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The Goalkeeper's Woman (06)


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on: June 29, 2019, 12:35:27 PM

My days pass of the most pleasant, between a job that I like and that makes me earn good money and the pleasures I get with Silvia, my secretary and Virginia, the beautiful wife of the Portero who has been a discovery. Until now Virginia doesn't know that I have had relations with Silvia for a long time, but she knows everything, and as I told in the first story of this series, she collaborated efficiently to be able to enjoy Virginia.

As far as my relationships with my family are concerned, this is going great, too. I make love with my wife regularly and since I don't show off with friends, my image of a faithful man remains untouched, my wife Marián dedicates himself to social work with a group of friends who are part of a team of volunteers supporting paediatric hospitals. This work keeps her entertained and complements her with a more or less intense social life. I love Marina and for nothing in the world do I want her to suffer or grieve, so I am extremely careful in my love relationships with other women.

However, for some time now, I've been thinking about Marian having an affair with a young man. That, I think, would invigorate her self-esteem, as she would feel desired and eventually enjoyed by a young flesh, which would make her "feel alive" as women say when they talk to each other about sexual matters. The issue is how to make my wife have that little adventure, knowing her religious and moral convictions about marriage. This idea has started to take shape in my mind, when in a conversation with my wife, she told me that in a hospital where she volunteers she was very impressed with a young nurse, for his dedication to his profession and his desire to overcome.

This boy, who is about 19 or 20 years old, could only study nursing courses in order to be placed in the hospital, but his intimate desire is to study medicine and to become a doctor is enormous. What's more, everything came to mind that he had taken the entrance exam of the Universidad Particular "Cayetano Heredia" and had obtained the first place, but that he could not study because of the expensive monthly pensions of that university. The people in the hospital lamented, and so my wife found out, that a young man with so much future could not do the studies for lack of financial means.

Listening to the story interested me, not specifically in the case of lack of resources, but through it, I could realize the fantasy I wanted for my demure and beautiful woman. So, to Marian's delight, I asked her to tell the boy to come to my office, because suddenly I could help him with my contacts to make his dream come true. My wife was happy and this was the reason for them to happen in our wide marriage bed, kisses, caresses and a phenomenal fuck with my wife, which reminded me of our first years of marriage.

Marian, is a woman that measures 1.68, is white, of thin texture, but conveniently plump. A balanced and healthy diet, as well as conscientious work in the gym has made her apparent figure to be a 37 or 38 year old woman and not the 49 she actually has. Breasts of regular size and proportionate to your body, are kept upright thanks to a liposculpture that determined your current flat belly and harmonious hips. Marian has always had a pretty tail and a subjugating Mount of Venus, which she usually waxes neatly. It also has slender and turned legs and proportioned and beautiful feet. Her face is harmonious without being of spectacular beauty, which is enhanced by large brown eyes and full lips, her wavy black hair gives a youthful feeling. But the most interesting thing about Marian is her gestures and her soft, caressing voice. When she speaks to someone, her voice, her gestures seem to invite something else and when they have pretended to get over it, she has very worthily put them in their place.

Marian became a virgin in marriage, because I deflowered her from both sides. Our wedding night (I would say our wedding fortnight) was spent in a beautiful place in southern Peru called Paracas where there is a luxurious hotel.  We really spent practically fifteen days in bed enjoying each other.  After a passionate night, tired and satiated, we went out to have breakfast; while we replenished energies with the hotel's buffet, we looked at each other, passion was reborn and nothing more than to finish feeding ourselves, we returned to the room to continue loving each other. Other times, we would go out to enjoy the pool and just see my wife in the water, with her bold bikinis, which was the center of male glances, I felt the need to possess her again, I got into the water to swim with her and with my touches and rubs, we turned on again and back to the room. They were really days of madness, passion, sex and above all a lot of love. With my wife we have made love in every way and in every place imaginable and therefore, I have always had her satiated.

However, just as I am aware that to be completely happy I need the favors of young and beautiful women like Silvia and Virginia. I also believe that at this point in my wife's life, when we have a firm, grounded marriage, she should enjoy a young, vigorous flesh which in the long run, according to my theory, would further improve our marital life.

So I wanted to meet the young nurse who had aroused so much sympathy in my wife. Indeed, within two days of our conversation, the young man appeared in my office. Silvia warned me of his arrival and I attended him immediately. At first sight Pedro, who is so called, made a good impression on me. Almost 1.70 tall, athletic and muscular, she stood out for the tight polo she wore and which marked her muscles. A friendly face, of mestizo features, of skin rather clear, black hair, carefully combed and good to speak with a masculine voice and aplomada.

I liked him and the vigorous handshake revealed to me a frank and direct person. We talked about his current job and so I found out that he lived modestly with his mother and a widowed sister prematurely who had been left with a small child. He worked at the Pediatric Hospital where he had been admitted as an auxiliary and due to his dedication and knowledge had become the second chief nurse in less than six months. But his maximum aspiration was to be a doctor, so he had applied to a private university in whose competition for admission he had been in first place, but for lack of financial resources could not study due to the high pensions of that college.

