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My sister-in-law


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on: June 29, 2019, 02:09:15 PM
My sister-in-law, Mara

My wife has a sister, called Mara, 16, who is ten years younger than Diana, so you can imagine how beautiful she is. She is blonde, long straight hair, thin, weighs about 52 kg, measures 1.69 m, her measurements are 90-59-92. Her skin is white, but usually bronzed to a copper color, her breasts are firm and of small nipples, that protrude from her garments letting imagine them; her tail well rounded and stopped, which exaggerates with a provocative posture. She is a very sexy and provocative girl in her movements and way of dressing, she wears tight pants that show a thong underneath, tops, shirts with transparencies, very short miniskirts and tiny bikinis.

What I will tell you happened one weekend, when Mara came to visit us. On Friday I come home from work and I find the pleasant presence of this little woman, who was helping my wife prepare dinner. She wore a tight white pair of pants, which shone her thong, and a semitransparent black shirt, which let you see her lace bra; she also had some black taco sandals high that lifted up her beautiful ass even more. When I arrived and saw such beauty, I sat down in the kitchen to drink a glass and contemplate it.....

After dinner and a good chat, we went to sleep.  In the middle of the night, I couldn't stop thinking about her and how close I was to my room, I began to imagine how I would be sleeping, what I was wearing, and so many things that all this produced in me a great excitement. I got up and went to the bathroom, crossing the corridor and going through the door of her room, I did not resist the temptation to spy on her, and since her door was ajar, this did not require much risk. As I looked out I could see his body lying face down, his ass with a tiny white thong and a tight white top that showed his shoulders well turned and angular. I contemplated her for a few seconds, until she moved, lying on one side of the body, at that moment I continued my way to the bathroom. In the bathroom, I set out to urinate, but the erection I had prevented me, standing there in front of the toilet, holding my penis erect and waiting for it to go down a little to be able to urinate, I could not stop thinking about that ass. This increased my erection more and more, so I'd be standing there all night if I did anything.  Since I didn't want to go upstairs and into his room, I started masturbating and after a few minutes a river of semen overflowed from my cock. At that moment when my senses returned to their place, I perceived a noise, quickly closed the door that was ajar, cleaned myself, urinated and left towards my room. As I pass through my sister-in-law's room, I now see the door wide open, she lying on her back, but I feel a very rapid breathing, as if she were excited or nervous.

This made me think she could have seen me, as the bathroom door was ajar and I had my back to it. Then I decided to leave things like this and went to sleep.

The next morning, when we woke up, and at breakfast, she only looked at me in another way and twice I wondered if I had slept well and rested well. That was a way of telling me that she had seen everything, but she also implied that she wouldn't say anything.

My wife had arranged with her sister to go shopping at the supermarket together, as she had to bring a lot of things and she would help her. When it was time to leave, Mara told my wife that if she didn't take it the wrong way, she preferred to stay, because she didn't feel well and her stomach hurt a lot. So my wife decided to leave the shopping for another occasion, and stay and take care of her sister. Then I told him, give me the list of things I go to the supermarket, although I'm not very good at selecting products. To which my wife replied no, that if I wanted to help her I would stay with Mara and she would go alone. And so he did.

Mara went to lie down and I sat down to watch television, after a while she calls me, and asks me for a glass of water; I go to her room and when I enter I see her sitting on the bed with her white thong and her tight top that let you see her nipples erect. I give her the glass, she thanks and tells me if I do not want to keep her company, to which I agree gladly.

I sit next to her and she says to me:

-I saw you last night, when you were in the bathroom

I became pale with shame and without letting me talk I add

-And I loved watching you, too bad Diana was so close.

I began to understand her stomach ache.

-But now we're alone and I'd love to see you again

At that moment I couldn't stand it anymore, I lifted my zipper and pulled out my erect penis that I started masturbating in front of her face, she took it and put it in her mouth, sucking it like an expert. I started touching her tits over the top, which I pulled out in seconds, then I knelt down and she sat on the bed I began to lick her nipples one by one, my hands descended and slowly I pulled out her thong; spread her legs and lower my tongue down to her shell. His pubic hairs were blond, short and in the shape of a small line, his conch well serrated but very wet, with a lot of smell and well salted. This excited me even more, and without saying anything I penetrated her with force, I moved slowly but forcefully and in seconds she had an orgasm. I turned her around, wanted that ass, spread my fingers with saliva and shove it up her ass. Take the buttocks with both hands and my two thumbs put pressure on your anus, until you manage to introduce pleasant the tip of them.

At that moment she asked me to stop and I without listening to her supplications introduced the head of my penis. There I screamed in pain, I stood still until his ass began to yield and accept the size of my cock. I began to move slowly and with my right hand, passing it in front stimulated her clitoris. In seconds I started to finish and the milk sprouted from her ass, she screamed again when she felt the semen and told me that it burned very much.  After that we showered together and dressed to wait for my wife.

Since then nothing else happened, only indiscreet glances and provocative frictions.


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