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on: June 29, 2019, 01:50:51 PM
Hello, everybody:

Since a few days ago, I am delighted with the stories that are on this page and that I enjoy very much.

Sharing with a friend (Andrea) different stories and personal experiences challenged me to tell an experience that marked my life and I still suffer. From his most altruistic and philanthropic side, he made me realize that I had to share it so that it wouldn't happen to other men.

I baptized this story "The Persecution."

This story begins in Buenos Aires at the end of 99, escaping from an old relationship with Lola a fresh provincial woman with a wonderful body aerobics teacher of white skin, smooth, velvety with breasts of the right size and the most beautiful lines that can be desired of twenty-seven years with whom had had a very strong relationship for both for a year and a half.

I propose to take it out of the way to be able to live a beautiful metejón with my secretary and like all the secretaries pretty young and very slutty.

Through a friend I made Lola travel to Florida USA for about 3 months and help our friend to take care of their daughters, since she had recently settled in Florida and needed someone to take care of the girls, on the other hand Lola could know enjoy the beach and if she liked, stay. As if I could live my quiet work romance. Soon things became difficult in Argentina, I was going to settle in a neighboring country for work but the situation in the company reflected the reality of the country and the plans lengthened, knowing what was about to happen with the economy, I decided to change my plans and settle me also in Florida (as if the world was so small).

At that time my secretary and I were very much in love when I raised my desire to travel to the U.S. because of the lack of future in Argentina.  She said she followed me everywhere so I'm just buying 2 tickets and going on the adventure of migrating to another country.

Upon our arrival in Miami we were greeted by mutual friends of Lola and myself, obviously we also stayed close to where she lived.  Everything was going very well as long as we could maintain a distance of prophylaxis and Lola and the secretary didn't know each other but hard little and with that my problems began.

By the end of 1999 the secretary had got a job at a bar in Ocean Drive which is why she had to work the night of the 31st.

Between the celebrations the congratulations and a little beer appear of surprise Lola and the mutual friends that we had and that had celebrated with her. They got off the van and Lola like a missile came on top of me and broke my mouth with a long soft kiss wet as she used to in our good times before our lips separate I was already with my cock stopped and hard ready to start actions. The public was speechless no one understood anything or could believe it.

This was the first indication of what was to come.  (Prepare...)

In an afternoon of mate and confidences the secretary and Lola told each other some things to be jealous between them, about my intimacies between the issues touched came to light the real reason for the estrangement with Lola, the secretary had told him everything that happened so things became very tense with Lola.

A few days later Lola asked me to spend an afternoon talking to her, it was a hot afternoon when I arrived at the house the girls she cared for were playing in front of the house and ran to meet me, Lola made me pass served me a coffee and we entered the talk to get without delay to the knot of the matter my abandonment so she by another woman the discussion was heated, at times she left the table and walked to the kitchen to serve more coffee or whatever was very restless and I continued to recriminate myself for my mistake, until at a certain point of the talk I realized that I was dressed in a mini short Jean hand cut very dug and a white lycra t-shirt very tight and transparent that marks very well her tits and her nipples rubbed great thousands of experiences passed through my head in a second until suddenly...

-But you're listening to me!!!! Stupid!

-If Lola if I'm listening to you very carefully and try to understand the pain you cause ... (lie was immersed in the deepest of my memory when we loved each other and we fucked each other as we got sick)

-But you don't tell me anything, you're staring lost in space!

-You're right I was a heartless I apologize but please with the secretary I do not want you to have more of those confection talks behind my back, apart I love her and want to be happy with her.

-You want to be happy but you screwed up my life and I'm going to screw up your life and I'm going to make you pay for everything you did to me! (sentence with anger)

-Lola, please, I don't want to have any more problems, I have to go.

I stopped I went to the door she walked in front of me showing me her beautiful ass, fresh, turgid as she put the mini shorts inside her ass mmmmmmmmmhhhhhhhhhhh was the most. Arriving at the door he turns around and sees that I was looking at his ass, I take by the shoulders and corner me in the angle that formed the door with the wall and I fit a kiss of those mouth-breaking...