As he spoke, I was watching him closely and it seemed perfect for my plans. The guy looked clean, respectful and healthy.  The rest was going to depend on the circumstances and on some secret help I gave him to flirt with my wife. To begin with, I said that a talent like him couldn't be wasted because he didn't have the money to study, so I left myself a few days to contact some acquaintances to see what could be done. For his part, he left me his curriculum vitae and the details of his admission to the University.

In the evening I told my wife of the meeting with her protégé and told her that she would have to help me, taking the boy to some meetings to get a full scholarship. I could perhaps go to the first of them, but then because of my occupations I could not go, so she would have to represent me, besides the people I would visit were usually friends or acquaintances of Marian. The first meeting would be with an important banker who sponsored an educational foundation, so the next day we both had to go with the boy to the interview. I asked him to meet you at 9 a.m. at our house and then leave for the meeting. Marian was very happy and hastened to call the boy to give him the message. After a while he came into the bedroom and told me the boy would be in our house at 8:30.

The next morning, it was almost 7:30 and we were in our room, getting ready for the appointment. I asked Marian to wear a silk dress that I like and that fits on her knees, so that when she sits the silk of the suit she climbs up her beautiful legs and exposes her desirable white thighs. Marian gladly agreed and when she finished putting on makeup and dressing, I couldn't help but hugging and kissing her...she looked beautiful.

Shortly after breakfast, one of the maids informed us that the young Pedro was in the waiting room. We both went out to meet the boy who after the greetings went with us to the front door to board the car. My chauffeur, Francisco, was waiting for us with the door open. Marian climbed into the back and settled behind the driver.  I boarded the vehicle through the other door and settled in together with Marian and told Pedro to go up to the front next to the driver.

Comfortable and with the car in motion, I could appreciate that my wife's royal legs were exhibited in all their splendor. The dress had risen to mid-thigh and she as feminine as ever, had crossed her legs gracefully. I took the opportunity to ask Peter several questions, so that in order to be able to answer me he had to turn his body to look at us. Well, nothing more than turning around, I could see the surprise on the young man's face as his gaze stumbled upon the shocking vision of my wife's beautiful legs in full exhibition, so much so that the poor man began to stutter. As I listened to him, I looked towards the street, but without losing sight of the young man's reactions. Marian after a while, while the conversation was going on, in which Peter with whom we were to meet was explained, seemed to realize that the disturbance of the boy was due to the exhibition of his superb limbs and delicately put them back together, but without being able to prevent the dress from going up to the middle of his thigh, so that to cover something, she modestly and discreetly placed her wallet on her knees.

We arrived at the Bank and went directly to the offices of the President, who immediately moved us to the spacious office. He was an old friend of ours and we greeted each other with great familiarity, taking advantage of this one to compliment Marian. After introducing Pedro, we sat in the cozy lounge, located in a corner of the office. There I did my best so that Pedro would be in front of Marian, with the full certainty that from that position he could admire at his whim Marian's legs and hopefully his thighs and perhaps the truza of white lace that my wife was wearing. After the trivialities of rigour, we went into the subject and explained to my friend the need for Peter. As I spoke, I did not lose sight of Peter's hypnotic gaze on my wife's delightful legs. She who also participated in the brief report I made to our friend, at first I felt uncomfortable by the insistent look of Pedro, but then - strange in her - relaxed and stopped worrying and I would even say that allowed the young man to see above the thighs (perhaps his underwear) when he crossed his superb legs and tilted his body a little to have more comfort.

Our friend the banker asked Pedro several general questions and the boy really behaved marvelously. The scholarships of the foundation he sponsored were almost entirely committed, but he wanted to be sure of it. Then he stood up and called his secretary for the intern in order to confirm this. At that moment an assistant entered discreetly to require my friend's signature on some documents so he had to approach the large desk... I took advantage of that moment to stand up as well and distractedly approached one of the walls of the office in order to come closer to see a spectacular Picasso hanging from it. However, I also did my best not to miss what was going on between my wife and her protégé. Pedro azorado was still looking not only at Marian's legs, but her greedy eyes were all over her. She, not knowing whether or not realizing such a look, told him to be reassured that she was sure that we would get him the scholarship. Moreover, rising a little (which determined that the dress went up a little more, leaned his body in the direction of Peter and patting him on the arm confirmed that he did not care. They both smiled, it seemed to me that I was already pasting the message. Only time would tell.

Our banker friend approached us after receiving the Secretary's report:


All right, then. All arranged, this young man will have the scholarship and it will depend on him to maintain it throughout his career...Happily we had one last full scholarship available and we just assigned it to him. Congratulations, young man. He addressed Peter, holding out his hand.


Marian and I thanked our friend and then said goodbye. All that was left was that the next day, we would accompany Pedro to the Foundation's premises to present him and to fill out the documents so that the institution could coordinate with the University regarding registration and other details. It was a full scholarship, which included a pension, books and a monthly allowance for the student. Better couldn't have worked.

