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Taking Control (I)


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on: June 29, 2019, 12:43:26 PM
The shy rays of a spring sun filtered through the kitchen window and bathed the wooden table on which my coffee rested. I had been living alone in that house for four months and everything in it still seemed impersonal to me. My company had offered me a lot of money and a management position in Spain if I agreed to spend a year in one of its Mexican subsidiaries. It was my big chance and my wife, Sandra, had encouraged me to accept. Of course she wouldn't come with me, her life in Madrid was very comfortable and she had no intention of changing that. Sandra and I had met in college. She and her friends were related to my group of friends.

Sandra was an attractive, slender young woman with a pretty black mane, big eyes, thick lips, an abundant bust and a tight, upturned little butt. His beautiful appearance was overshadowed by a way of being haughty and arrogant, which nevertheless contributed to increase his morbidity. Sandra was ambitious, she knew what she wanted and I guess at some point I came into her plans.

The fact is that we got engaged at the end of the race and got married shortly afterwards. Sandra hadn't consented to have sex before marriage, but it wasn't much better afterward. He confessed to me that being his military father, his education had been very strict and conservative and that he did not expect sex to play an important role in our relationship. I knew she was very puritanical, but I had thought that after marriage she would be more tempted to enjoy sex. I was wrong. The first time we made love was on our honeymoon. Sandra kept complaining that my penis was too big and was hurting her.

I had to take it out of him, and that's where it was all. After that episode things got a little better although Sandra kept insisting on doing it with the light off and took a totally passive attitude. It was when we decided to have a child that Sandra became more interested in sex, but months went by and she didn't get pregnant. We went to a specialist and had infinite tests that determined that Sandra was sterile. This caused my wife to lose the little interest she had in sex and take refuge in what interested her most, work and her busy social life. I also turned to work and soon this opportunity arrived in Mexico. Sandra was very happy, her parents were very happy, and I felt as if the only thing that interested them about me was that I became a prosperous businessman.

I gave up these thoughts, and sipped the rest of the coffee. It was time to go to work. I left the dirty cup in the sink and grabbing my briefcase, I headed for the garage. There was the black minivan that I had bought on arrival in Mexico. I climbed on it, started and softly joined the quiet street of the urbanization. Ten minutes later he was slowly moving through the intense traffic in the financial area of the city.

My company occupied five floors of an office building.  The Spanish parent company had created this subsidiary to operate in the Mexican market and I was now in charge of managing one of the sections. I was in charge of a five-person team made up of Isabel, who was the deputy director, and four executives: Jorge, Sara, Mónica and Raquel. Then there were Susana and Lydia, who were the secretaries of direction and subdirection. Isabel was the one who worked more in contact with me and at the same time was the one with whom she had better relationship. She was an attractive, tall woman with jet black hair and dark eyes. I was 32 years old and married with no children.

I think we both liked each other from the start and Isabel had helped me a lot to integrate with the rest of the team. I saw the others less, except of course Susana, my secretary. Susana had not been my choice but had inherited it from the previous director. She was the typical movie secretary, 23 years old, beautiful, tall, blonde, sexy and with a sculptural body that did not hesitate to stand out. It was inhumane to try to concentrate on work when she entered the office and on top of that she was a very caring cocksucker. She took advantage of the slightest opportunity to let me glimpse her bra, the lace of her stockings or, on more than one occasion, her panties. Apparently, the fact that she was engaged and about to marry the son of a wealthy Mexican businessman was not an inconvenience to tempt the rest of us mortals.

Still thinking of Susana, I lined up the ramp that led to the company's private car park, in the basement of the building. I had my own square, so I parked the minivan in it and headed for the elevator. Once inside I pressed the number 14 and looked at my watch. It was 7:55 in the morning. I liked to arrive around 8 o'clock so I had an hour before the rest of the employees arrived and the hustle and bustle started. The only one, apart from me who had a free schedule was Isabel and in fact she used to arrive before me so many mornings we would have a cup of coffee together before the others arrived. As we left the elevator on the 14th floor, there was a landing with a security door. I pressed my code and the door opened, leaving me free passage. The lights were on, which meant that Isabel was already there in her office. She and I were the only ones with an office. The rest worked in cubicles, separated from each other by wooden and glass panels.