-I wish you 3 months ago that I don't take I can't stand it anymore please take me

-no Lola I don't want!!!!

He kept squeezing me against the door and scrubbing my dick and I was a thousand times I threw it to the floor with my back in the door so that the girls could not enter I ran the mini short and the mame as deserved I took all its flow my tongue ran and caressed his clitoris making it scream and snort like a beast that suffered in its heat after a while of penetrating it with my tongue I finish and scream

Tired and sweaty trembling and spasming, she continued to breathe agitated.

The girls tried to come in, I don't know how but sigh was composed and opened the door, the girls impatient for the screams of my little whore Lola I was just a few steps back looking at her ass and very hot, the girls kept asking why she was screaming, when I see something shiny sliding down the crotch towards the knee, it was flow the daughter of bitch was so hot and needed that the flow ran down her leg. I did not support the temptation and I approached from behind and with my index finger I lifted the drop that was coming down and I took it Lola very surprised turned and looked at me with hatred and desire.

-good Lola I'll go bye girls!!!!!!

-Well, bye but look that the talk is not over, ok!!!!!!!

The ok sounded like the next one I'm going to fuck you until I get tired, I tried to put as much distance as possible their claims and their fights were getting bigger and bigger, the turns of life made me live in the same city.  Several weeks passed and the secretary had got a night job at the airport, several times Lola acted as a driver to take her to work and then of course began the discussion about my infidelity with the veteran reason for our distance until one night when we arrived at the parking lot of the house that we rented a room and in the middle of a heated discussion on her part she grabs my hand and puts it on my chest?

-What are you doing? Aren't you so angry? (remove hand)

-yes and you have to catch me because I'm very hot and I jerk off thinking about you!!!! (this time he took my hand and put it on his pelvis!!!)

-yes yes but we can't enter the house because it would be a problem if they see you.

-not in the house, not here in the car now!!!!!

-You're completely wrong or crazy I'll take you apart there's no space and tomorrow work! (the car was a Japanese coupe you can barely get your ass in the seat)

-if I want to fuck!!!!

-and I told you that I was very much in love and that I don't want to be unfaithful! (I was starting to get very hard and she already had it in her hand)

-so now you don't want to be unfaithful son of a bitch and why do you have her standing like that?

-that this stop doesn't mean anything!!!!

Naive of me she had leaned on my skirt and had it inside her mouth, she knew how to suck it with masterly practice making it yield to almost any occurrence of her lower instincts...

-I don't want Lola!!!!

-mmmmmmmmmmm (I chewed without letting go of my dick making me see the stars!!!)

The very whore had wet her fingers in flow and put them in my mouth that put me to full I felt as her tongue surrounded my member and I played in the tip making me tremble, while she made me suck her fingers soaked in hot odorous flow...

-Now I want you to sit back!!! (I had to obey it was so hot that I already wanted it)

- Lola, there's no room to fuck! (annoying inquiry)

-Yes!!!!(he responded with the fury of fever and debauchery)

I passed to the back seat I was dressed with a gymnastic outfit I threw the front seats so forward and as soon as I entered. She took off her shorts and lifted her shirt so I could suck her tits, her nipples were rubbed big and very erect they were like two little stones she sat on me trying to get me to penetrate while I sucked her tits with sick dedication, I put them together and bit both nipples at the same time, I knew she loved it when I bit her nipples with force I warmed her up. Without being able to make it penetrate since my penis is not so big he turned his back to me and showed me that exquisite ass that so many times had received me warmly.

I grabbed it and squeezed it as was my custom in our times as a couple. Without much effort I take my dick I approach it to the entrance of vagina and of a small jump it was introduced giving a sigh, was all contorsionada the head completely twisted leaned against the roof of the car but this was not annoyance to leave free its sexual appetite. Her movements were crude product of her fever and short by the small space, it was not bother for her.

I grabbed her nipples and squeezed them to make her warm up more, she responded by grabbing my eggs and squeezing them firmly, while her movements had already taken on a circular shape as if with my dick I was stirring her bowels panting and snorting the glasses of the coupe were totally tarnished....

