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I fucked with an unknown submissive (02)


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on: June 29, 2019, 02:57:31 PM
Now I will continue with the second part of my story.

Finally Monday arrived, and as soon as I stepped into the office at 8:30 in the morning, Andrea called me from her husband's printing press to tell me that he was already better from his fever and that the phone straw he had done on me the previous morning did him a lot of good to detoxify his body.  Today I would tell him that, like every Monday, he would go to the gym, but instead he would train his vaginal muscles with me. The coordinated time was 7 p.m. at my house.

The fever I had from that moment on was unmatched.  I was lost in work duties all day. I had a couple of meetings with foreign managers right there on my desk and a couple of times Andrea called me to tell me that she wanted me to break her pussy that afternoon, which was hot for me.

At one point, I was sitting in my seat with 2 of these project managers when the phone rings and I heard her tell me to get ready because I was going to eat my whole cock as soon as she saw me. I immediately put on all the colors and didn't know what to do with the look of the guys in front of me. I smiled nervously and told her I'd call her later. I think the foreigners realized there was a woman in the middle and smiled too.

It was finally 6:00 in the afternoon. I wanted to go home to prepare my plan and even though there were still things to finish in the office, I apologized and retired; after all I always worked overtime. Nevertheless, the foreigners wished me good luck. Evidently they knew that I had an issue to resolve with skirts.

I got home as fast as I could. The doorman was at the entrance to the building and I asked him if he saw a girl looking for me, to let her through.

I didn't change, I kept my shirt and pants on, there was no time. It was time. I lowered all the blinds and closed doors through which light filtered to make it as dark as possible.

I left the entrance door to the apartment barely open, I hung a woman's silk handkerchief on the outside of the door, impregnated with my perfume, and a little sign on the outside that said: "Andrea: Come in, close the door, cover your eyes with the handkerchief and call me". All set. I didn't have time to wait for her. The entrance to the building rang:

"Hi, I'm Andrea... I'm coming up, the doorman's opening the door for me."

"I went upstairs," I said.

I waited almost at the door leading from the rooms to the living room. The entrance door to the apartment led directly to the living room. Even though everything was dark, she couldn't see me from that position if she didn't cover her eyes.

My heart was beating a thousand. The elevator door was opened, some tacos were felt in the entrance hall and the light from the hall was filtered a little through the opening of the door. There was a glass case of a living room furniture that from where I was reflected dimly what was happening at the entrance to the apartment. ...

And although he couldn't see clearly... he had obviously stopped to read. In less than 10 seconds, the door opened shyly and the tacos stepped inside. The door closed. My heart was about to break free from my chest when I perceived that the bandage was being put on at the same time as he was trying to call me. She was so nervous, it cost her to pronounce my name. From the reflection now I could see that she was standing at the door without moving, trembling with nerves and calling to me. I was at my total mercy! He'd done everything I'd asked him to do! Although I had already seen her from afar in her office and with her back, she was in the house of a total stranger, with her eyes covered!

My head pops out of the living room door. I could see a woman with a good figure standing there, wearing a formal shirt, miniskirt and tacos, like any executive secretary.

I told him


Here I am, guide yourself by my voice

I don't see anything or know where I am - while laughing nervously.

Here I am, don't be afraid, I followed my voice


He was only 4 meters away from me. He began to walk slowly towards me, as if afraid to stumble upon something and logically, with the doubt of being in an unknown terrain.

He had entered the lion's cage.


Come, here, come, I'm close - I told him

Oh, I'm nervous - he laughed and shook.


I didn't want her to wait too long, so I stayed where she was. We finally made contact. She held on to my hands and hugged her, while she, without wasting time, kissed me on the mouth and with her right hand went directly to grab my bundle over my pants.

That moment, which was only a few seconds, was the most powerful sensation I had ever felt. To feel her shake and shake like that in my arms, blindfolded as I took her to my room was something I never experienced again in my life. It was a very powerful electricity running all over my body. I felt that I had her at my mercy, that I had the power and that she was my toy.....

I guided her a few steps into my room as I groped all the hard body that resulted from her work at the gym and sat her on the bed. My dick was getting harder. We kissed while he said he wanted to see me. I grabbed her hands to prevent her from removing the handkerchief from her eyes, but finally I left her, after all, she found that she still couldn't see because it was darker in the room.

He gropes between his legs. Her panties were all wet.

I got up while she was trying to unzip my pants, I helped her and then even though I kept claiming that she wanted to see me, I took off my dick that at that moment had it made a stone. She stopped and we struggled, she was very nervous and I finally turned on the switch of the velador. We saw each other. She wasn't pretty in the face. She made a gesture of liking what she saw, she kissed me now if unrestrainedly, but loosely, sticking her tongue down my throat while not releasing the club.