I went straight to my office, opened it, turned on the lights, and carefully hung my coat on the hanger by the door. It was a large office, with a large work table and an accessory table that supported the computer. Behind the table was my comfortable chair and in front there were two armchairs for my visitors. A little far away, next to one of the walls there was a sofa, very suitable for taking a nap on days of intense work. As I turned on the computer, I glanced through the window on my back. From the 14th floor a good part of the city was dominated and the bustle of the streets was avoided. I had several e-mails, one from my wife, three from business and one from a Yoli. Yoli? When I saw the subject, my heart turned. It said, "Your wife cheats on you." I got the message as fast as I could and started reading, nervous:

"Hello José. I'm Yoli, Sandra's co-worker.  I suppose it's none of my business but I've always found you to be a very nice guy, besides a bonbon and on the other hand, I can't stand your wife's arrogant dick. So I guess you'll be interested to know Sandra's doing it with Germán. Yesterday I caught them kissing inside Germán's car, even though they didn't see me. I don't think anyone in the office knows about these gossips. For my part, I won't comment on it out of respect for you, but I'm sure it won't be long before it's discovered. Lots of kisses. Yoli".

It took me a while to recover from the shock. I couldn't believe it. Germán was my wife's boss. He was 42 years old and married with 3 children. Paloma, his wife, was a beautiful woman that I had fantasized about on more than one occasion, but her 40 years could not compete with Sandra's 27 years. Now he understood Sandra's recent promotion. He had earned it from dust, dust that the whore didn't throw at me. I felt so bad, I almost ran to Isabel's office. I needed to vent.

Isabel was startled to see my face and came out from behind her table to meet me.

-What's the matter with you, Joseph?

-My wife is deceiving me, Elizabeth -I let go from close range.

My assistant director put her hand to her mouth in a gesture of surprise, but before saying anything she put me on the sofa and sat near me, in an armchair that was at the corner of the sofa. Then he said:

-Calm down, you're very upset. Tell me what's going on. What's this about your wife cheating on you?

I told him what I had just received. She was sympathetic but cautious.

-What a bitch. I'm so sorry. Are you sure this Yoli girl isn't lying to you?

-Could be, though I don't think so.

-And what are you going to do?

-I don't know yet, it caught me by surprise. I would never have expected it from Sandra.

-You have too high a concept of women, Joseph. You have a lot of respect for us. Look for example, I know Susana does nothing but provoke you and you do nothing. Anybody in your place would have told him something by now. Yesterday I heard him mocking Monica about the possibility of you being a faggot.

-But I'm a married man and she's about to get married. What do you want me to say to her?" I said visibly annoyed at the suggestion of my homosexuality. After all, you have to take care of your image. Your wedding is two months away.

-See what I mean when I say you're too legal? Susana didn't care much about her image with your predecessor.

-What? You mean Susana was doing it with the previous director? But she was already dating Octavio Fuentes...

-Of course, silly. But Mr. Gomez was a very attractive, persuasive man with few scruples and many...

Elizabeth paused, as if regretting what she was about to say, but I had not gone unnoticed how she had shuddered to talk about the former director. Would she have fallen into his clutches as well? I decided to take a chance.

- You fell into their nets, too, didn't you?

Isabel reddened. He realized he'd talked more than he had and tried to make amends.

-How dare you think that! I'm a married woman.

But now I wasn't going to let him escape without getting the truth out of him.

-Come on, Elizabeth, don't bother to deny it. Besides, I already knew.  Susana told me," I lied.

-Did Susan tell you? -I noticed how Elizabeth was getting nervous.  Maybe I miscalculated. Maybe I wasn't as good and naive as she had thought - The very bitch, we had agreed to keep each other's secret

-Well, you don't seem to have kept it very well either. But tell me Isabel, why. Why married women like you, like my wife cheat their husbands with their bosses.

Isabel sighed. What was supposed to be a conversation about my wife's infidelity had become one about my deputy's infidelity. And once unmasked Isabel seemed anxious to speak, as if the secret burned inside her.