-how i like to feel you inside me i miss you so much my love

-The penetration is very deep (years ago I had made her insert an IUD so she wouldn't get pregnant while she was beginning to walk the path of excellence towards sexual maturity).

-You hurt me more, you son of a bitch!  Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeah if aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh son of a bitch I'm going to finish!!!!!!! mmmmmmmm aaaaaaaaaaaaaagggggggg!!!!!!

Lola was finishing as normal when her fever made her lose her reasoning and good manners but that's not why I stop moving her juices I had already got wet and now I felt them as they were running through the bag of my eggs, Lola had also noticed in that and taking advantage of so much flow was taking it up to my ass where without asking a finger and began to rummage like someone looking for something, that made me warm horrors and the whole situation had already prepared me to explode inside her but I did not want to do it without her finishing again ...

-You're going to finish, you're going to fill me with little milk?

-No, I don't want to if you've had enough, let's finish this!! (if there was something that made her frantic and even today she's still going on, it's to deny me).

-(and I was willing to do it now I had already put my second finger in my ass and I was rummaging through the last part and the beginning of my orgasm).

-aaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Lola I'm going to finish ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!

-I also have voyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! (grunted like a dog)

We remained trembling, the spasms of both fed back in the sensations of our sexes each spasm of my penis the vagina of her responded by squeezing the member that still followed semierecto

Slowly a river rose from a mixture of fluids sprouted from her sex falling on mine.

The days passed the secretary and I moved close to the work of both she continued working at night leaving the land free to Lola who not only became more and more friends but also went shopping together. While little by little they were sowing tares to each other. A war had broken out and the spoils were me.

Lola, meanwhile, was frequenting a former high school classmate of mine who had also become a former friend. But apparently they didn't make a love encounter, they didn't go beyond the threshold of the words that even a friend of his had offered Lola to make a trio without luck for them.

One Saturday afternoon I found myself in the house of a friend who was a neighbor of Lola fixing my car and arrives at full speed and with the typical face of having had a very bad night one of those who prefer to forget, of course I was used to having relationships of an excellent level because I tried to make it the best without foreseeing that this could someday happen, without telling me much I enter his apartment and that's all.

Days later, this time I went to look for her, I invited her for a cup of coffee because I saw her very head down...

-What's the matter with you?

-Nothing I have problems like everyone else!!! (he was very sharp)

-but why don't you tell me maybe we can find a solution to your anguish?

-No, you can't! It's very personal! (I had already smelled that the problem was coming out of dissatisfaction)

-There's Lola Lola apparently you didn't have any luck with Joseph!!

-it's your fault it's your fault you made me so I knew this was going to happen you're the culprit of all I hate you!!!!!! I hate you!

-calm my calm girl (I hugged her I put her on my chest and cried for about half an hour without stopping or saying more that I hated)

-trust me, what happened? (I was already worried, I knew Joseph was living with a friend and I feared she had been forced)

-Jose asked me to massage his feet and then he said he wanted to fuck and we did it!

- And why are you crying?

-because he's an unhappy one, he's a moron, he turned off the light, he put it on me, he gave me 3 bombs and I'm done (inside me the joy was as big as my anger).

-y? (ask to keep counting)

-y? He wouldn't kiss me! Or see me naked! (clear Lola had a cleft lip)

-And what else my little girl?

-And... and I ended up masturbating in the bathroom when I came out the unhappy was in bed made a ball, I lay down and wanted to hug but I said no please do not touch him!!!!!!!!!!

Well after all the drama and several coffees in between he directed his anger at me...

-You're to blame, you made me like this!

- Lola, please!

-You son of a bitch, you fucked up my life!

- Lola only helped you to get what you had inside is not my fault that you are a hot woman and enjoy good sex.

-I will make you pay with tears of blood for what you did to me! (of course for Lola I was the culprit of everything I had awakened her to sex and the freedom to do what I wanted was not for less but I also made myself to buy some gifts to the capricious girl so that I could spy on my faults that are still latent).

Already calmer and coming home...

-Well, baby, I'll leave you and I'll go and have a coffee with the secretary in her resting hour! (and apart from going to the house to go to the bathroom because I could not stand the urge to urinate)

-please don't go yet i don't feel very well

-I don't want to go see her that morning. -I'll see you that morning!

