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My girlfriend's the hardest.


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on: June 29, 2019, 02:37:21 PM
This story is true and I hope you like it.

Some time ago I declared myself to a girl for a bet, the girl wanted to walk with me from primary but I never wanted it.  For almost three years I treated her well and politely.

During these three years I had only reached third base without scoring the race, it was a matter of sucking tits and kisses but nothing more.

One day a girl came to me and we went out, nothing special.  One night in a meeting of friends I invited her and during the whole night she insinuated to me, arrival the hour of the supper she took off the shoe and with her foot she began to stimulate my penis under the table, was quite pleasant and not late in having an erection so big that my penis asked to shouts that I let it go out.  After as long as I could I stopped and said goodbye to my friends; she automatically began to say goodbye and asked me if I would please take her home, which I could not refuse.

On the way home she began to bore me while driving; two streets from her house I stopped in a dark place and we began to fajar, she under his hand to my penis and began to caress him, when she felt that my penis was so erect that I could barely move I proposed to move to the back seat, without wasting time we passed to the back seat.

She began by taking off her blouse and then the bra, I for my part had to free myself from the pants that oppressed me finally lower his pants and was as delicious to the eye a little ass as round and firm as I had imagined I began kissing her little pussy shaved on that pantaleta dental floss so delicious that I wore, She began to get so wet that I did not resist and snatched her panties exposing that beautiful pussy that immediately attacked with my tongue pressing his clitoris with my tongue so strong that I let out a groan that increased the hardness of my penis immediately after I began to bite with my lips his vulva and walked my tongue through that beautiful orifice that I had.

She asked me please not to continue to stop me but I was so hot that I didn't listen to her I took her from the waist and let her go all the way inside my penis which was already as hard and big as ever, right away she preferred to take possession of me riding me as if I was a racehorse,  Suddenly, without realizing it, there was a man looking out the window and I was paralyzed. She realized what was happening and she just took my head and sank it between those pair of breasts the size of an apple but so round, white and hard that I don't care; After half an hour of intense activity I began to throw milk as a fireman so strong and hot that he said he felt my semen to the depths of his being. She finally got off and the guy was no longer in the car, we got dressed and you took our seats in the front of the car, took her home and asked me please not to tell anyone what happened.

The next day I saw my girlfriend and I proposed that we fuck, to which she replied that maybe next week, but that's another story.

Continuing with our story.

After that night nothing was the same, my way of treating a woman while I was making love change, before I tried to please them and I became very romantic, but after that experience I only dedicated myself to fuck like crazy.

First we went out and he insinuated me and I was a gentleman all evening and then he was an animal, but good as far as we're concerned.

After having proposed to my girlfriend that we make love and considering her positive response I went for her to school one day in the afternoon, I already told her on the way that our destination was a motel to which she didn't very pleasantly told me yes.

Once at the motel she asked me to let her bathe, while I was ready she made me comfortable, I swear to God that I didn't imagine what I was about to see.

While I was looking for the channel of soft music she came out of the bath in towel, I joined and I grilled her, she asked me not to walk and then very slowly the towel was released, she was so beautiful, a push up bra transparent white color with lace and a minitanga equal flirt were the only thing that covered that virgin body which I would own with frenzy.

I took it from the synthesizer and grilled it to me letting it feel the erection that its beautiful body provoked me. The wind on the bed and asked me to be tender, I made him over and stripped of his beautiful breasts that provocative bra Exciting me so much more than I was already, I took off his panties and began to smear the head of my penis against that beautiful panty virgin and wet.

She asked me to do it slowly because it was going to hurt, which I didn't pay any attention to, and with a single push I let my whole penis go inside, provoking a scream that was between pleasure and pain, start to move like crazy about her and she asked me to slow down, but, Every time it was less pain and more pleasure, the metia with so much force to the bottom that gemia of pleasure mixed with pain and that excited me more and more hard I became harder and more hard the metia until there came a time when there were so many legs that I could enter to the depths of his being, She was moving so rhythmically her breasts became so hard and suddenly she started to tense her legs as much as she could until it almost seemed that her feet were only an extension of the leg and as that made me crazy I ended up coming to me in an ecstasy like no one else filling with milk that recently deflowered crack.

Then I went to leave her at home and we decided to repeat the experience, but that's another story.


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