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Some basketball practice.


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on: June 29, 2019, 02:38:13 PM
I'm a normal 18-year-old girl, a good student, I date a guy and play basketball.

My story happened just because of basketball, a couple of years ago I have a coach of 28 years, with a girlfriend and is like bread.

Girls always whisper about him. He's a nice guy who's very fond of us and we get along very well.

The training sessions ended at the end of the season and there wasn't much left for the holidays and many teams had already finished.

We were training alone in the pavilion when I fell and was like open legs and gave me a strong pull on a thigh. So David

the trainer, finished the training and sent us to the showers, I hurt and told me to follow him in his locker room had an anti-inflammatory gel. I knew a lot about injuries, so I followed him while my classmates got in the shower. We went to her dressing room and she gave me the ointment. I was wearing heaters that reach almost to the knee and it was impossible to reach the thigh with the hand. So I took off my pants and started rubbing my thigh sitting on a stretcher.

I couldn't spread all the ointment as it is very dense and my coach offered to continue it. I told him that if without problem, we have a lot of confidence, there was no reason to doubt anything. He told me to lie down that I would be more comfortable and stood in front of me, he wore short pants where he was marked his package and a striped shirt. He put ointment on his hand and started massaging my thigh right in the area where it hurt. He did it with strength because he had very strong hands. Even so it was hard for her so she helped each other and began to touch my thighs with both hands. The truth is that I liked it so I relaxed and stretched all the way while I saw his pants that were getting tighter and tighter, I'd say he was splicing, but I didn't pay attention.

Soon I noticed his hands going up a bit, he told me that I had to rub the ointment all over my muscle. I told him no problem. He started to get nervous and I noticed a change in his massage, it seemed to be recreating on my leg, but I liked it. Soon I noticed that his little finger was touching my panties and pulling up my shirt. I got up a little to see what he was doing and he told me that nothing was happening that calm.

He brought his package to my arm that was stretched out, to reach my hand and put it to touch my hand, my reaction at first was to take away my hand but then I noticed a heat in his package that made me rectify and I did not move.

He was still handling his hand and was already passing his hand under the shirt, it was obvious, he wanted more than just to heal my leg. I don't know what crossed my mind that with my hand I began to caress his package was about to explode. He took off my shirt and started kissing my body while he took off his pants and to my surprise I saw that he wasn't wearing any underwear. He put it near my mouth because I was stretched out.

I almost put it inside me, I picked it up and started masturbating it while trying to reach its cocoon with the tongue. He took my panties off and started touching me. I was very wet. He took off my bra and after a colpe turned me, I sat on the stretcher facing him and just gave a push and put it to the bottom, I hurt a little and gave a scream but at the time was enjoying like a crazy, my trainer was fucking me.  If the others knew.

Well, yes! They knew. When they heard my scream they approached where we were, some wrapped in towels, some in underwear and some in dresses. I know why I saw them, they were on a bench where we could be seen through a large window upstairs. They were hallucinating, I couldn't even react, I didn't know whether to stop if laughing, crying, I was like out of my mind. Then he asked me to suck his dick, he sat down on the stretcher and I started sucking him, he was with the hardest cock. I knew that they were seeing him, and I also noticed that he had seen them, but this excited him even more. I was watching some of the team in underwear or wrapped in towels watching as I sucked his cock. What a situation!

We were fucking for a while and without thinking that they were looking at us, I had an orgasm that I will never forget, sure that I was the envy of the whole team.

Now from time to time someone gets hurt in training. But I think I was a privileged one.




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