-Please stay for 10 minutes!!!!!!!

-Only 10 minutes please!!!! (it was 02:10 at night)

She leaned on my chest and stood there without talking I caressed her poor head I needed to contain her, but I was peeing I had dinner with beer and it had already made effect. As if unwittingly resting his hand on my penis...

-And this?

-I'm dying to pee!!!

-but is it very hard?

-if Lola always gets like this!!

And again, first the squeezes and then he put his hand under my shorts and began to caress I could no longer and I responded by taking a chest, I throw the seat back I lift the bermuda and began with his kisses his tongue ran all over the glans and the side bite sucked him with eximio style. At least if he was gonna rape me again, this car was bigger. I took the remote out of his chest and began to caress his back letting my hand reach to the birth of his ass that velvety white skin and the beautiful little soft cheeks of his ass made me run a cold down his terrible back. I had a white bamboo trousers with a very soft elastic was not difficult to reach his ass so much that I did not touch it and so much that I wanted it, in response to my step I felt as it dilated inviting me to visit generously stretching me a little more reaching her wet vagina to get a little flow, instinctively she lifted her right leg so I did not have to work too much, with my finger well lubricated I went back to that exquisite ass, effortlessly my finger came in almost completely was obvious that I was at full.

One brilliant idea passed through my head while the other was in his carefully attended mouth...

- Lola let's go to the laundry room!!!!(it was a condominium and as in almost all the laundry rooms are over the end of the building at 02:30 AM there was not a soul in that place)

-are you going to catch me?

-If you don't want to, don't!

-if I want

-good go!!!!

We entered the washing room the perfume of the fabric softeners impregnated the place, we surrounded the door and I pressed it against the washing machines the clothes fell to the floor and as that first time I attacked her tits with an irrepressible desire I kneaded them kissed the bites I ate her neck her ears were euphoric....

-Now I want you to turn around and rest your breasts on the machine.


-I'll fuck you in the ass but this time there's no cream try not to scream!!!!

-Please do it slowly!!! (with trembling voice)

-these dilated don't worry!!!! (horny little whore already got her big fingers in)

In order that it was not too much first I approached me and penetrate by her vagina separate the lips and to the touch of so many encounters of a little push was inside her vagina humid hot and soft hardly pressed my cock that I looked for its bottom to make it enjoy before what I had thought. The noise of its juices accompanied musically the rhythmic rectilinear movement...

-Lola, I want you to jerk off while I'm inside you!

-I'm doing it

Without further notice I sought the entrance to his ass with my finger full of saliva and introduced it softly but firmly to make sure he was just as dilated and eager to receive me. Support the tip of my dick and sweetly I was entering the heat hugger of her ass I put the hair on end and when my eggs hit the lips of her vagina she grabbed them and we were like buttoned a few moments she made force to accommodate her entrails to my cock when I let go I began to move first soft and then faster and faster I felt that I was going to finish his sighs and his words so demonstrated ...

-when you're about to finish let me know!!!!

-Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes fuck me harder than I can't reach!!!!!

-if my love takes take!!!!

The orgasm didn't take long and started screaming while he bit his arm, I kept moving.

-Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!

-Well, I kept jerking you off. Don't stop it!

-but you already made me come!!!!! aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh like I like!!!!!

-go ahead and tell me what you feel in your ass!!!!

-aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh son of... It burns me, it burns me!

-And you like it?!!!!


-Don't stop jerking off and finish again!

-I was going to burn him if I was filling his ass with boiling piss with a lot of effort I almost emptied all my piss, I had made him a piss enema and he kept moving me it was my turn!

-what you did to me and I feel like something's coming out!!!

-apreta el culo putita squeezalo que te voy a llenar de leche ahoraaaaaaa!!!!!!

-Yesiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii yes yes yes mas mas papito mas!!

And with the orgasm I relax my ass and after a while I started to take it out I asked her to squeeze, but a mixture of shit piss and semen began to escape quickly I pulled up the thong to dry what was coming out but every time I came out more of that exotic mixture. I kissed her goodbye and left around 5:00 in the morning.

