my body. It stopped an eternity in my clitoris. He sucked my dick. He took it between his lips and sucked and sucked, rubbing also with his tongue from top to bottom. I felt like I was going to explode with pleasure. I didn't remember feeling such an intense sensation. We were kind of possessed. My body twisted denoting the craving for such sexual enjoyment. I put my tongue in my vagina, I felt that my humidity was such that my fluids were mixed with Javier's saliva. I sensed the arrival of the first orgasm, my God! I shouted so loud without worrying that anyone could hear such an expression Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, mmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssss, miiiiiii amoooooooorr, siiiiiiiii siiiiiiiiiiiii, augmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

I couldn't stop feeling a multitude of orgasms that made my whole body tremble, barely calming my excitement. With my naked body I placed myself on top of Javier. I felt his manly and beautiful body and I began to kiss his neck, his arms, my tongue licked every millimeter of his anatomy, I felt his tremor when my bare breasts touched his chest, his penis was exploding when I pink him with my pubis. I went down and down, slowly, and he, desperate, did not stop grunting with pleasure, touching my soft skin, smooth, feminine, my waist, my turgid buttocks, sucked me, kissed me, desperately seeking to increase his pleasure. I took his penis with my hands, erect, I thought it would not be less than 21 cms. I licked my tongue all over that dick, ecstatic. Finally I put it in my mouth, my lips, stimulated the head of his tremendous cock, swollen and hot. I sucked and sucked. 

I want to feel your taste Javier, I want you to give me your hot milk. I urge you to swallow your sperm, make it part of my body. 

I noticed it was growing and growing, until it couldn't take it anymore and it exploded inside my mouth. I felt the jets of semen inside me, swallowing a good amount, then, still throwing, semen, my face, my lips, my eyelids, my hair splashed on me. It was all filled with his hot milk. Again I sucked that huge penis and sucked it and sucked it more and more. He stuck his finger in my anus, we screamed for pleasure and our orgasms mixed. 

I'm still excited Aria, please let's keep going, more. I want to feel you more. He used to say to me with passion.

I'm your whore too, fuck me, fuck me, to your heart's content, my darling. I answered. 

We kissed, our fluids were more and more evident, the sheets and the bed that is part of the intimacy of my marriage, now contained the fluids of my infidelity. I begged him to put it in me, again erect the penis, I sucked it again while he sucked my clitoris and vagina, naked, in position 69. I looked at the mirror of the toilet. The image of Aria and Javier filled the room. Their smells, their screams, their passion...

She placed herself on top of me, opened my legs and put her powerful instrument in my vagina, ahggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg, I shouted desperately, while I placed my legs on her back, offering her my abirto sex, and I shouted - queeeeeeeeeeee ricoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. I felt an infinite pleasure that reached every part of my body. I swear to you, I had never felt until that occasion, that my vagina was filled with such an incredibly delicious penis. The sensation of pleasure caused me the need to curve my back, to move forward and backward my hips, to make Javier's penis go deeper into my vagina and come out, only to attack in the next introduction. With my hands I held my tits so they wouldn't move so much during the fucked tremanda I was enjoying. I don't think I've ever screamed so much during a fuck.

My juices covered all her cock, which shone wet, every time it came out of my vagina, lubricated, narrow, beautiful. In that, the phone rang... ringggg, ringggggggg, at the tenth tap, I replied... 

ssssssssssiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii? My soft, feminine voice sounded agitated

Hello my love, is Javier here, queen? Oh, my God! It was Henry calling. With a cynicism that surprised me, I replied.

Yes, that's right, now it's here. I said without hiding his presence.

Are you still working out, Aria?

Yeah, tooodavíiaa. 

When Javier realized who was on the phone, he wanted to pull out my penis, which until then was in and out of my vagina, fucking me.  I took his hips and told him... 

Please, don't take it away from me. Leave her inside, maaaaaaaaaaaasssssss.

Hey, what are you saying, Aria? What are you asking them not to take you out? Enrique was perplexed by the comment.

The exercise towel. I was going to take her out, Ofeeliaaa.

Ah, good thing Ophelia's with you, my queen. I'm sorry, I didn't understand. Hey, you're telling me it's Javier. What happened to what I asked for? Did you give it to him?

Yeah, that's right, I'm giving them to you right now. 

Javier, he kept fucking me, I felt close to my orgasm and his. Imagine the scene, me with the penis inside, Javier on top of me, putting it in me, fucking me, Enrique on the phone... What a situation! At that moment I felt like I couldn't take it anymore, I was going to have my umpteenth orgasm. 

Mássss , maassss, I shouted in the ecstasy of pleasure.

Hey, Aria, what do you mean now? More than what?

I'm serving Ofeeeliaaa a glass of water and I was leaving it to the mitaaaaaad. Ahaaaaaaaaaaagggggggggggggggggggggggggggg, I screamed as I felt the orgasm and felt the spurts of semen that filled my insides. Javier was running into me.

What are those screams, Aria? Have you already given them to Javier? Please tell me, I urge him to come now. Enrique rushed

Mi amoor, lossss griiitoos soon porque me hurtimeé por accidenteee una piernaaa pero no fue nada ya pasooó y estoy por darleee lo que pediste a Javieeer. The thing is, I gave myself my time to enlist her, don't worry.

Well my love, give them to him soon and tell him to come, we can not wait any longer in the meeting.

Siii queeriiddooo, dee heechooo yaa see vinoooo.

Oh, perfect. Wine?

He's gone. I want to say, honey.

Well bye, and you're done exercising so much, you look very agitated.

Yaaaa teeermineee, amor, variaasss vecesss.

Several times? You're weird love, and get ready because I'm going to invite our friends over for dinner. Make yourself pretty, my queen.

Assii seraaaa, amooor, bésammeeeee

If my love sends you a kiss. 

Not you, but you, I said to Javier. I hung up and continued to enjoy the penis inside my vagina, which had exploded and threatened to stop again. We keep fucking for two more hours, till we're satiated. The bedroom smelled like sex. Hugging his naked body on top of him, I gave him a long kiss, promising that it would be his as many times as he wished. I told her I'd give them to her because that's what my husband asked me to do. We got dressed and when we got out of the bedroom, Ophelia arrived, who, making a face, saw us coming down very close together.

I could not avoid, raising my arms and surrounding his head to offer him my lips as farewell. For more than five minutes we kept kissing. I didn't mind Ophelia witnessing the scene.

At one point, I respired and asked Ophelia to fix the bedroom. He found a marriage bed profusely filled with fluids and the aroma of sex. In the meantime, I continued to bid farewell to my beloved Javier.

Currently, I'm still having sex with Javier. Enrique, has made a good friendship with Beltrán and Javier, he does not imagine that this one, fucks his wife, even in his conjugal bed. Ofelia, for her part, continues to maintain her accusatory attitude when Javier visits me at home. We don't hide from her to kiss and caress each other and to have our long sex sessions in my bedroom while Enrique works in his office.


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