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Pregnant debt collector


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on: October 23, 2019, 04:05:25 PM
Next I'm going to relate what until today has been a shot in my heart, first of all I'll tell you that my name is Sander I'm not very pretty, but I'm not ugly either, the story you will read is completely true mind, this for me is a sentimental relief but someone should advise me and who if not some people who do not know me.

First of all I am married for 1 years, my wife is called pretty is a woman of 18 years, but has a wonderful body, measures 1.67, more or less thin and has a spectacular ass, for me very pretty, we do not have children because we did not want yet, let me tell you that my wife is a provocative woman, likes to sleep naked and in the morning gets up and puts on a robe of those towel style but short, this was perhaps what took us to everything I will tell you at the time.

This happened in November 2003, the owner of the house where we live showed up because he was going to collect the rent, since I owed him 2 months, reason why I had become unemployed and did not have to pay him, continued, because of that he showed up very early then I opened the door and says I come to collect, telling him, please pass that we have to talk, he entered, but what I enter, my wife was washing the dishes and he saw the whole vagina and ass, which Mr. Carlos (so called the landlord) remained watching her until he got up, We sat down and we were going to start talking when we were interrupted by Mr. Carlos like you are, answering him that he was very well and that he had come to collect the rent, at that moment I told him to excuse me for not having the real ones and that by the end of the month he would have it, then he woke up angry and said I'm sorry but I've already given him a lot of time almost three months and I have not seen a Bolivar, then he told me look Mr. Sander on Friday I come and if you do not have my money, I charge me with your wife, then Linda answers you that? What did you say? Mr. Carlos answering what he said today, it is better to agree if you accept or not, otherwise pack your bags and leave,

The next day I left Linda sleeping and I got up early to look for a job but it was useless I didn't get anything, arriving home around two in the afternoon.

That's how Friday arrived, I was nervous like Linda and we didn't find what to do, and she tells me, I haven't made any decision and you?, answering her, that the decision was hers and I wanted her to make the best for both of us, that's how the afternoon arrived and it was like 6:00 when they knocked on the door and I got up from the armchair to open and it was Mr. Carlos, good afternoon he told me, answering him have a good afternoon pass please.

Then the pass and sat down, asking me have you got the money?  Then I told him, no sir I don't have the money, telling me what they are going to do then, they will evict the house or we make the deal that I mentioned to him, I lowered my head and Linda answered we will do what you suggested, surprising me because she had said she had no decision.

After this, Mr. Carlos says I agree with his decision but I want to put on record that it will not be the only time since in fact you owe me almost three months, then Linda looked at me and I did not know what to say, saying as you say, saying this Mr. Carlos got up and grabbed Linda's hand and without saying anything they went to the room, I had a knot in my throat and a strange sensation in my stomach that I didn't know what to do, then I heard the door close, I didn't know what to do and suddenly it came to my mind to observe them from above the door because it has a small window, I looked for a small table that we had in the living room and I looked out.

I heard when Mr. Carlos said to him, if you put them down and Linda began to take off her panties when I already had him by the knees, he said wait and let me see that wonderful view, continue and Linda took it off completely naked, then he says sit on the bed that now I'm going to undress myself, then he took off the boxer being naked, when I saw him. The member I almost fell scared had never seen a member like that, it was not so long, but if more than mine, and of an impressive thickness, when Linda saw it until it was thrown back from the impression of seeing a member very different from mine, Mr. Carlos asked him these sure that you want to do this, you are not obliged to do it if you do not want, Linda told him not to worry that I'm sure what I'm grasping, said this they lay down in bed and he began to caress her everywhere, Linda did not move just let him do what he was doing, my anguish invaded me and caused me to enter and interrupt what was happening, but I did not dare, suddenly the accommodation between the middle of Linda's legs, put on a condom, Since she told him that she was not taking care of herself, and began and tried to introduce her member but apparently could not, in one of that Linda put her hand between the two and apparently she was the one who guided the member of Mr. Javier to be penetrated, in that I see a gesture of pain on Linda's face and then a small cry drowned by his fist, I realized that I had been penetrated and a knot was made in my throat, that's when I knew that Linda had already given herself to Mr. Carlos, I was watching and began the Bay come and go, Linda's face at first was painful, but with the passing of the minutes the face was changing, from pain to satisfaction, did not last long, perhaps about 20 minutes, when I saw. I got off the table and sat down again in the living room, a few minutes later Mr. Javier left, telling me, I have to go but remember that I will come back to talk to you about the rent and saying this went out the door and left, for my part I went to the room and saw Linda in bed with open legs, I asked her hurt you answering her, please come out and close the door, so I did, after almost two hours of being locked in the room she went out bathed