Some days passed, and a little peace of mind on Lola's part. In those days we were already moved to our new apartment which was nothing more than a closed garage with a small bathroom some windows and a bathroom. Very Spartan but the beginnings are not easy.  With the brilliant idea of the secretary there was none other than to invite Lola to dinner one night that did not work at the airport, the conversation lasted until late, Lola decided to start the retreat asked us to accompany her to the parking lot in front of the house because it was very dark and a little scary we went out, the secretary took a while to warm up. As it could not be otherwise Lola took advantage of the delay to squeeze my dick and squeeze it speaking softly to my ear ...   -Tomorrow night after the baby leaves I'll come to fuck you so we open the new bed and the new apartment!  -Stop fucking!!!!  -nothing to stop fucking around for days that you don't fuck me and I'm dead of the desire!!!!   The secretary fortunately interrupted Lola's sentence...   -bye bye Lola I'll wait for you tomorrow to go to lunch!!!!  -if it's ready by 11:30 what happened to you!!!   These meetings of them alone usually ended in big discussions with both separately, they knew how to sting each other without going beyond confections of friends but always unfailingly the talks were about me.  The following night, as he had predicted, he had to be ready to satiate the voracious hunger of a very hot little woman, obedient, I waited for her with a silk box that was her madness and perfumed with her favorite scent, Tommy, and a little surprise that she was going to like. There wasn't much dialogue I left the wallet undressed immediately and threw myself at me kissing passionately, his caresses and what I was thinking for a while already had me very chachondo.  As he almost always lay on the bed in the middle waiting for his section of caresses and kisses on both sides of his body, so I was kissing with special care all his body there was no place where he did not kiss or pass the tongue and almost reaching the ankles makes me raise my leg putting me in position 69, there was not much more to say the mutual mimes put the two of us to fly. Without looks began his applied sucking work on my penis swallowing it with fanaticism and care then the balls passed the tongue with a wonderful delicacy I put them in his mouth and licked and played with them, rose a little more and gave me an exquisite black kiss as only she knows how to do it never kissed my ass with so much love and passion her tongue played around the sphincter that each time I felt more dilated, that velvety tongue was the eighth wonder of the world, it didn't take long until he put it inside, sigh and breathe deeply to get more inside, the heat the saliva gives a very special sensation is almost impossible not to ask for more, it is incredible to feel a tongue inside the ass licked juice and I dilate so much that anything could happen. on my part with thumb and forefinger of each hand I had grabbed the outer lips of his shell while I passed the tongue to where it came in a moment of despair that was sucking me not support more temptation and suck the clitoris as to tear it off, once captive in my mouth she gently passes her tongue to what she answered with movements of acceptance separating the legs more and more the smelly juices, hot, they were a mixture of sour salt and smell to field but as it warmed me the smell of that bitch. It began to draw a stain on the savannah of the flow that came out as a gush I heated when I did a little strength to get their juices out, with my fingers well wet down to his bald ass was not much effort to put the first two fingers and go looking for the entrance to the intestine, there was almost always a gift for me there, suddenly touch something solid and I began to play first pushing and then trying to get a little poop, my other hand was dilating his vagina to carry out my plan ....   -Lola, I don't want you to finish... did you hear me?  -mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!   She was full-mouthed and obviously as she was very well-mannered she wouldn't talk if her mouth was busy.  The climax had arrived for both and it was time to put on little flavor to the game, I got up and had previously put 3 golf balls in a condom, when he saw me with that in my hand he smiled...   -What do you plan to do with it?  -I've been thinking all day about penetrating you with my golf balls, it warms up my idea!   I separate the legs and lift a little pelvis carefully separate the lips from the vagina and began to rub the improvised toy, making each pass a little more pressure on the entrance to his conchita until almost inadvertently the first ball was lost inside the cave, I put my thumb on his clitoris and began to massage soft I did not want to come without having the three golf balls well guarded.   -I want you to massage your tits and pinch your nipples!  -Yes my love!!! (it was so hot that his words sounded between cuts) Without much work my three balls were inside doing their homework, and I almost make it stop for a few seconds I could not control but now the sensations were all mine as used to be always to finish the times I wanted and my submissive Lola endured almost everything for the great love she had for me.  I put her on all fours to separate her cheeks and she looked at her unattractive ass, which I so much wanted, I put just a little cream and...   -Prepare yourself, my little bitch, I'm going to impale you with one push!  -You can't be such a son of a bitch!!!  -Yes!!! I am!!!  -Fuck me, fuck me, motherfucker! Break my ass!!!   I leaned on an entrance and with a single push half of the glans was opening its tail, she was also pushing and the whole glans was inside, we made the trunk enter more slowly, it is indescribable the sensation of the balls in the shell as they press the vaginal canal against the anus the sensation is incredible but also difficult to bear ...   -Bitch now I want you to jerk off while I fuck you!!!!   My submissive little whore obeyed the orders with martial fidelity, all of a sudden she starts to pant and ends up screaming and sighing, nor had she moved me and I was ending up like a cat in heat....   -Please take me move you I want to come from behind!!!!  -Yeah, but don't stop jerking off and pinch your tits!   His anal orgasm arrived without passing any time, with his mouth resting on the mattress screamed as if it were to break his throat, the screams were slowly fading and only sighs remained, my movements were slow but the journey was complete from the door to the eggs but smooth, the balls were doing their effect as much for her as for me who had me surprised and very hot, between sigh and sigh started screaming again but my fever was so much that I could not more and full of milk that beautiful ass ended almost in unison but could not stop moving me to be inside his ass with the three balls in the shell I had gone crazy. The heat of his entrails had me ecstatic as always, the smells that went up my nose in every movement were indescribable was a mixture difficult to explain flow, semen, forbidden sex and shit, it was an explosive mixture. Lola had never stopped jerking off as she had ordered and her 4th orgasm came out loud with saucers and drums, she fell on the bed with almost no air barely lifted up her ass to let me see the most wonderful sight that every man has to see before he dies, a fully dilated ass the sphincter is open for a few seconds as if there was an invisible cock separating the flesh and in the background the meat jumping through the spasms making a thread of semen mixed with shit comes out as a small cataract falling on the lips barely separated by the end of the condom, this view of me personally makes me hairy to see the ass of my beloved Lola open wide, so receptive and submissive. Without asking permission I separated a little the buttocks so that it did not close yet and again, I let myself fall with the weight of the whole body calculating that it entered, howled and putio but it was late I was inside again, I remained on it until my penis deflated completely and the same ass I expel it with a little semen.  After I washed. A cigarette is the intermediate room that every smoker needs before restarting operations again, but if we add to this that my prolija Lola began to suck me while I enjoyed my tobacco the sensations are incredible ...   -Are you enjoying my love so much?  -If I'm enjoying myself a lot but now I want you to take out the balls that you saved for me slowly I want to see the whole show while I finish my cigarette!  -good look!!!!   She lay on her back and lifting and opening her legs she began to remove my golf balls that she had kept inside her shell, she was not so dilated anymore and when I shot she felt pain closing her vagina, she tried again but it hurt her, it was time to taste my revenge they say that it is a dish that is eaten cold she was discovering the truth of the saying.  After a little while that almost reached the tears and I smiling I told him to leave me...   -Y. What's going on?  -I closed myself and they don't want to go out please help me -but if you closed yourself, they won't come out until you warm up again!!!  (jajajajajajajaja) -but I can't anymore you made me end up like a beast -well they'll stay inside you until you warm up and dilate a little or if you want you can take them out like that and suffer like a mother!!!  -sos a son of a bitch help me!!!!  -good but for the record you asked me!!!!  -You're the prettiest son of a bitch on the face of the earth, but now I hate you!  -As you say, but you're going to have to warm up again! (My evil smile should be too big) - if son of a bitch I'm going to warm up you know it and I'm going to finish again!   I kissed her as you kiss to warm a dead man I ate her neck until I reached her tits and sucked them while alternating with some very soft caresses on her vaginal lips a quick visit to her ass a few fingers inside the kisses on the tits and some nibbles on the nipples and slowly for the pain to make her enjoy the first ball came out complained but she liked then the second I was warming up badly!

