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My first time in the ass.


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on: June 29, 2019, 02:15:27 PM

I didn't let a night go by without remembering what had happened between one of my husband's best friends and myself. I was astonished to think how different he was to my husband, not only physically, and yet I felt that he attracted me deeply with his sexual and mental magnetism, because we were intellectually related. I was in all these ramblings lying on my bed while next door my husband slept, he turned on the bed at that moment and I felt a shudder as I returned to reality.

The next day I was working in my office with my mind elsewhere when the phone rang, it was my lover; I got a little nervous but he spoke to me as if nothing had happened between us, asking me unimportant questions about the work we were both coordinating in his city. I felt a little calmer because of the fact that he had not mentioned anything about our last passionate encounter and during the days that passed before returning to his city I thought little of him.

It was time to see him again and a whole wave of erotic sensations ran through my body. We sat in his office to review some statistics of a project and I don't know what else because I couldn't really concentrate, I avoided his gaze and couldn't coordinate even what he said. I thought - I'm behaving like a teenager in love - but I didn't dislike the idea; why not feel those nice things you feel when you're with someone for the first time? Somehow I was a little bit in love with him, enough to be in that state of transitory imbecility and think only of finding myself alone with him and making love again.

That night I was at the hotel when he came to get me for drinks. They helped me a lot because they relaxed me, made me feel calmer and at least I was able to talk to him without saying inconsistencies. He then asked me to accompany him to the house of one of his friends for some documents and when he left he told me that he really wanted to kidnap me from that place. I laughingly thought, "Rip off who?" But I liked the idea that he had tricked me into taking me from there to another place so that we could finally be alone as we longed.

He took me to a simple motel; I was a little dizzy and my senses a little dull, but my skin was more than ready to receive his caresses. We threw ourselves in the bed, with the legs hanging, the on me, I felt the pressure of its penis on my clothes but we did not hasten to remove it because we did not have eagerness and if all the night ahead so that our bodies were known better.

He unbuttoned my shirt as he kissed every exposed part, circling with his tongue and casting his warm breath. The contrast of heat and cold made me tremble. In the meantime, I hugged him with my legs, raising them and lowering them, caressing him with my knees. He then lowered my pants and my panties and began to do the same thing between my thighs ignoring my hottest areas from the beginning causing me to wish that it would end once and for all that it would not make me suffer like this. He then went to the lips of my vagina and caressed them gently with his tongue, I told him to stop because I felt some sorrow but he told me that he really liked to taste my pussy for the first time. It was not common for me to have an orgasm with oral sex, but since he had left me in suspense for so long, warming me with the soft movement of his skillful tongue, I ran at that very moment. My back bowed and small drops of sweat came down it.  My cheeks blushed and soft groans that I couldn't contain flooded the entire room. I was still on one side of the bed with my legs hanging so I slipped so that my vagina would conveniently fit on the edge of the bed knelt before me and penetrated me.

We were still semi-dressed and the rubbing of our clothes made the moment even more exciting. The walls of my vagina were still contracting from the previous orgasm and squeezing her penis as it moved frantically inside me pushing me against the bed.

He grabbed me by the hips and pushed me rhythmically back and forth and also in a circle, alternating the moments in which he moved quickly, with passion, with others in which he moved slowly and sensually. We made a wonderful "bordecama", a very rich position in which he rubbed me with his penis over and over again making me feel things unthinkable.

He placed me face down resting on the pillows, placing some especially under my stomach to lift my butt. I wet my anus with my vaginal fluids and it began to penetrate me through there; I screamed like crazy, because it was my first time through that small hole and it hurt me.

Then he started to push harder while I kept giving little moans. I had never been able to have anal sex because my husband's penis is too long and thick and I had even prevented him from sticking more than one finger in me because it bothered me. But my lover, without having it small if I had it of smaller size in length and thickness. However, I felt that I was breaking in two, but thanks to the alcohol in my body I was able to relax a little and finally enjoy a little friction while I grabbed the sheets as I could to hold myself.

At last I managed to get out of such an uncomfortable situation and placing myself on it I began to ride, getting up until I almost got it out of me and then going down again to increase its sensations, I moved in circles, caressing his penis with my vagina while I leaned on my knees and began to masturbate without stopping moving.

He told me that it was very exciting to masturbate like this, that he found it very sensual to see a woman masturbate, allowing him to penetrate my deepest intimacy.

I then felt his penis palpitate at climax and flood me with his hot semen. I lay next to him while massaging my clitoris.

He then began to circle his tongue around my nipples for me to enjoy as well and so with his help I had my second orgasm of the night. We had a few piquitos and rested for a while next to each other, caressing each other a little. I asked him to take me to the hotel because I did not want to spend the night in that place, I had also been to call my husband and all day had not done. When I went out I told him that I had taken off my only remaining virginity: the one with the ass, and that I had a good time. He smiled mischievously at me, and I gave him a nervous smile as he looked down, unable to hold his own.

What excited me the most when I was with him was that he approached my ear and told me things like do you like it that way? stronger? richer if, in a very sensual way and caressing me with his breath, when he talked to me while he moved inside me I felt like I was getting goose bumps.

The hole in my little ass hurt horrors so I put it under the hot water for a while when I got to the hotel. I smiled at myself happy anyway for being with him again and for everything that happened. The doorbell on my cell phone made me react and I rushed out of the shower. It was my husband calling me worried because I hadn't checked in all day. I told him not to worry, he was in very good hands, yes, in the rich hands of his friend who had become my lover of turn.



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