It turns out that the next day I had a job interview at eight in the morning, but when I arrived I was informed that the interview was not going to be able to take place since the boss had felt bad and was not going to work that day that consequently they would call me. I went back home, but when Mr. Carlos' car arrived he was out, I thought he was talking about the pending rent, but I was wrong, when I enter I do not see anyone in the room and I was surprised, I said to myself that strange, then I heard some moans coming from the room and I had a knot in my throat again, so I approached the little table and I went up, when I looked Mr. Carlos was lying through and Linda on top of him, what I saw was indescribable, the member of Mr. Carlos went in and out of my wife's vagina, I don't know what time they had been but in the five minutes that I was there I saw my wife as she opened as much as possible and said in a low voice, to Mr. Carlos to finish him well inside to fill his vagina with sperm, preƱame, pregname, of course this was impossible because Mr. Carlos had a condom on, I got off quietly and I left there, I came back about half an hour later and the car was still there, when I entered, Mr. Carlos was sitting in the living room and Linda totally naked brought him a coffee, I cling the fool I say good morning Mr. Carlos makes here? He told me, what we agreed, that he would come to collect from the rent, with a smile in his mouth.

For me the days flew by, until I arrive again Friday, I ask Linda this list for today? Yes, don't worry, remember that it's only sex and that none of this, that's what's happening to us is going to affect us at all, and that's how the day went, the night came, telling Linda that I'm not going to come, telling her but if she doesn't come today she'll come another day, remember that she said that for a month, that's when the doorbell rang and I saw. Linda's face expressed a slight smile, I went and opened the door, in effect it was him, telling me what I regret but I had things to do and I could not arrive earlier, well to what I came and said this he extended his hand to Linda and she neither short, nor lazy immediately rose, heading towards the room, when they entered once I put the table to look through the window, and I appeared not being able to give credit to what my eyes saw, this time was different, Linda took off the gown that giving naked, took Mr. Carlos and took off the sweater, then lowered his pants being completely naked, and she hugged him by the neck and gave him kisses with tongue and everything, then grab the condom that Mr. Carlos had in his hand, and threw it in the trash, and told daddy I want you to do me from now on without a condom, and remain at your disposal if you want to end up inside and leave me pregnant or end up outside, then settled into the pose of the missionary for a long time, Mr. Carlos told my wife, fuck you without a condom is the richest thing I've ever done in my life, it feels super divine, then the turn and made it doggy, in that pose you could see the tremendous stride of the subject who came in and out as if all life were done, then she got up in bed (stop) he stood up and in that position he nailed it again, then the charge and she clung to it as if it was the last thing she was going to do, then they sat on the edge of the bed and there she ejaculated again inside Linda but without protection, luckily I had a camera with which I took the first photos when we were engaged (the photos that are beginning the story) and took this photo so that I could not tell me that it was a lie, then I got off to wait for them in the couch but it was never true that they came out, I did not come back because I already knew what they were grasping again. At three o'clock in the morning they left, the very smiling one and she with a pleased face that seemed that she didn't want him to leave.

So the weeks went by and she was having sex with Mr. Carlos even, sometimes saying that I was going, and what I was doing was hiding to see when Mr. Carlos arrived, supposedly they were only once a week for a month, but that didn't happen that way, because when I supposedly left he arrived to have sex with her, know that since that relationship began I didn't have sex with her again because she always said she was tired or made up any excuse, until one day I found out by chance that from this relationship they had a baby would come, how did I find out?  Well one day I went to the grocery store to buy some things and the cashier says congratulations, I ask her why? Like she's waiting, no, I haven't heard anything, why does she tell me that? His wife bought a pregnancy test, I see, who knows maybe if thank you, and saying this I left with a false smile on my face. I didn't know what to do anymore and I thought and thought and didn't find the solution, but I didn't say anything to Linda so that she wouldn't know that she had bought a test, in the week she tried to have sex with me but I refused, arguing that I didn't feel well or that the worries didn't give me calm. A month went by and Christmas came, for me without any encouragement, but not for her either because I didn't know what to do.

A month later I got a job, they didn't pay much but it gave me to subsist, so I made the decision to face Linda, I told her we have to talk and she told me that, of us I told her, saying her, you will say, tell me something, because you deceived me in that way? What are you talking about, don't get stupid, you know very well what I'm talking about, and you're even expecting a child of him, I told you to do it with a condom she started crying and told me, how did you realize?, I told her I knew that Mr. Carlos made love with her without a condom since the last 2 weeks, plus the times they had met and how did you know you got pregnant? For the girl of the super, that without knowing she congratulated me thinking that it was mine, what are you going to do now? The only thing I have left is to leave this house and I don't know about you but talk to Mr. Carlos so that he recognizes that son, because I'm not going to do it, then he told me you don't remember that you told me that we would be together to overcome all this? Yes, I told him, but I didn't want you to deceive me and let yourself be pregnant by another man, and when I said that, I left.

So far I have lived alone, but she is still looking for me, and to all this, I still love her, after all, I am the culprit of all this, so I ask her kind reader advice of what I should do. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this story and I hope you will excuse my misspelling.


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