-I swear I didn't provoke him. I loved my husband and although the sex between us was most trivial, I didn't know anything else and I felt comfortable with it. Then Luis arrived, Mr. Gomez, and he started to flatter me. Every time I went into his office to deal with him, he kept telling me how beautiful she was, the body she had. I asked him to keep the forms that we were married people. But he replied that if his wife had my body he'd be fucking her all day. I asked him to please don't say those things, but he wouldn't listen to me and kept making comments about my tits, my ass, my legs. But worst of all, his words had an effect on me.

-You mean you got excited about all that?

Isabel reddened

-When I left his office, my panties were soaked and I ran to mine to masturbate. I started masturbating like when I was a teenager.  And the worst thing was not that, but I couldn't get it out of my head. When I masturbated I thought of him, when I made love to my husband I thought of him and what it would be like to make love to him. Then he had orgasms he'd never had before.  I began to dress sexier for him, to admire me and flatter me.....

It was obvious that remembering those events was having an effect on Elizabeth. Her breathing was agitated and I was no less excited than she was. My candor had made me lose my wife, but it was time to wake up. With a firm voice I said to him:

-Wait, Elizabeth, before you go on, I want you to take off your skirt. I want to see how wet you've gotten by remembering what happened.

-How?" said Elizabeth, opening her eyes like a plate.

-You heard me. Take off your skirt.

-Hey Joseph, I don't know who you take me for. The fact that I've been unfaithful to my husband doesn't mean that I'm a whore, or that I'm sleeping with the first person who asks me to. I'm telling you this as a friend, but I see you've misunderstood. Now I'm asking you to leave my office. I want to think this is due to the shock you got from your wife.

I didn't move. Instead I said:

-Look, Elizabeth, I don't think you understand the situation. I'm going to explain it to you in a very simple way. Either you do what I ask, or your husband finds out about your little adventure.

-I can't believe you're serious. -Are you gonna turn me in? I thought you were a good person.

-Well, you told me yourself you can't be that good.  So now I'm going to take your advice. You decide, either you do as I say or you abide by the consequences - I said slowly as I stared into Elizabeth's eyes.

There was a moment of silence. Isabel kept my gaze. He saw no doubt in her, but determination. I could guess his inner struggle. I held my breath waiting for the outcome. Then Elizabeth got up and with trembling hands lowered the zipper from her skirt. The garment fell quickly over his ankles. I wasn't wrong, her sky blue panties were soaked with excitement. I also admired her perfect legs, sheathed in black nylon stockings from her thighs to her beautiful feet, which rested on sandals with black stripes and low heels. Elizabeth quickly covered her crotch with her hands and stood, as if hypnotized, waiting for my reaction. This one wasn't long in coming. I had to act quickly and safely.

-Get your hands off, I want to see how wet your panties are.

-Don't humiliate me in this way, Joseph, I'm asking you as a friend.....

-I'm not going to tell you again, Elizabeth. Obey!

With tears in her eyes, Elizabeth moved her hands to both sides of her body.

-Well, well, look how you've put on your panties. You're a filthy, dirty little girl. What would your husband think if he knew how you got wet thinking of another man. But after all, it might turn him on. He may even masturbate thinking about how his exemplary wife shows herself naked to her boss.

Isabel was still standing in silence in front of me. I could feel her humiliation, but I also knew she was excited.

-Sit down -I asked him-

-Please, Joseph, let's get this over with. I beg you," he said as he sat back in his chair, right next to me.

I didn't listen to him.

-Keep telling me what happened to Mr. Gomez.

Elizabeth sighed but continued to narrate, her eyes lost, as if reliving the scenes.

-One weekend that my husband was traveling Luis showed up at my house. I don't know how he got the address. I froze when I opened the door and saw him there, smiling from ear to ear. Before I could react he told me he came to fuck me like the whore I was. My pussy started dripping instantly. I knew I wouldn't resist.

Isabel reclined in the armchair. His eyes were closed. I saw how the moisture stain on her panties had grown. I took her right leg and put it on my lap. Isabel opened her eyes and looked at me. I told him to go on with the story as he unbuttoned his sandal and began to caress his foot through his socks. She closed her eyes again and continued her story.