We went out with our protégé and already in the elevator I congratulated him and patted his back. He told me that thanks to me he would study and thank me for it, I replied that the merit was all his for the dedication and his first place in the entrance exam. Marian hugged him and kissed him on the cheek. It did not escape me that when I embraced him Marian stuck her beautiful bust to the boy's and I also noticed that his hand, upon receiving the congratulations, supported her on my wife's hip....without her protesting or making a gesture to avoid it.

We left the building and Pedro asked us to please leave him at the Pediatric Hospital because he had only asked for a permit to be late for work. I agreed and I took the opportunity to tell him:

-Well, Peter, we'll have to think as soon as possible what to do to change your schedule or get another job. Studying at the University is strong and you will require all your will and dedication to maintain an average grade of 14, in order to retain the right to the scholarship,


- I know, doctor. He told me a little bewildered. I really don't know what to do. He expressed compassion.

I think you shouldn't worry, I'll talk to my wife to see what solution we can find. Now, the main thing is that tomorrow we can go to the foundation. To celebrate everything, we wait for you at 8 in the morning to have breakfast with us, okay boy?

Doctor, I don't know how to thank you and Mrs. Marian...they're very good...expressed nervous.


We boarded the car as before, Marian and I in the back seat and Pedro next to the driver. As in the previous opportunity, the spectacle of the beautiful legs of my wife (and something else) dispensed to Pedro that every time he wanted to talk to us he had to turn around and enjoy the spectacle. I pretended not to understand and I noticed that unlike the previous time Marian no longer took care of covering her thighs with her wallet, but she put that device next to her. I was sure my wife enjoyed being watched by the boy.

We arrived at the Hospital and Pedro, after saying goodbye, got out.

Alone, I proposed to my wife to return home. When we were on our way home, we began to comment on how well everything had turned out. Marian thanked me for the good deed we were doing.... I leaned towards her and said, "I'm very much in the ear:

"You're so rich, I want to make love to you, that's why we're going home..."

She smiled flirtatiously and we kissed.

We came home and went straight to our room.  When we closed the door, we kissed and immediately my right hand went up quickly to his crotch and, as I suspected, his underwear was deliciously wet...Pedro's looks had definitely warmed it up. We fell into our wide double bed and the clothes flew. Totally naked, we put ourselves in the position of a 69 and Marian took over my penis. She started kissing him and then gobbling him up with desperation. I would run my tongue through her vagina until I reached the inflamed clitoris and soon after I started sucking on it, Marian began to have a voluptuous orgasm. It was obvious that Peter's glances had warmed my little wife. The plan was starting to walk,

Making love with Marian is delicious, first of all because after 23 years shooting regularly, we know each other perfectly and we know where to touch, where to kiss where to stroke. We give each other a delicious mutual pleasure and we both know that when one does not reach the climax, the other does so with a multiplicity of resources that the tranquility of throwing into marriage gives us. That morning Marian had two successive orgasms the last of it more intense and with an ostensible tremor at the moment of bathing my penis with its flows.  We rest for a moment and in that peace and quiet that gives relaxation after the intense pleasure we begin to speak.


"How rich you have given her my love." I said to her, while caressing her slender bust.



What made my little wife so horny? Today you have been more arrechita than yesterday....that happened with my love? - this obviously I said it with intention...I wanted to begin to take the matter to allude that the arrechura and passion was due to the looks of Peter.....

I don't know. - She replied innocently. - You like me, don't you?

My life, you know that the secret of the solidity of our marriage has always been to tell us the truth and you know what made me sick today? the way Peter looked at your legs. It reminded me of those days we spent in Paracas during our honeymoon and you were in the pool in bikini... and the wolves who were on the lookout, wanted to give you at least one sobada.....

What, Pedro, was he looking at my legs?. No, it's not true, if the boy ate me with his eyes, but I think he knows how I am and won't dare to do anything.....

You'd like him to dare to do something. I asked him.

You're crazy... no, he's a respectful boy, he would never dare and if he did, he'd stop him in his tracks and he'd have to abide by the consequences," he said with vehemence and resolution.

When I touched you you were wet and I'm sure it wasn't because of me. - I said smiling.

Please dear... don't start. - I don't like that insinuation.....

Dear... it's not for sulfation. I'm going to ask you a direct question and I want you to answer me with absolute frankness. Would you fuck Pedro?

No, of course not. - I said annoyed. - How can you ask me that question... I'm a decent woman. I'm your wife.

Okay, okay... I didn't mean to offend you. Forgive my recklessness.


Then I started kissing her. At first she annoyed us and then little by little we started to relax again and we loved each other again intensely... But in my mind and I'm sure also in hers.... was the image of Peter.

At noon we had lunch at home and in the afternoon I went to the office. I already had a plan out. The next day I'd let only Marian and Peter go to the foundation. I would pretend that an urgent matter prevented me from accompanying them and I would follow them discreetly to see how things unfolded. I had also planned to offer Peter a job, so that he could somehow see Marian and suddenly the fuse would light up stronger.

It was only a matter of time...



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