   but apparently he was enjoying more than he showed he put his hand on the mount of venus and began to look for the clitoris, soon the moans feel all the stimuli put very hot to every woman the third ball came out along with the fifth orgasm and was the least painful.  But I was a thousand miles away, a few seconds after the air had returned to his lungs and seeing my state of rigidity decided to take revenge ...   -what a stop you have. You want me to suck it?  -I always want you to suck it!!!  -Well let me suck it all!!!!   It started in the balls and went up to the dick and down to the ass making me lift my legs, kissed my ass and licked as if making touch the sky with the hands his kisses transported me were warm wet and very exciting, but all this can be much worse if with the tongue seeks the point "H" and I press and as knowing there he went first with the tongue and then with his index finger the sensation is terrible a little pain a little pleasure and a lot of warmth, maybe it is not accurate but I can not describe it with words.  The area was soaked with their juices mixed with the saliva of their kisses and almost as if unintentionally in the caresses a finger went straight to my ass put it without compassion and began to scavenge as I did in hers, suddenly he took it out of a jump stopped and took a jar of cream that was hand for me to use with her, but the scale was in his favor and had me at his mercy hot begging to reach orgasm and lost in my desire ....   -You know what I'm gonna do to you? (his eyes gleamed with this flash of evil) -I think I can imagine your intentions!  -And you want me to put cream on you and stick my finger in you and pamper you more?  -if I want to!!!!  -good pedimelo, I'm not a fortune teller!!!!  -these heavy, and I very hot!!!!  -If you don't ask me, I'll leave you to it! (laughing motherfucker enjoying her 5 minutes of fame) -Please Lola can you put cream on me and play with your finger inside my ass?  What a well-behaved boy!   He put cream on the right hand and support my ass the sensation of cold cream in that hell is a sensation that gives a very ephemeral but beautiful well-being. without further ado he put a finger and at the same time made my dick disappear in his mouth ...   -mmmmmsi Lola so please like I like you are a goddess!!!!  -mmmmmmmmmmmmmigo?  -If please make me finish I can't stand my eggs anymore!!!!   The sensations were mixed I felt his finger inside me and each time I pushed but I did not stop moving it for a second while alternating with a master blowjob!  Suddenly I feel discomfort in the ass the beast pushed as if to put three fingers...   -It hurts a little bit please put more cream or take out one of the fingers (put cream as to paint a wall) -does my love still hurt?  -now it's a little better but it was bothering me -and now what do you feel?  -what are you doing strength and a little pain -and now?  -more pain!!!   Once again she sucked me while I continued dilating my sphincter with very bad intentions, with indescribable movements she was putting all the fingers in my ass, the agitated of my breathing had dried my mouth and I was coughing a little but Lola's cuddles were impossible kisses, licking and sucking I was taking me to an uncontrollable point, suddenly ....   -Does it hurt? (in a mocking voice I asked) you're touching me there!!! there!!!!  -And you like it?  -sisisisisisissiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!  -Well now you have to fill my mouth with milk!!!!  -Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!   Without more preamble I take to the sky the anal stimulation and the masterful blowjob that was giving me made me explode in orgasm with dry screams that hurt the throat. But the pleasure is immense indescribable to the point that the forces take a while to return the muscles are locked and do not respond, very slowly was taking his fingers out of my ass that had done so good work with his fingers, lay down and remained a few minutes leaning on my chest for both of us to regain strength was the preferred position of both when we fell asleep.

It was April 2001 and the secretary was a little jealous perhaps sensing what Lola made the first crisis that missed her mom and friends and bought the ticket back to Buenos Aires with the intervention of several friends and especially Lola, the secretary changed her mind and stayed a few days after changing jobs and got a good opportunity in a restourant worked from 10 to 22 and I for my part is working on a night job which left me almost all day off, so I took advantage to go to the beach almost every day clear is to suppose that I was not going alone Lola accompanied me we had found some private beaches, completely desolate true paradises of soft sand and crystal clear water, the ideal place where we all wanted to have a very hot encounter.


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