-Luis threw himself on me right there, with the door still open and began to kiss and rub me all over my body. I let myself be done and collaborated responding to his kisses. Then I don't know how I found myself kneeling before him. He asked me to kiss the package and I did. I kissed his lump through his pants. He caressed my hair and called me "his dog" while I kissed and kissed his package. She asked me if I wanted to see her dick, caress her, pamper her... I nodded. So he wanted to know if I'd blow my husband. I told him the truth, no, that I had always refused. Then he asked me if I wanted to blow him. Completely humiliated I shook my head up and down nodding. He laughed and told me that I was a real bitch and that I was going to become an expert cocksucker. I could feel my crotch completely soaked, my pussy burned and my nipples were so hard that they hurt.

As Isabel spoke I had begun to walk her leg with my hands, playing with the upper edge of her stocking and deliberately massaging the inside of her thighs to gently descend back down to her foot. Not only had Elizabeth not protested, but she was spreading her legs more and more, now showing me openly her wet panties.

-Then Louis asked me to take it from him. With a desire I had never had before I unzipped his trousers and trembling from the excitement I inserted my hand and pulled out his erect dick. It was a little longer and thicker than my husband's and it burned in my hand. Luis grabbed me by the hair and directed my mouth towards her ordering me to kiss her. I obeyed and kissed her until he told me to open my mouth and began to introduce it to me. I'd never done it before, and I brushed his teeth. He took it out right away and slapped me on the cheek while calling me a "useless whore" and warned me that if I bit him again he was going to whip me until he left my red buttocks. I don't know why but that made me very excited and without him telling me anything I started sucking his cock like a possessed woman.

Isabel's breathing was fast and choppy. There was no doubt that she was so horny remembering her infidelity. I delicately stroked his thighs and let my hand wander down his groin. She sighed and went on with her narration. My hand began to move slowly towards her crotch, carrying with it the wet fabric of her panties and exposing her precious sex. Elizabeth was soaked, her lips were open and swollen from the excitement, and the entire length of her crack was covered by a thick flow. His thickened clitoris protruded between his lips and screamed for stimulation. His pubic beauty was not shaved, but well cared for and trimmed. I delicately ran all over his crack with my fingers. Isabel let out a moan of pleasure and extreme in the armchair while she continued to tell me about the events of a few months ago.

-Luis grabbed me by the hair and began to force his cock down my throat. I gagged several times and got scared. I thought I was drowning. He told me to relax my throat that one way or another I was going to get it all in.  He finally got it and fucked my face like crazy. I was super horny feeling his whole tail come in and out of my mouth. He had me like this for several minutes and then he told me that he was going to run but that he didn't want me to swallow his semen but that I had to keep it in my mouth. Seconds later he pulled his dick out of my throat and started masturbating next to my face. When he was about to come he ordered me to open my mouth and dumped all his milk into it while calling me a "cocksucking whore". I kept all his semen as I could, because it was too much and I had to inflate my cheeks so as not to swallow it. Then he asked me to take off my clothes. Ooooh! Yeah! Aggggggg!

My hands had just taken possession of Isabel's pussy. While caressing his clitoris he had inserted a finger into his wet hole. My excited deputy director hadn't been able to suppress a scream of pleasure.  I quickly put another two fingers into her shell and began to fuck her vigorously. Isabel interrupted her narration and began to encourage me.

-Oh God! Yes! Yes! Yes! Like this, like this. Don't stop, don't stop... I need this.

-Shut up, bitch, and keep telling me what happened to Luis.

-I...undressed and he mocked me seeing how wet my pussy was...and how stiff my nipples were. Then he started pinching them and stretching them, causing me pain but also a lot of pleasure. Aaaaah! God Joseph, I can't do it anymore, I'm going to run!

-Don't even think about it," I said, stopping to get the squeeze out of my fingers, "touch your nipples like Luis touched them.