-I'm going to suck your dick -he said to me

He sat on the bed and started sucking my dick hard. Meanwhile, I was in ecstasy, struggling with my shirt to take it off.  I stop sucking just half a second to look me in the eye. I felt he thanked me for giving him such a delicacy. While he was sucking on me, he was opening his panties on the side and jerking off.

In one stroke he lay down on the bed, while the skirt was being lifted.

I was already totally naked and, standing up, I put my dick in her mouth; so she was lying down, with her miniskirt up, her panties on one side and a hand on her shell.

I wiggled my hip to make him swallow my whole dick. She was looking at me.

I climbed on his chest, nursing him. I tore off her shirt and pulled her tits out through her bra. Her tits were not large but were hard and proportionate to her measurements. I leaned a little without taking my dick out of his mouth and put a hand on the shell. It was totally melted.  I started to put one finger and then two without any problem, I felt that for the juices I could put more but I dedicated myself to jerking off strong.

He showed me his teeth like a cat in heat. She was a total bitch.

Finally, I took off her panties and intubated her easily. I started moving inside her while she held tight for the ride. I gave her a few onslaughts, and then I put her in four. He had a firm ass and well-built legs. I wasn't pretty in the face but I had my height and not an ounce of fat on either side. All set well.

She turned around and I grabbed her firm ass and shoved it up her ass from behind. Pump and pump hard. I don't remember the things she said to me, but she slipped me that she had to go home before her husband arrived. That's why it would be better to dust me before I get out of my hair...

At one point she lay down, I knelt beside her and went in to shake my dick until I left the milk on her face and hair.

He cleaned up quickly and left. Then she called me from her house to tell me that the husband luckily had not arrived before her and that she had loved the fuck only that she would have liked to fuck more relaxed without so much haste. He promised to give us more time for some good rolls.

During that week, I was hoping to coordinate a longer and more deserving fuck. He would call me 3 times a day at the office provoking me, telling me all sorts of tricks I couldn't answer from my desk and trying to coordinate the next meeting.

I remember he came the next Thursday to lightning house.  She started undressing on the balcony, I brought her in, she gave me a good blowjob, I ended up on her tits and she left.

We were waiting for Sunday so we could fuck like we deserved. She wanted me to shove it up her ass and put it in her mouth.  I was desperate to taste my milk that I didn't know because until now she hadn't swallowed it.

But the company, "as a prize" sent me the whole weekend of travel to a course that I could not refuse. We're both sorry.

When I arrive at my house on Sunday night, I find in the entrance hall, rather, hanging on the doorknob where I had put the handkerchief to bandage his eyes the first time, a pantyhose and bodice of black lace with its perfume.

It's a good thing I came home alone!

Finally on Monday we agreed to see each other for about a week.  I got home and took off my clothes until I was in my underwear, it was getting very hard when the doorbell rang. It was Andrea who arrived on time. I don't finish going in, and with the door open I lower my underwear right there and started sucking my dick like crazy.

Then he grabbed my hand and took me to the door of the room, raised his skirt, lowered his panties and asked me to shove them up his ass while he crouched a little and grabbed the frame of the door for me to embarrass her.

I had a hand cream of aloe vera so I smeared it on the head of the dick and put it in. Seems like I was used to it because I come in easy. We moved at ease, he had a hard, narrow ass. It warmed me to see her as she offered me that ass and to see her enjoy clinging to the walls.

Then he took off his clothes, and we took off. I was of long duration so we did it in several positions eagerly. At one point I was on my back and she was riding me, she was moving and from there I could see how her well-proportioned tits were shaking, and the little triangle in her clipped pubis was swallowing my dick underneath. In one quick movement, as always, he got up from that position and sat on the floor, leaning his back against the wall while telling me that he wanted all my milk in his mouth. Then I approached, put my dick in his mouth while he was jerking me off. Not long in feeling that it ended so I put the cock inside his jaws until I put a few hot squirts of milk that went all down his throat and that drink very tasty.  Then she threw herself to the ground as she rolled from the heat looking like a demon possessed her. He put three fingers in the shell and led me to it. I jerked her off with my five fingers inside her and ended up in a furious orgasm.

While she was changing she told me that her dream was that I would finish as much milk as I had put in her mouth while another one would finish on her tits. But the relationship ended there because the husband was very jealous and thought he was sending detectives to follow in his footsteps. Luckily nothing ever happened and I'm sorry I couldn't get more powder. I could have done anything with her. She was the woman with the most desire and willing to take everything.


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