Isabel took off the jacket she was wearing and took off her blouse.  She was wearing a blue bra to match her panties. He quickly found the zipper and took it off. Her beautiful tits stood before my eyes. They were not very large, but they curved upwards erotically and ended in long nipples. Isabel did not lose a second and began to pull them, sighing for pleasure. I got up and lowered her panties. She helped by getting her ass off the couch. Then I pulled down my pants while she was still telling the story:

- Then Luis asked me to swallow his semen. I obeyed him without protesting. His milk was hot after several minutes in my mouth. It disgusted me and I felt humiliated. Then he demanded that I take him to my room, he wanted to fuck me in the bed he shared with my husband. I just thought of having his tail inside me and I took him there almost running. He ordered me to lie on the bed with my legs wide open and my knees bent, and then he hit me.

I had been naked from the waist down and Isabel looked at my gawky dick as she pinched her nipples. Without going into measurements I will say that my tail is long and thick, well above average.

-Jesus Christ! What a dick! Even Luis's wasn't comparable.

- Well, it's time for you to try it on with that slutty pussy you have - I said, positioning myself between her legs and running along her crack with my glans.

- Yeah, yeah, fuck me like Luis fucked me. The son of a bitch slammed it into me but it was so wet that I almost came right away. And then he started putting it in and taking it out, telling me it was narrower than Susana's. I looked at him and he laughed and said that he had been fucking that bitch for several weeks and that now he was going to have two bitches in the office to fuck them whenever he wanted.  I was a hundred and I ran instantly enjoying myself as I had never done before and I was about to have another orgasm when Luis' cell phone rang. He answered while he fucked me. It warmed me so much that I had another orgasm, more powerful than the previous one. But then Luis took it from me and told me it was an emergency and he had to leave. He didn't come back and didn't show up at the office on Monday.  I asked Susana. She told me a new director was coming, but we never knew what happened to Luis. As you know, she was already dating Octavian and I was married so we agreed to keep each other's secret.

- Well," I cut, "since you were so kind to the previous director, I don't see why you shouldn't be so kind to the current one.

And saying this, I nailed his whole dick to his very eggs.

- Aaaaagh! - shouted Isabel caught by surprise. My dick was big but entered easily into her puddled pussy and began a vigorous mete-saca. Isabel came almost instantly.

- Oooooh! Oh, my God! She's so fat! I feel as full as ever. I'm... I'm coming! Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

Isabel lost herself in her orgasm, between screams and groans, while I kept hammering her pussy with my tail and exciting her with my words.

-That's bitch, run and enjoy like the whore you are. From now on, you're gonna be my private whore. I'll do with you what I want and when I want. And not just with you. That bitch Susana's gonna taste my tail too. You're gonna be my office whores. And now you can be obedient because otherwise I'm gonna make your asses red.

-Aaaaaaaahhhhh! God, God, God! Another, another! -Elizabeth shouted as her body trembled and enjoyed another orgasm, with only mention of the lashes.

There was no doubt that this slut was turned on by punishment.  I lifted my hand and while I was bashing her with my cock I started to slap her buttocks. Elizabeth began to tremble and limb uncontrollably.  His cries of pleasure flooded the room as he chained orgasm after orgasm. It was impossible to bear it any longer seeing a female like Isabel groaning and enjoying herself in such a way. I felt my eggs shrink, my body stiffened, and the skin on my neck bristled. I felt my milk running the length of my cock and flowing into the deepest part of my assistant director's pussy. In the middle of her orgasms, Isabel also felt my milk flooding her shell and an uncontrolled passion took over her screaming at me that she loved me, that she was her male, that I continued to fuck her like that... I continued to release semen and fuck her until our orgasms ended. So I took it out of him and I said:

- I think coming to talk to you was worth it. I don't care so much about my wife anymore.

Isabel didn't say anything, she looked at me exhausted, scattered on the armchair with semen draining from her shell. He was trying to believe what had happened. He continued in silence as I got dressed and headed for the door. Then he said, with a whisper denoting his exhaustion:

- I never thought you'd be like that.

I turned my head and smiled at him before I went out and closed the door. Then I thought:

- I didn't know it either, but now you're gonna find out who I am.

I looked at my watch. It was seven minutes to nine.


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